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  1. Amazing fans? What about the 6000 who shat it to turn up?
  2. Well done Hearts. Unlucky Saints. Have to say as a Hearts fan was a bit pissed off when it went to 2 all. Quick goal by McEneff killed the comeback though. There's a resilience about this Hearts team though that got us through. And that was by no means our best team. Lots of good players to come back. Nowhere near the level of the bigot brothers yet but we will close this with FoH and James Anderson funding year on year.
  3. We are all biased towards our team and like to vent our frustration when we think we've been hard done to by the referee when several decisions seem to go against us. Robinson made several claims after the game about the big decisions in the match going against him. He was understandably frustrated but he was also wrong on every claim he made. The red card was justified for the knee high tackle on Beningame. It was not a penalty when Woodburn tried to dribble out the box and the St Mirren player impeded him and fell over. Alnwick lied about having the ball in his hands for the second goal. He looked up when he lost the ball then tried to feign injury to cover his blunder after he watched Devlin score a perfectly good goal. There were a couple handball in the box claims at either end but neither was a penalty. The St Mirren player Fraser will be lucky if he escapes a retrospective ban for the dangerous challenge on Mackay-Steven. St Mirren were not badly treated today. The cup tie will be a different game and either side can win on the night. Hopefully it will be decided by fair refereeing just like today.
  4. Fair play bud I didn't see that. I'm a Hearts fan but always had a soft spot for the Rovers. I even live in the Kirkcaldy area although born and bred in Edinburgh. Wee Robbo though has my total man love due to so so many hours of joy he's given me. Especially against that vile Seafield pile of shite. Robbo has had some real personal tragedies recently so his ICT team being promoted would be fine by me for that reason.
  5. As a Hearts fan who loved wee Robbo for his regular demolition of the Seafield Sewage munchers why would I not want to see his team be successful? I have said Raith have been the best team I have seen play against us so maybe you should accept that as a compliment?
  6. Let's be honest even with Neilson in charge you were miles behind us in quality. Our wobble came when we released players on international duty. Hopefully you can regroup and have a decent crack at winning the diddy league next season.
  7. Haha Dundee fans creaming themselves over a result when Prince Phillip was still a virgin. What an utter shower of diddies. Enjoy yet another year in the diddy league, clowns.
  8. All you've still got is a diddy club in a diddy league for at least another season. Enjoy chump.
  9. Not really. ICT have more potential to stay up than diddies like Dundee.
  10. We even gave other clubs a chance by having Neilson as manager. A poor campaign but ultimately no other club consistent enough to put in a reasonable challenge. Probably been most impressed by Raith who have played a far better standard of football than Dundee or Dunfermline. ICT been unlucky in earlier part of season but have decent quality. Would love them to win the play offs and join us in the premier next season. Hearts will need big improvement for next year but big money from fans and benefactors will give us an advantage over the diddy Premier sides. Hopefully it's not Neilson's job to spend it. Alex Neil please.
  11. You arrogant chunt thinking Motherwell are good enough to only lose 6 nil to Hearts! We were robbed of an 8 nil win by pish refereeing. You should be rejoicing not hurting.
  12. Motherwell were lucky it was only 6. Ripley should have been sent off at first penalty and we had a decent call for a handball in the box in the second half. Add this to having the ball in the net a further twice six nil flatters Motherwell. Hearts were brilliant today for most of the match but were a bit slack at the start of the second half. Fortunately Motherwell were not able to get back into it but we missed numerous chances too at 3 nil. Today seriously reminded me of last season. Easily sweeping aside inferior teams with a lot to spare.
  13. Queens are everything thats good about Scottish football. And as decent a bunch of fans as you will meet. Hearts today were pretty comfortable winners in fairly difficult conditions i.e. gusting wind and rain. Always felt we could have stepped up a gear if we needed to but were happy just to get the points. Queens i hope , can get their act together for the lottery that will be the playoffs and join us in the Premiership
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