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  1. And what do they have the Dunfermline fan doing? I think Setanta had the broadcast rights the last time the Parse were in the top division but it's so long ago I can't remember.
  2. 1884, the first team in the world to wear black and white vertical stripes, 6 years before Notts county.
  3. What is the point of an opposition which doesn't oppose?
  4. Week on week @Francesc Fabregas sounds more and more like Shir Shean Connery.
  5. Lennon will receive his P45 in the same way that he got the job...in the Hampden showers at FT after a cup final.
  6. Then why did it take you 130 years to win something?
  7. Yeah, my son had one. When usenet was in its halcyon days you could download pretty much anything within a few days of its official release via winrar and clonedvd.
  8. Does Lyn (can't recall her username) still post on here? She is from Bristol and would be able to redub the GXC adverts into Bristolian (albeit (presumably) with a higher pitched vocal).
  9. Is it not to do with the Forth Valley Hospital?
  10. He was a victim of regional accent prejudice. Anecdotally he was delighted when he heard that DV was going to be unmasked in RoTJ and, naturally, thought it would be him. I can imagine a big black helmet was thrown about when he found out that Sebastian Shaw was going to be the face of Vader.
  11. Can't remember who posted the YT documentary about Point Roberts (it's a type of US enclave below the 49th parallel and its only land border is with Canada...it's a fascinating watch and kudos to whoever posted it) and the border is a road. On the USA side the houses are valued in the $200k's, on the Canadian side they're $900k and upwards.
  12. St. Andrew's Day. Big Union Flag in the background. w**k
  13. I'm watching the Leicester v Fulham game on SNBC and the advert are on. In the USA Dreamies cat treats are called Temptations. Also Wendy's do something called a Breakfast Baconator which is a bun with fried egg, sausage patty, six strips of bacon and 2 types of cheese. Mmmmm...baconator.
  14. The ossuary at Sedlec near Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. Everything is made from the bones of plague victims. https://sedlecossuary.com/
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