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  1. Yeah he done well at Wigtown but look what happened at Threave. The club ended up in a right mess. I'm sure it wasn't all his fault but he took over a good team and all the best players left. Best of luck to you for the rest f the season.
  2. I was at the match and I've no idea why he was sent off.. The referee made a lot of strange decisions.
  3. How many euro cups have they got? & domestic cups more than any other English club. Plus United are the only team to have won more league titles than Liverpool (18) I think United have 20 but not sure. Liverpool have more silverware than any other club not bad for a shite club that u laugh at [emoji14]
  4. Star Wigtown should be good but if star play to their best they should be just to strong for them but we will see, it could go either way
  5. Can't see anyone touching city this season, some of there football is Barcelona esc. Maybe cause they have the same manager eh! Can't believe how quickly he has got them playing his style of football. They have took to it like a duck to water. How good has kolarov been under pep looks a different player same as Stirling. He is now looking like a 50m pound player.
  6. Great result for the star today at Hawick. 4-2 was final score but we should of got 6 or 7. Two great free kicks from sloany, a 30 yard screamer from conner and one from Tommy. A all round good performance from the lads and we were missing 4 players. A good 3 points keep it up lads well done.
  7. Yeeessssssss! What a goal hendo this is going to be a rout
  8. Liverpool keep this up & it wil be a long night for Chelsea can see them getting 3 or4 past them
  9. Go on the pool! Big dejan good finish fae a defender
  10. What has happened to this thread? Where are all you fans of the south some times there is nothing on here for weeks. Now the season is up and running can any one stop Wigtown from winning the league, mids started well can they challenge, what about the raining champions they don't look as good as last year. Also can Newton come good?
  11. Great result for the star who got the goals as I couldn't get down today
  12. With all the money United have spent on this team & all they could come up with was hoof it route one fitba! They are well behind city who played some good stuff plus they never had kompany, ageuro, gundongin playing today. They will take some stopping.
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