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  1. If its any of Fulton, Want, Odoffin or Templeton, then it would be a big loss for me, others can be replaced for the time being. Of course it goes without saying that whoever has it, I hope they make a speedy recovery.
  2. I know that loss must have been a downer, but sorry no 😂
  3. I think the club have to stand by Rice and so they should, would be the height of hypocrisy for them to turn their back on him with amount of community and addict shite that comes out of the club daily. Definitely want to see Rice continue, he hasn't always got the tactics right, but has shown that he can give a great team talk to fire up the boys when needed and his connections are invaluable aka Southwood and Stubbs.
  4. I'd be tempted to play some of the younger guys here, with St Mirren at home on Saturday, we really just need to get this out the way.
  5. He makes Rakish Bingham look like Lewandowski. Take from that what you will.
  6. Celtic 2-0 Hearts Accies 2-1 Motherwell Hibs 3-1 St Johnstone Killie 1-2 Aberdeen Ross County 2-0 Livi St Mirren 1-2 The Rangers
  7. Will it be patg for Accies fans on Wednesday? Or is it all ticket?
  8. What a load of shite! Same story different season, we just love to kill any positivity going into a new season. Did absolutely nothing first half, with Queens having the 2 best pieces of play. Then in the second when Queens were sitting back and holding on, we had no urgency to try and attack, it's like we were waiting for them to come out and open up, which is incredibly poor management. Enjoy your night Queens fans your team came with a plan and executed it well, well worth your 2 points. A very insignificant part of the game but, this jumping off your line rule is an absoulte farce! It's already hard enough to save a penalty without handicapping the keeper further, this needs looked at.
  9. That home top is pretty smart and will probably purchase one. Don't think anyone is surprised that Gourley is the signing. Think that's a very good signing as the jury is still out on OFW and if he proves to be a dud there's someone who will compete for the position, and from I've heard he's been decent in the friendlies he played in.
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