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  1. According to the latest Ashcroft poll.....If they had to choose , 78% of Tory Leave voters would rather leave the EU than continue with the Union.
  2. Good to see the Pie and Bovril sponsored team from Johnstone winning the Crosshouse 2006 tournament yesterday. Neat football and a calm, happy and well organised team and coaching/supporters group. They beat a very good Blairgowrie team in a tight final. Their big No 9 won player of the tournament, looked and played a bit like a 12 year old Kyle Lafferty. Well done Crosshouse for putting on another good day.
  3. Can anyone remember any recent players who moved from Hearts to Rangers and improved themselves ?
  4. Just pick up any old Daily Express and read the headline.
  5. Apologies if this has been posted before but I had to laugh at the comment about Kenny Miller being the first player to score for all three old firm teams.
  6. I was fortunate in my working life to experience that success can sometimes be harder to deal with than failure.
  7. Anyone keeping tabs of the number of times SNP/FibDems/UKIP have appeared on QT since the election. Marr had UKIP' Carswell and Libdem leader [can't remember his name] on today. They do seem to get an awful lot of chances to spout their nonsense.
  8. I listened to a guy on NBBC saying the SNP would have a better chance of making a case to leave the UK by objecting to civil rights/workers right legislation that the Tories are implementing than leaving the EU. He made a good argument.
  9. Thank you Wee Ginger Dug, good summary of the 'double standards' situation.
  10. Did You see Keiza trying to go toe to toe with Nicola on the Scottish NHS today at FMQT. At one stage I thought I might have to call the SSPCC
  11. Another superb advert to join the SNP from The Scottish Mail...thank you. The other story on the same day about the SNP MP who pays his wife £20k to manage his office. Hurumph Hurumph ra ra......renta Tory boy quote saying disgraceful etc etc. They did not check that the SNP MP only drew £27k as a salary [total with wifey's work £47k] Just the £12k less than Tory boy draws. His salary must be REALLY disgraceful then.
  12. Oh dear, if that is an attempt at humour. Nil points..
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