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  1. Paisley St. James is less than 100m from the stadium.
  2. The Cooper/Fitzpatrick incident is why although revered as a brilliant player, Cooper was a c**t of a human being.
  3. Iwelumo pronouncing every letter in Alnwick's name is irritating. You'd think someone whose name was frequently mispronounced should know better.
  4. Surprised you haven't fainted seeing that many people in the one place.
  5. The Independent candidate's name is Greg Energy Adviser
  6. 46 idiots vote for Fransen, which was greeted by laughter.
  7. All windups aside, he was blameless for all the goals he conceded and saved a penalty v Sellick.
  8. Arch Stanton

    The Wire

    Series 1 has the best version. Series 2 has the original Tom Waits version, the versions in Series 3-5 are meh.
  9. The people of Edinburgh should be ashamed of themselves for voting in that p***k.
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