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  1. Wow very bleak reading in terms of us, really hits home how obvious the mess we're in is that almost every fan has us rock bottom. 1. Partick Thistle 2. Inverness 3. Dundee 4. Morten 5. Arbroath 6. Cove Rangers 7. Queens Park 8. Accies 9. Ayr 10. Raith We absolutely need players in or this really has the potential to be a complete disaster. However I think Rankin will do a good job, getting more out of players than Taylor did, so with that bit of positivity, I'll argue for us to survive...Just.
  2. As a championship side, the best draw possible, but we have honking record in this cup so expect that to continue and we'll end up 3rd if we're lucky. Also gives us a wee marker on how we measure up against the different kinds of opposition we'll have in the championship.
  3. Hearing the Taylor rumours gaining speed had me dreading the appointment after, as I don't think I can face a McGhee or Hopkin type appointment. The only man I thought we could realistically get, that I would want in charge was Imrie, so here's hoping there's truth in this, or it's going to be a long summer.
  4. Good to finally get Safety 100% confirmed, time to look on to next season. Think Taylor should be given a fair shot at a full season, I know he has come under criticism many times so far, and most of it was justified. But it was a tough point to come in as manager at Accies when he did so willing to give him a clean slate for next season. It's clear to see where we need to strengthen, and we've been told we're already underway in making plans, so can only wait and see if they deliver. Regardless of the personal change over the summer, we need to be challenging for the league, with 4th place being the minimum. Anything else is a failure and questions will need to be asked.
  5. Despite our 2 wins, i'm not confident about this at all. We have been really poor in all the games against Ayr so far, and our season long inconsistency means we're due a defeat. Stan said in his interview that he's not a fan of fixing something that isn't broke, so hopefully that means the same line up again. In this formation our attacking is still lacking a cutting edge, but we look very solid at the back for the most part.
  6. Going to throw Pars their life line here. We were absolutely horrendous against Killie, and there's no way we'll be completely reformed. 1-0 to the Pars, and plunge our championship status into serious question.
  7. At the moment, the only team I'm thinking surely we can't finish below is Queens. Morton are flying with no signs of stopping, and Ayr and Pars seem to pulling the odd good result out to keep with us. I just hope to god, we can scrap safely, thats all I want this season, no more pish from the manager or players about catching play offs. Need to be realistic, we are very much looking behind us than ahead. Play offs look incredibly scary, I wouldn't fancy us against any of Airdrie, Montrose or Queens park.
  8. Once again we were the masters of our own downfall. They say that incidents in football have a way of balancing out, I guess last night was to make up for all the penalties we've been given recently. If we're not killing the game off by wasting chances, we're conceding soft goals at the other end, it really is going to be a shaky finish with the way things are going. Just want the season to be over now, hopefully with the chance at playing in the championship next season.
  9. Strange comment. If you admit we should have won, then shouldn't you be thanking us for resorting to time wasting, and giving yous an extra 2 points?
  10. Was heading through to this as Kirkcaldy was one of my favourite away days. But I obviously can't give money to an establishment that turns a blind eye to behaviour like that. Will be keeping up with the game on twitter. Feel so sorry for the decent fans amongst the support, which I know there is many, always was someone to have a chat with when through there. Obviously I want us to win to gain more points, but with the situation, I'll be supporting anyone who plays them, in hopes they get no rewards from this action.
  11. Only signed and being linked with Wingers and Centre backs. What formation is Taylor trying to play?
  12. Be interesting to see how Stirling gets on at this level. I would regard him as our worst player. He's bit of a utility player, has played at right back, centre back and holding midfield for us, none of which he has played well. So if nothing else, can plug a hole if you are lacking in those areas.
  13. Good point, we normally follow up a win with a Lacklustre performance, though this time I feel the forced changes played a part. We so very badly need a right back, probably even 2 with one for cover, as right now we are quite vulnerable down that side. Matheson really didn't live up to it, and Hamilton hasn't been consistent enough. Midfield as well, I dont think Mullen has been great, but because he was absent, we were missing a presence in there today. Shiels is looking the part for me, Macca has his work cut out to stay first choice, fantastic block on the line to stop Thistle scoring.
  14. Going by what the Thistle fans are saying, if this does go ahead, Thistle will be depleted to some degree and maybe not 100% fit. In other words best time to play them. I still think we will f**k it up, we haven't yet got over that 2 league wins in a row hurdle, and Thistle are still a bit of a boogie team for us. 0-0
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