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  1. Total Ardeer Thistle

    Hows Ur turncoat managers doing? saltcoats, ardeer, Irvine vics.. Whos next? Pair of idiots and there daft fat wee physio
  2. Transfers best and worst over the years

    Ok i can do banter with a winton fan...*Should not have called large man with shovel hands a balloon*
  3. st rochs

    Many things RRG, Kilbirnie fans, Talbot fans, Glens fans..I really Dnt see why people think your a twat..i like your posts you challenge people and debate and rightly so you don't just accept there drivel
  4. Glenafton Athletic Managerial Vacancy

    *John Garroch > Job Done
  5. st rochs

    Fiddler ^^^^
  6. st rochs

    Ha I take it you have never been to An Ardeer thistle match? The "Ardeer Ultras" are 10 times worse, singing the sash one minute, then a celtic song the next, They thrive on other teams having players who are not from Scotland (lets say) Vile chants about other players sexuality and all sorts dodjy abuse constantly. This is comin more frequent and the Ardeer Commitee love them. They said awful things about an ex managers wife ( who did not help herself and cooked up a storm )
  7. Transfers best and worst over the years

    Sorry if i offended you, I just think your a complete balloon
  8. Transfers best and worst over the years

    A bet you ride like a stranded seal
  9. Transfers best and worst over the years

    Well a suppose he isn't as bad as colin frye or tam mcclelland
  10. Transfers best and worst over the years

    The worst player i have ever seen at junior level is bob hay at the winton, The guys shocking. Mick holden at ardeer has also been known to be a bombscare
  11. Transfers best and worst over the years

    Obv pollok are still a big club, But im surprised the boy Findlay Frye isn't playing in the premier this season. Pollok will be back next season but Frye is a great wee player. Why did he leave glenafton?
  12. Tommy Bryce

    Thanks pumpkin
  13. Tommy Bryce

    Naw ur rict, am bang oot a order. Al have a rict good look at maself the nict....Fuckin talbot scum
  14. Tommy Bryce

    Glenafton and cumnock fans are probably up there with the biggest w**kers in football, Talbot fans obv are the same but f**k me whats in the water up there? A think sh**ging ur sisters are takin its toll, put sandy mclean in charge of glens because youz are going down anyway coal mining inbreeds