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  1. Victory gin ETA...I see someone beat me to it.
  2. It was the last question asked before the BBC cut away.
  3. So what was his answer to why he was tested when NHS staff are not?
  4. Douglas Alexander used to be my MP and is an attention seeking p***k.
  5. Wow, 2 cups in a week. If anywhere was open I'd get a polo shirt embroidered with some sort of Aberdeen style badge.
  6. Timid dwarf fell into a cement mixer. When he got out he was a wee hard man.
  7. Sunderland Til I Die S2E1 Charlie Methven "Sunderland were on track to being the first large club ever to go properly bust." Craig Whyte "here, haud ma beer."
  8. Kim with her hair down Luftwaffle [emoji3]
  9. Don't get lippy. That's a differnt kind of makeup altogether.
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