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  1. This weekend

    Wigtown are a better team than newton yes . But poor refereeing blew it for newton and potentially ruined their title chances .

    Tb ?x
  3. Newton v uppers tomorrow?

    From what I heard , the goal they scored way a mistake at the back so we will just say it was 5-0
  4. Newton v uppers tomorrow?

    Rained over night

    Good luck Eccles , I won't be there on Saturday to see you. Tell your nana I was asking for her
  6. new fixture list

    . I don't play bui , I saw you though
  7. new fixture list

    I heard he pissed at a child
  8. new fixture list

    Exciting stuff ! I spoke to wee Jimmy yesterday and he's contemplating contacting the sfa . I told him its a bit late now.
  9. new fixture list

    Dry your eyes
  10. Most improved team this year?

    Heard the ref at the Lochar game was a Loyd Wana be aka c**t
  11. Newton no show?

    I would also say the state of the pitch was a reason for both of the teams playing such poor football .
  12. Newton no show?

    2 goals but only one was on target ?? That's a new one, It was a cross but as it went in to the net I'd say there was a chance that was on target. Maybe you were still half asleep when you wrote that. I will let you off
  13. Newton no show?

    How is it that super wigtown only beat shitty newton 2-0? The only two shots that they had on target the whole game and one was actually a cross ?? Also Newton hit the bar and the post . Not a great performance from newton atal but not as bad as the wigtown keyboard warriors are making out .
  14. Most improved team this year?

    PaulBearer with a serious answer to a question 😜
  15. Most improved team this year?

    Abbey vale , fleet star and Creetown all playing good this season .