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  1. Iain was the one they signed from Dundee. A kinda David van Day look-a-like and play-a-like. He later was a Scottish Cup runner-up for Dundee United (see below) and a Scottish Cup winner with Motherwell. Ian Ferguson scored the winning goal in the 1987 SC final in which Iain Ferguson played for DU. Just to confuse things further there was another Ian Ferguson who bummed about with lower league sides such as Hearts, Raith and Ayr.
  2. Definitely a bit of "I Feel Love" in Plastic.
  3. I'm firmly in the "No Hooky No Order" camp but having resisted re-listening to "Music Complete" and relented tonight... Singularity, Tutti Frutti and Plastic are are readily identified as NO songs and I enjoyed the listen.
  4. She certainly can't claim to be a creep...well, not without paying royalties.
  5. The lesbians in pornos are always much better looking than those you encounter in real life.
  6. He scored plenty in the Championship. Why don't you try to sign him since that's your level.
  7. The relevance is that I agree with you. ETA all I was saying is that IMO it was an excessive fine.
  8. I started watching this solely on your post. It's silly and implausibly far fetched but CH is a tremendously good looking woman for being in her mid 40s and the tight fitting jumpers she wears make her irresistibly watchable.
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