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  1. He thinks irony is a metal like goldy or silvery.
  2. Just the 5 current internationals in that Sellick starting 11 plus 1 other on the bench. How does that compare with the Livvy squad?
  3. FFS, Lenny Henry is trending but it turns out he's still alive.
  4. Possibly but they looked the same. However, can you imagine the situation? "Hello, St. Mirren Football Club, how can we help you?" "It's Aberdeen FC here, I hear your selling you fixtures and fittings?" "Erm yes." "Much ye wantin fur yer lavvies?"
  5. I thought there were 6 of their players in that grab, turns out I had a speck on my screen.
  6. Just as well their players didn't do a Romania 1998.
  7. That was 12 years ago and it's still better than the away bogs at Somerset Park.
  8. MacPherson not suspended. ETA...this is from the SPFL website so according to this MacP will be available for the cup semi and suspended for the DU game.
  9. Sivassapor playing in all white on a snowy pitch.
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