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  1. Arch Stanton

    The Boys

    The dildo fight scene, especially when the Starlight model started buzzing
  2. I ordered a chicken madras. The server asked if I'd like it mild medium or hot. "Hot of course". "Wow, have you had curry before sir?". "I'm from Scotland, we invented restaurant curries". "Okaaay". It was perfunctory at best. They had clearly added some chilli powder right at the end without cooking it out resulting in the sauce being "gritty". Nonetheless, the one in Sliema was worse.
  3. His lesser known role. However assuming his best known role, at the Cheyne Stokes he was probably uttering "I want more life fucker".
  4. I'll take your word for it, I stayed in Sliema (had the worst curry in my life there and that includes Orlando). Hired a car while I was there (1994) and got a green Skoda Favorit estate (like the one in Still Game but green). Drove all the way around the island (they drive on the left) and IIRC the island "ring road" bypasses St. Julians. It wasn't all bad, the Blue Grotto in the south of the island is stunning and a lot of Valetta is picture perfect. Was pretty cheap to eat and drink and the seafood is especially good.
  5. Drew Busby who died today. Seen here in Hearts colours but previously, and famously, scored Third Lanark's last ever goal.
  6. Arch Stanton

    The Boys

    It's like Imperioli through a snapchat gender filter.
  7. Arch Stanton

    The Boys

    The actress who plays her is the spitting image of a young Michael Imperioli which, for a woman, is rather unfortunate.
  8. At one time the side opposite the main stand must have held around 15000 seeing as the record attendance was over 27000. Here it is from the air in 1936, the year that record was set.
  9. Men (2022) The only thing I can add to the other reviews on here (the luscious colours, Rory Kinnear's acting and the crazy last 20-odd minutes) is the dandelion imagery. Dandelions use apomixis to reproduce requiring no other pollination or cross-fertilisation. Each little "fairy" that blows from a dandelion clock is a clone of its parent. This is used as a metaphor for the naked man and the multiple births which then occur (the boy, the vicar etc) however, does it explain the reasoning for the last birth being of her dead husband? No.
  10. S4E9 is 2 hours and 22 minutes in duration.
  11. Webmaster David McDonald went to Paisley Grammar School. However, on that first day of 1st year there was another boy called David McDonald. In the Assembly Hall the names were called out and webmaster David went to one class and the other DMcD went to a different class. Turns out that, due to the "same name situation", they were in the wrong class and had to swap. Webmaster David describes it as a "Sliding Doors moment" and believes if he had stayed in the original class that he would have become a multi-millionare actor, would still have a head of hair and would have pumped Karen Gillan.
  12. Dundee's prices are ridiculous for lower league football, £375 for 18 games works out at almost £21 per game. Also, £255 for a Senior, FFS!!!
  13. No wonder with a 5'5" keeper. Even back then, when average height was a good few inches less than now, that seems ridiculous. ETA That season he also conceded 8 against St. Mirren at Cathkin in a Scottish Cup replay.
  14. Oh they are going to sell it, I think I read there's a limited run of 500 available from Greaves Sports.Their real kit is red and yellow hoops with white shorts.
  15. Having seen that luscious Norwich kit, I hope our away kit is a red version with black pinstripes.
  16. Bruce has now interrupted Robertson twice in the first 15 minutes.
  17. Is the Labour woman from Dundee? See seems oblivious to the existence of the letter "T".
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