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  1. Any truth to rumours that the pitch is water-logged and game is in doubt for tomorrow night?
  2. Think clerical error, otherwise Cowie has come into starting lineup having not even been on bench in first issue of team lines.
  3. Been a change. Now Cowie in for Draper.
  4. Need a county win here against mid table opposition. These are the games that we seem to toil with... No Billy, so time for others to step up. Hopefully Stewart fit again.
  5. Queens v Ross County

    I'm not sure when I last saw him there, but for a tricky wee winger, I've found him to be surprisingly switched on defensively when needed. I'd certainly be happy enough with him there, hopefully pushing on more than dropping back, but capable if needed.
  6. Ton v County - Friday night

    Kettlewell refused to give ball for throw in. Got pushed by Morton player. Handbags.
  7. Only caught bits of the game tonight on Alba, but it looks like we should have come away with something. It's evened out the smash and grab at the derby, but I'm hoping we get a few bodies off the injury list. Maybe a signing or two as well.
  8. I liked him. He's good for firing up the fans and his teammates, lots of shouting and passion. I have good (possibly selective) memories of a few cross field passes that he made on his first touch from a headed knock down, great at getting the 2nd ball into useful places after goal kicks. Good long distance ping on him too. However, as others have mentioned, for a big, angry, guy he's not much of a presence defensively, needs support. He and Woods not a great combo in that regard. Also possibly some off the field shenanigans, but I can't remember if that was definitely the case or not. Half the squad was subject to various rumours and gossip in that horrible season.
  9. I believe that a few years ago there was another party called the Christian Peoples Alliance, standing in the Scottish elections, I'm not sure if it was particularly Catholic oriented or not though. The SCP certainly seems to have a strong Highland Presbyterian flavour.
  10. Firstly, Thanks to all of you who have completed the survey, got over 200 responses now, and although it's anonymous some of the P&B flavour does come across in the results.. Secondly, for clarity - I helped to draft the survey, (and to my shame misspelled "defence"), and I am collating the responses. I am a Christian, but I'm not a member of the SCP, and I've not voted for them either, for reasons which have been covered quite well in some of the responses here, and on the survey. Hopefully the feedback will be well received. This resonates with where I am coming from, whether the feedback will be taken on board or not, I don't know but it's a direction that I think they should be considering. PS I was surprised to find out the George "So Macho" Hargreaves has nothing to do with the SCP or the UKCP any longer, seemingly they parted ways years ago - only found that out earlier this month.
  11. Thank you all for your kind words. Some of the comments above are actually very helpful feedback, feel free to keep them coming. If the facts are that the perception of his party is that they are a bunch of bigots, who don't have anything positive to offer and are designed only to appeal to a small proportion of the electorate, then that's what he needs to hear. A good point raised above - why should a party which claims to have a Christian outlook take up the mantle of British Nationalism and be opposed to Scottish Nationalism? A Christian outlook should look beyond lines on a map.