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  1. Is he St Ricky from Bawarmy? There is a guy who's always on twitter think his twitter name is Main Stand Saint or similar , who takes the stories and tweets from social media even although they have been up for a few hours and will tweet as if he's got a scoop with an "I'M hearing " pre-fix to most tweets
  2. Should have been appointed last time in hindsight , an up and coming manager who has done good things in the Irish League . Reading into him he likes being involved with the development of the youth as well and must be a good thing for the club.
  3. Should have got the job the last time , Stubbs was not a popular appointment
  4. Watched the game on the Aberdeen channel and Saints were very fortunate to get away from there without a 7 or 8 goal defeat . They were far better all over the pitch and Samson had a few decent stops , need to hope for a couple of decent players coming in over the next couple of weeks.
  5. Will wee Gowzer be able to play in mid week games , does he not have a curfew
  6. Miller might be a rookie but they have kept their back room staff and most of the squad from last season , i think Livi will surprise a few folk.
  7. Looks like there could have been a shred of truth in the rumors of who was the main man at Livi . Livi getting all their business done without a manager and any incoming manager having to work with the existing backroom staff , Mr Martindale , come on down
  8. A few teams strengthening their squads , i can see this league being as tight as a ducks erse , think Morton will be close .
  9. Hopefully Gav can get a decent deal somewhere ,seems a nice lad but don't think it will be Sunderland like iv'e read previously.
  10. Why would they give him a years deal and then loan him to a team in the same division , not having a go mate just curious ?
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