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  1. There is absolutely no chance of his signing a extension when English clubs will be seducing his agent with 5 figure wages.
  2. Got booked up this morning, a bit planes, trains and automobiles but looking forward to it.
  3. All residents in Scotland can get NHS prescriptions for free...and that I do know first hand!
  4. It is, you can get 4 pills per month...so I've been told.
  5. The St. Mirren Programmes site gives the attendance as 1555, it was a rearranged midweek game at the end of February. I can only believe the weather was horrendous as the previous TL v SM attendances were 7,127 (LC 11/08/62), 2,142 (05/04/63, another midweek rearranged, end-of-season league game), 7,811 (16/12/61), 14,000 (14/01/61), 20,893 (SC replay 28/02/61...St. Mirren's biggest ever away win), 15,000 (LC 22/08/59), 10,000 (06/01/60), 8,000 (20/12/58) and 13,000 (30/11/57).
  6. Looks like a few scenes were filmed in Glasgow, recognised the Livingston Tower of Strathclyde Uni and Leith Legal looks like it's in Parnie St. When the female detective is on surveillance she definitely drives past the railway arches in Osbourne St and stops outside the pet shop.
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