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  1. Without re-hashing the budget chat, I'm fairly sure that D Utd, Partick and Falkirk would have had comparable, and it's not as though we've spent big money on ex OF-pros. Clearly we are in a much better position than Ayr, Caley, Alloa etc, but there's more to delivering league success than stable finances. All that being said, you are correct - next season will be the real test - can they survive as the wee fish in the big pond?
  2. End of season, so taking into consideration budget support /constraints, board interference, existing squad, and everything else that is out of their control, what marks would you give your manager (or management team) for their performance this season? I'll lead off with Ferguson and Kettlewell. Clearly good guys who love the club and are well liked and respected by players. Most squad additions have been good ones, and the results have been what they need to be. Some puzzling and formation choices, but eventually seemed to coalesce on a formation and team that the fans were crying out for weeks before. Given the number of game changing second halves that we've had, they clearly do a good half time session. Overall solid 8/10, happy to have them at the helm going into next season, will be a much bigger test though!
  3. Check macros are enabled?
  4. It's strange indeed. One view might be that be that the youth coaches (now our current management team) managed to get great team performances from a fairly average squad. The other might be that a reluctance to take a risk on youth meant that these developing talents just didn't get stretched at pro level, and therefore plateaued at lower championship/L1 level.
  5. A quick google gives the following summary of "2016-17 champs, where are they now", apologies in advance for errors & ommissions. Dylan Dykes, Greenock Morton Joel Macbeath, RCFC - dev Mark Gallagher, RCFC - dev Russell Dingwall, Stenhousemuir (loan) Blair Malcolm, Cowdenbeath Christopher McLaughlin Stirling Lions SC (Australia) David Brownlie, Stranraer Davis Keillor-Dunn, Falkirk (loan) Greg Morrison Elgin City (loan) -released today? James Wallace RCFC Mark Foden, Gateshead/ Blyth Spartans Matt Hall, ?? Reghan Tumilty, Greenock Morton Ross Maciver, Elgin City (loan) -released today? Ross Munro, RCFC Sam Morrison, Buckie Thistle Tom Kelly RCFC - dev Tom MacLennan Nairn County Tony Dingwall Raith Rovers
  6. A bit of a shame that so few of the development team champions have kicked on to meaningful game time with us, or others. Other than Munro and Grivo, are the rest all away?
  7. PFA Team of the Season

    I was also surprised by his inclusion, it's been a poor season by his standards, however there are glimmers of the old Marcus coming through. He was excellent on the title winning night, and when he's pushing on the overlap he's really dangerous. I'm quietly hopeful that he'll step up next season. We need him to.
  8. Friday rush hour pretty much starts at 12noon iirc from my time in Glasgow!
  9. Not Sunday, the sizeable Free Kirk contingent would miss out!
  10. I've posted Dunfermline game link in match thread.
  11. Kenny our SLO would be a good first contact, although he's already on board and representing the concerns. This really is a poor move by all concerned, and really makes a mockery of "fans first". Dumfries to Dingwall for 7.05 on a friday? Which means drive through central belt at Friday rush hour. What a joke.
  12. His performance on Tuesday as a sub was remarkable. He really seemed to struggle with the basics, up against an improvised, and fatigued County back line.
  13. I'm afraid I'd very much disagree here. Used well he is excellent, he looks slower than he actually is, and his crossing is up there with the very best of the rest, although he's clearly not always comfortable being up on the final third. I'd be happy to keep him next season.