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  1. It's amazing what the off season can do to some people.
  2. What about James Keatings? Poor signing by all accounts. Andreu and Gordon were alright this season yes, and played their part in keeping us up, but those small positives are heavily outweighed by the amount of sheer dross that Canning brought in.
  3. I think all in all this is a decent signing, experienced with the Scottish game and has played at this level for 3 years. We certainly still need more in, but so far if you compare the dealings already done with any summer transfer window under Canning, I think we surpassed all of them already, and a big reason for that was what Alston said in his interview, when said a big reason for coming here was to work under Rice. No player would ever say that about Canning, so much so he had to go into the depths of eastern Europe and further where nobody knew who he was.
  4. League Cup Group F

    Bit of a weird situation with clyde, if it somehow ends up with us away to clyde, as it's their "Home" game, I take it we'll be put in the away end. Would be a bizarre experience.
  5. 2019/20 League Cup

    I'd want Dunfermline, Falkirk, Annan and Berwick. Dunfermline - know a pars fan so this would have something extra for me. Falkirk - never tire of sticking it to those crowd wankers. Berwick - hoping to get down there in case they disappear. Annan - Have absolutely nothing against them, in fact I think they're a great wee well run club. But I think it would be important to have this fixture to truly show the Canning era is over. (Yes I'm obviously aware it could backfire horribly.)
  6. Few Falkirk fans saying we've offered Tidser a deal, don't know how to feel about that. There was certainly a time when I'd have happily had him, but now it feels like it could be similar to the Taiwo situation.
  7. Interesting that they included Andreu though, to me this suggests that he won't be re-signing, as the rest are all definitely away. If there was talks going on with him with the possibility of staying, they surely would hold off on saying anything, like for example Woods not being mentioned despite rumours suggesting he's away. Hope I'm wrong as he's definitely always a big asset and capable of moments of magic.
  8. Haven't seen any people mention McMann (sorry if someone has and I missed it). I thought he had a very good game, and looks really good going forward, the instruction from Rice seemed to be get forward whenever you can, he's not the quickest and his defending still leaves a lot to be desired though. I think moving him into a more attacking role might be beneficial, and he could become like Imrie in his hay day.
  9. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    We've already kept United in the championship, it's your turn St Mirren. Honestly think St Mirren fans should be confident about this, St Mirren looked gone around Christmas but Kearney managed to haul them to 1 point from safety. Definitely think you'll have enough about yous to stay up, think United would need to win 3-0 in the first leg in order to come up.
  10. Dundee vs St. Mirren

    Well Dundee are our hope now To try and encourage the Dundee supporters, look at it this way... We're shite, we go into the playoffs, United will beat us and go up, surely you don't want that. Beat St Mirren, and they'll have enough about them to keep United down.
  11. I agree with this, but I feel that both players deserve to have some criticism thrown their way and told that we need more from them next season.
  12. Is not understandable that every player in a defence that has conceded 73 goals is being questioned?
  13. For me this season, Ziggy hasn't done enough, he's had some good moments, but I don't think they out weigh his blunders. Not to mention the time we called on him to play his old rightful position, he had an absolute shocker. Saying that, I would prefer we keep him, as I don't fancy the gamble of bringing in someone better.
  14. A little sorry to see woods go, very capable at this level imo. Means we'll need to sign a new keeper, as there's no way Fulton is good enough.
  15. Hamilton v St Mirren

    Absolutely massive game, a win would mean going into the split with a minimum gap of 6 points between us and 11th and that's if Dundee manage to beat Aberdeen. Lose and we'll have St Mirren breathing down our necks only a point behind. Hopefully a change of squad to bring the better players back in, McGowan will most likely not be available which is a big blow. We've trampled St Mirren on both occasions so far, hopefully that continues.