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  1. It wasn't a nightmare then... So many things could be said about last night, but the stand out thing for me was how lost the players looked. I'm convinced there was some sort of tactical change in the game plan, and the players just couldn't get to grips with it. The midfield kept going missing because Virtanen kept going so high up the field, someone needs to ask Taylor about this, as we need an explanation. I thought Virtanen looked good against Inverness, because he was staying back and getting stuck in, moping things up, then make an easy pass to another player to move on the play. Last night he was often as far up as the striker and whenever he got the ball and didn't get as much time as he would playing further back, he panicked and gave the ball away. It was like a 4-1-4-1 with the 4 staying really high, that needs scraped immediately, and we either go with 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2. If Virtanen is to play, he can never go that high again.
  2. Definitely an interesting game. Thistle sitting on 4 wins and 4 losses having lost to all the teams currently above them and beaten all the teams except us below them, can't really get much more middle of the road. I got carried away last time after Taylor came in and won a league match and then and Challenge Cup match, thinking we had turned a corner only to come crashing back to earth with two really poor results. I think it'll be a really close game, which is what I'm used to against Thistle with a lot of last minute winners/equalisers in previous fixtures. But I just have a feeling our lack of quality and experience will shine through sadly.
  3. I'm guessing this is more down to the player than the club. Understandable as centre back is probably our strongest postion and it would be very unlikely he would get any game time. All the best to him
  4. Accies don't put up highlights. They've put up both goals on their twitter. Other than that you'll have to wait for the SPFL YT weekly round up video.
  5. Fantastic performance, two great goals, but the best part was how well we defended, we stood up and handled pretty much everything they threw at us. Signs of a bit of fight in the team which has been sorely missed over the last few years. Inverness maybe suffering from an overconfidence issue, as they looked very average today and have only dropped points to the bottom 2 teams. So many great individual performances, easily 7 or 8 candidates for motm, I think Want is getting better with every game. Virtanen got stuck in, think that was the best performance from a central/defensive midfielder so far. Ryan was immense again, and closest thing to a leader we've had for a while, imo should keep the armband. Mimnaugh was silly today and was rightly sent off as both challenges were bookable. However as has been said, the referee was an absolute joke today, if there was any proper mediation on these things, that would be flagged. Hopefully we can continue this, as with our current squad it's inevitable we'll have low points, so we must take advantage of the good ones when they come along.
  6. I guess as usual we'll just have to wait and see at 2pm on Saturday. With Moyo back I just want us to go back to 2 up top, going by the Queens game, we might actually create a little more
  7. We are yet to get our first points at home, so I can't see this going any other way than an away win, this is a stick all your savings on type game. We will obviously play the same team, with maybe Virtanen and Easton coming in for Spence and Want who both got knocks against Dunfermline. There really is nothing more to say. 3-0 ICT
  8. Dunfermline 0-2 Inverness Accies 2-2 Ayr Morton 0-3 Raith Rovers Thistle 1-2 Killie QoS 1-3 Arbroath
  9. As far as I'm aware, the Ayr United fans will be the guinea pigs for our new online ticketing.
  10. It's definitely more than a striker we need. We are badly lacking in experience, someone who can perform the basics right. Munro, Mullen and Spence were terrible for me yesterday, all added nothing and weren't in their positions when needed. Fulton definitely had an awful game yesterday, maybe Hilton can get another chance. Saturday is a big moment for Taylor, he needs to show that he can coordinate a bounce back after bad results like that.
  11. Well what do we say about that, truly horrendous. The intensity that we seen first half against Qots never showed up in the slightest, we slept through the whole match. I am honestly surprised, maybe very naive, but I wasn't expecting a performance that bad, up there with the worst games I've seen from us. Arbroath man for man were better in every department, very well drilled and knew their job, they played how I've been wishing we would for the last 7 years. I had hoped that Taylor coming in would assure us a safe place in the division, but today shows that we are in for a real struggle, and honestly we need more than a striker to fix this. On another note, had a great day out, the weather stayed decent, and Arbroath is a lovely place, could have walked round it all day (wish I had ). Great wee club and friendly locals and supporters.
  12. Arbroath 1-2 Accies Ayr United 1-1 Dunfermline Inverness CT 1-0 Thistle Kilmarnock 3-1 Morton Raith Rovers 3-1 Queen of the South
  13. No he plays defensive midfield. Our Squad numbers are a bit all over the place this season, our 7 is playing LB.
  14. My last post seems to have got some Arbroath fans backs up. I just want clarity that I wasn't suggesting we are better than Arbroath, or that the fact we are full-time and they are part-time, gives us a right to win the match. All I was getting at was that, if we are to have any hope of challenging for the league and getting promoted, these are the type of games we have to win.
  15. Cracking away day, hope the weather stays decent. No disrespect to Arbroath as they've had a good start, but really must be beating part-time teams, so anything other than a win will be disappointing. Our defence will need to be at it as Arbroath seem to be banging the goals in, so maybe see Popescu getting his debut, but I can't see who would drop out between Easton and Hamilton as both have played well so far. Think temps will still be out, can see that being the case for a few weeks to come, and as always the club will stay silent about it. It'll be very tough but I'll go for a 2-1 Accies win
  16. Cheers, was thinking that was the case when I seen Want was subbed. In that case i'll them off the hook somewhat, I doubt we'll see that pairing again, especially with Popescu coming in.
  17. Were we playing with Stanger and Stirling as centre backs for the 2nd half tonight?
  18. Nope that was all Stuart Taylor, so first time we've done it. Be lucky if we kept one up with Rice
  19. Very pleasing to get the win, went into the game with a lot of positivity, and definitely would have been set up for a big fall if it had went differently. Overall it was a much better performance than we've seen in a long time, especially first half, where we actually tried to play football. There was mistakes as clearly the players weren't used to playing this way, but that will improve with time. Thought Ryan, Easton and Hamilton had good games as well as Matheson. Seems to be a popular opinion amongst Queens fans that Moyo was one of our best players. I thought he had some alright moments, but made so many mistakes that stopped good attacks and is part of the lack of quality which prevents us from making use of our dominant possession, so he's still not good enough for me.
  20. Was good to see Stan go down to the dugout, clear sees there's issues, let's hope he can fix them. For me a glaring issue seems to be, too many times players like McMann or Ryan are getting on the ball, and being surrounded by 3 or 4 opposition players, and there isn't another Accies player anywhere near. Whenever we have the ball we looked massively outnumbered, we need to push up quicker and support the players who have the ball high up the pitch. Even when we were crossing the ball in, there was mostly only one Accies player with four opposition defenders. There seems to be no attacking plan whatsoever, very much just hope for the best. I'll be going into next week with a fresh point of view, I'm not expecting an instant turnaround, just hopefully something encouraging that shows hints of a turning point.
  21. As most other Accies fans, im not sorry to see him go, and glad it has come early in the season, giving the chance for the newbie to show what they've got. However the fear is now there of who it will be, as I dont trust the the club to make the right decision. There's no one at the club just now that would be a good appointment, but would be the cheap option which is worrying. As to who I want, I was calling for an Imrie & Daz pair, I think with a couple of seasons they could really bring something together, and for me has the best potential. Other than them I can't think of a realistic appointment that would be exciting. Yogi looks like the safe option but with our budget, can't see him wanting to come. I'm aware saying this is a Jynx, but Rice had us going in a downward spiral, its hard to imagine someone doing any worse, and I mean even someone off the street. Cause I fully believe with our current squad, if we were to add a striker and right back we would have the tools to give a good challenge under the right direction.
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