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  1. It’s sad but I’m actually taking solace from the fact about 3,000 day trippers didn’t get the result they wanted.
  2. M'voto was a bomb scare when you're also iffy about the rest of your defence and worried about a shaky goalkeeper. McManus was useless in a team if the midfield couldn't create or pass forward. I'm meh about both leaving but think in a more settled team than ours last year they'd be fine.
  3. Good luck to the boy, sadly I'm now of the opinion that regardless of how good he could be I just don't want his weird, I'm 12 years older than him 'best mate' bambino spilling secrets about him on this thread, so if he goes he goes. If he stays I'd welcome it as well, bambino or not
  4. Does that mean Drysdale will leave the Rovers alone from now on?
  5. ^^^ This but sadly Jordan 'the ex rangers' man will be considered a good signing for our league one challenge. He's a disgrace of a player in my opinion and sums up what's gone wrong this season
  6. What a way to be brought down to earth after signing Hardie.
  7. Why the heck Davidson gets a game when there are far better ball players and natural midfielder's beggars belief. This
  8. Phew, the thread is getting back to normal. The #bantz has been horrendous. Anyway, Lennox is too static for me so cuthbert should play. Keep Davidson out the first 11 and I'm good. Locke meh so far for meh
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