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  1. Given the time difference between the various "sitter" comments we can see who's watching on BBC and who's on Premier.
  2. He sounded pretty excited the last time I saw Hearts in a cup final. NEWTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yeah, just changed over. Darrell Currie is wearing his buckle shoes again.
  4. Indeed McCann must not have been part of the Hearts teams where Levein won his runners up medals as player and manager.
  5. Always remember the time Off The Ball asked for Scottish football "acronyms". Archaeologically Recovered Commentator Hair Is Enduring Mystery. Apparently Cannot Prevent Himself Enunciating Ridiculous Screeds Of Nonsense.
  6. Was that a score prediction from that young Jambo, 2-2?
  7. HUGE PITCH ALERT!!! Ricky Foster on Sportsound. It's certainly bigger than Hearts pitch but exactly the same size as Rangers, St. Mirren, Celtic and many many others. He should get his pundit fee withheld for spouting rubbish.
  8. Every second syllable was "eh".
  9. Yeah, they keep going on about "the blue pound" when we all know that's what Craig Whyte used to buy the club.
  10. 30 minute programme tonight, 15 minutes of highlights. Probably 5 minutes of analysis, 9 minutes of Rangers buildup for tomorrow's game, 1 minute for Hearts
  11. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2022/may/20/rovers-confirm-retain-list
  12. Tyler Magloire has signed a contract extension with Blackburn so that's another to cross off the list.
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