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  1. Pish He mostly plays an attacking 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. The full backs press high up which leaves us terribly exposed at the back, which is why we concede about 2 goals a game on average. He has refused to deviate away from this, so feels like a very 1 dimensional, plan A only manager, which is either down to stubborness or because he's completely out of his depth. I personally think its the latter. I think he needs to go if we are to have any chance of surviving, so if yous come in for him, I'm sure you'll get a thank you card signed by every Accies fan.
  2. Our Defence is an absolute shambles, It's so laughable. It was like playing 12 v 10 tonight, O'Reilly was committed to sabotage any chance we had at getting anything. I'd love to see how many of our conceded goals are due to blatant defensive errors. Oh well at least Rankin has the disallowed goal to build a sob story.
  3. If Rankin does leave now, at least he'd have the previous 3 managers beat in regards to not being beaten by a team in a lower division.
  4. Really can't see us getting anything here, we struggle at Starks Park at the best of times never mind the worst. Zanatta has been really poor so far, I dont think he's done anything of note yet and obviously didn't play against Cove. However I can actually see him starting this one, as Smith and Ngandu were absolutely rank rotten, so can see Rankin wanting to try him again.
  5. I just felt he look more assured and composed on the ball than most of the others, which admittedly certainly isn't hard. The penalty just looked to me like the sort of standard ball gets fired at you, your arm is slightly out and it unfortunately hits it.
  6. What a mental game, very much a rollercoaster ride. In those types of games it's always better to be the team that comes from behind rather than the team that was ahead. But it certainly wasn't a game of any quality, just a lot of shambolic performances mostly in defence, you'll see better defending in tier 10. Oh and the Ref was also a joke, completely lost control in the 2nd half. Definitely credit to the players that kept fighting, it certainly wasn't everyone, but enough to create chances. Very unimpressed by Ngandu today, didn't look interested in the slightest, and was rightfully hooked at HT. I really hate to keep on the boys back, but Smith just gets worse every game, this is a physical league so you need everyone to get stuck in and make challenges, but he just simply refuses too. Thought Virtanen did quite well starting in midfield and then moving to centre back. Chucky always trys and you can see he cares as much as the fans, so pleased he got a couple goals today. Thought McGinn was a bright spark, was surprised to see the change at 4-2, but he showed pace and fight, felt sorry for him when he went on a great run, but no one seemed to want to go and help by giving him an option. Overall its pleasing to get a point after going 4-1 down, but we won't progress until this shambles of a defence is sorted out. He needs to go to a 5 at the back for me, cleansheets need to be the number aim.
  7. Aye at this point, any faith I had in Rankin or the team vanished after Arbroath. Previously there's always been at least one player you could look to, that would put in a shift and give at least a half decent performance. Currently I'd say every player is more likely to have a shocker than anything that resembles confidence.
  8. Dreading this, feel like I'm signing up to be guaranteed miserable. I could not go of course, but feel like I've committed to much to going at this point. God only knows what team will start, but tbh I don't think it really matters, the same issues will still be there regardless who plays.
  9. Well done to those that made the long trip, glad the result rewarded the effort. I watched the game through other means, and it certainly was improvement, you could clearly see a bit more urgency closing down the opposition on the ball. Ngandu was definitely a shining light, and actually looks comfortable on the ball and can create things. Tbf I think most fans could see these qualities and were asking for him start long before the Partick game, but Rankin didn't seem to fancy him, hopefully he's learned from that. Still need to find that killer instinct to get the 2nd goal, the last 15 minutes as they have been this season were nail biting stuff. Huge 2 games coming up now, with a chance to go on a run and get some points on the board.
  10. Thankfully I missed the Morton game, feel sorry for the poor souls that travelled. Can really see myself finding an excuse to miss this as well. What I've witnessed so far and heard from the morton game is that, we are very badly exposed the break. When we lose the ball and the opposition has any bit of sharpness about them to move the ball quickly, we are likely to concede (not saying we do anything else well). For me it's a domino effect of, our forward wide players don't want to get back to help the full backs, the full backs can't get back quickly enough, and our 2 centre backs are left scrambling. Basically whatever form of defending Rankin wants to do, we have no where near the capable personnel to do it. So because we have absolutely no depth at all in these postions, he'll need to find something that fits better for the back 4 we have. The main focus for this game should be to try and keep a clean sheet, we need to restart and try something different.
  11. Need a favour from our mate Dougie again, very much a must win. It's just a matter of praying that the current players and manager somehow get themselves together, as it looks like all our injured players are a long way off returning.
  12. Bit of a weird one, came away very frustrated, mostly due to the amount of times we got into great positions, where any capable forward player would have scored, but we wasted it with either a tame effort or over passing it. Feel a bit sorry for Rankin, I dont think there's a lot he can do with the team selection, but he really doesn't help himself with the subs, no way Smith should have stayed on as long as he did. On the plus side, De Bolle looked very good when he came, looked very comfortable on the ball and great first touch, hopefully we can see a lot more of him soon. I was over by section J, and very certain Queens first goal was over the line by a good bit before Fulton hooked it out after the first rebound, easy call for the linesman.
  13. We picked up some vital points against Inverness last season, hoping we can muster up those results again. We'll definitely need to step it up a gear from our last few performances, or it will be a long afternoon. Can see Rankin going with the same line up again, as I don't think anyone on our long list of injuries/low fitness will be ready to come in yet. I think another draw would frustrate our fans further, but right now if it was offered I'd take it
  14. Looking forward to this, probably purely based on the fact it will be a new ground for me. After getting that much needed first win on Saturday, we need to be looking to kick on and make some distance from the bottom. I'd probably stick with the same team, but with the talk of possibly some new signings (not holding my breath) we might have some new faces that could come straight in. No idea what to expect from Cove. I thought they would have had a better start, which looked like a good prediction after the opening day, but things seem to have tailed off rather quickly. Tbh that probably scares me more, as usually we love to give teams on a losing streak some hope. Accies tweeted out about the away tickets being on sale, and stated it would be a standing section. But I've seen posts from other fans suggesting that Cove put up some temp stands, can any Cove fan confirm?
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