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  1. Either lazy journalism or poorly used language. The highest ever average home attendance was over 17k in the early 50s. He may have meant at the current stadium which is what he should have said if that's what he meant.
  2. I don't give a fuck about what fans of other clubs think about us It's all about results and we've been getting them. They haven't and that's why they're down there and we re not.
  3. Indeed. Other than the 1st season after promotion when we we finished 8th we were regular top 3-4 -5 finishers. However, that smacks of 1983-ism which is of a bygone era.
  4. Oof, what a day that was. Lunchtime ko on a Sunday, no trains so replacement bus, numerous cans of Stella for breakfast, Diane's for more pre-match libations, a shite 0-0 draw, taking over some pub in Stockbridge post-match. Saints fined £25k for having one too few u21 outfield players, won the replay 3-0.
  5. Gilruth didn't answer her question though. Spouting "that person is a rapist" and "I don't have enough information" was weak.
  6. We had the same discussion over Fraser's red. Olusanya was fouled first but Hearts got the free kick. The consensus was that the red card offence superceded the initial foul.
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