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  1. You'll still need to name 5 because Bishopbriggs is in East Dunbartonshire.
  2. The most fitting anagram of an MPs name was that of Conservative Virginia Bottomley. She couldn't deny "I'm an evil tory bigot".
  3. Great cross for Phillips to score the 2nd.
  4. Thank f**k black and white isn't colourful enough for a Hawaiian shirt.
  5. I can't remember revealing that I've had the jag. I have had it, just can't recall posting about it. ETA...just checked, I did post about it on the Coronavirus thread
  6. He's upset a few yoons and currants. Excellent.
  7. Read the letters between Hastings and Fleming.
  8. Owen Teale is a right ugly fucker, like a clown without the makeup.
  9. 10 for Sunday, guessed the playwright. Studied 'Not Waving but Drowning' for my Higher English, it's a pretty complex poem about loneliness and failing to recognise when someone is in trouble, well worth a read.
  10. What's the delay in starting the 2nd half, Killie/RC have already played over 4 minutes.
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