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  1. I've just put on Goodfellas. I'll be a while yet before I can watch Field of Dreams without getting emotional.
  2. I joined a fisting club. I wasn't really into it, I just wanted to widen the circle of my friends.
  3. Not the windfall tax that the opposition parties called for but an "energy profits levy".
  4. The English monarchy Q was on one of the daytime quizzes last week otherwise I would have got it wrong, as usual. So it's a 10 for Thursday.
  5. Aye, they were only ever in the cold openings of the first episodes of series 1-5. Series 6's first episode was a flash forward of Saul's home being emptied.
  6. Tory MSP Graham Simpson refreshingly honest in his condemnation of Johnson's behaviour and the general attitude at No. 10.
  7. Fans of Rangers (2012) would love to be in Group H, hell they might even sing about it.
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