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  1. That picture is a bit shit, here's a better one.
  2. The Russell Institute at the junction of New St and Causeyside St in Paisley. But in 1927 in the Art Deco style it served as a children's clinic and latterly as a family planning centre. It closed in the mid 2010s for an extensive refurbishment and is now a "Skills and Employability Hub."
  3. In Paisley High Street stands The Thomas Coats Memorial Church, the largest baptist Church in Europe and is Gothic Revivalist, apparently.
  4. Aye, throwing season ticket books on to the pitch after the last home game of the season was a bit tinpot.
  5. The Liverpool glory-hunters on here lording it over the Man Utd glory-hunters on here is to be expected and it's always good to see a "big" team get bodied at home. On MotD2, presenter Mark Chapman (no not that one) who is a genuine Man Utd fan, is trying his best to hold it together.
  6. McGrath's injury happened right in front of me, the Physio was feeling around McG's abdomen so it might be a hernia.
  7. Just as well I cashed out when I did, 2 minutes later and Watford scored twice to go 3-2 up. ETA now 4-2 to Watford!
  8. Dundee United announcer playing "I Want to be Adored" after Ryan Edwards scored.
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