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  1. Division C Round 11 RBWatson beats DieHardDoonhamer by resignation. Pleased to get the win after a couple of hammerings in the cup and my last league fixture. I've never actually used en passant before, but that opportunity opened things up for me. Thanks for the game.
  2. DearyMe eviscerates RBWatson in the Cup. Lulled me into a false sense of security with comments about his dodgy eyesight before proceeding to pickoff my pieces with laser-like accuracy. Apart, of course, from my queen who wandered out into no-man's land flashing her knickers at one of his knights. Well played, good luck in the next round mate.
  3. Our timetabling system has been down all day, so the only people (staff or students) who were able to tell where lectures were actually taking place were those who had synced their timetable with their University Google Calendars. Turns out that's not many.
  4. Morrikawa is something else. What a brilliant golfer.
  5. Finau might take the pressure off.
  6. You'd have loved to have seen Lowry chin the p***k who shouted 'Get in the lake' when Hatton hit. At this point, it would be worth the inevitable loss of hole penalty.
  7. Good game, you got yourself back into it well and two or three times I nearly moved my rook off the first row which would have given you the checkmate.
  8. For all that it might be good for golf to lose some of it's stuffy, shirt tucked into underpants image (at least in the US and, to a certain extent, England) I can't help but feel that hoodies on the course is step too far.
  9. We were 5-3 down after the first day at Medinah.
  10. Jesus fucking christ Fleetwood.
  11. That was in all the way. DAMMIT!
  12. We were 5-3 down after the first day at Medinah.
  13. Casey has to find the green there, if he's going first. Dropped Wiesberger right in it.
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