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  1. Highlights up already 1. Decent kick out from Baxter to start first goal 2.very pleasing to see Kelly and Fraser in build up, Kelly has a very nice cross on him 3.highlights don't really help with offside debate for second goal http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51290573
  2. Takes me back to Craig Brown and the mid to late 90s. Fraser and Kelly the modern day McKimmie and Boyd?
  3. Let me be the first to encourage you in your efforts there.
  4. We're actually in similar boat, due to other results our position doest change and we're no closer to St J, but at least we open up another 3 pts on Hearts.
  5. Looks like Baxter Fraser Watson Fontaine Donaldson Kelly Paton Vigurs Draper Erwin McKay Very narrow, and 6 defensive players including Draper (who it's good to have back). Hey ho maybe Kelly and Fraser are going to be rampaging up each wing, giving the badly needed width?
  6. Seeing Boyce turn up at hearts, and to a lesser extent J. Naismith at hibs is painful. Just waiting on Livi announcing Irvine...
  7. I'd say Irvine run Boyce very close on best ever, but he's certainly far to good to be back scrapping in depths of SPL.
  8. Absolutely. Mulreaney makes a living as professional footballer. 🧐 Caley able to sell him to hearts 🧐😲 Hearts able to sell him for more than cost of Boyce 🧐😲🤔🤨😦😳🤪
  9. Well done Ayr. Every other SPL team gets a win, some real maulings, but not County. Sounds like we were poor and unimaginative. Not a great sign for remaining half of season. Also credit to Ayr for doing what they needed.
  10. Got this from an Exeter fan: My thoughts of Tilson. Will play in the CDM role, sit in front of the defence and does a great job at breaking down the opposition attacks. Will have a lot of critics. Doesn’t have the best passing ability but that’s not what he’s in the team for. He will also be one of the first names of the team sheet because of how important he’ll be in that role. Hope he finds his confidence back and becomes a great addition for you
  11. Graham is technically very good, big and strong. If he could work on his attitude he'd be excellent - currently he's too easily frustrated /wound up /needlessly dirty. If you've got a good sport psychologist (or Ian mccall can lay it down) then he's got potential to be excellent.
  12. Speaking of whom.. I see Derek Adams (newly appointed morecambe manager) has just rescued Slew from non league mediocrity, as one of his first signings.
  13. Vigurs crippling Jackson put a dampener on the celebrations. Also that was first time I noticed Fisher, he was excellent for Caley. Now at Exeter in league 2. I was in hospitality, really looking forward to a celebratory Saturday, and it was just a bit rubbish.
  14. Only change from this prediction is Vigurs starting, with Henderson staying on bench. Erwin recovered enough to make the bench also.
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