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  1. If not, why so? A lot of the problems with imbalance in Scottish football come from people not supporting their local teams. I mean I was raised supporting Celtic, I support my local team Partick Thistle now (partly/mostly due to Irish bullshit of Celtic and partly due to them being local team). If every fan of Scottish football just supported their local team, leagues would be a lot more competitive. Celtic and Rangers would still be bigger due to international support but the gap would be much lower, perhaps low enough for teams like Hearts, Aberdeen and Dundee United tier teams to win it occasionally. I don't buy into the club loyalty bullshit either and wish others wouldn't, that just contributes to this stuff. If I moved to Ayr I'd support Kilmarnock or Ayr United (whichever was closer) same if I moved to Abderdeen or Inverness etc. Loyalty is for country, domestically it doesn't matter as long as you support a Scottish club. But if you care about competitiveness, you should do your part by supporting your local team.
  2. That would in fact be feeding me if I were a troll.. What exactly is wrong with a play-off suggestion? Is this a fucking joke?
  3. I've noticed a drop in home attendances this season of around 1000 and am curious to know the reason for this. Matching the same opponents at home last year it's always around 1000 or so less. Were prices raised or something? I was actually under the impression that with Rangers in the lower leagues attendances at Firhill would be even higher than when they were when we were previously in the top tier due to disgruntled Rangers fans sneaking along for some Premiership football or even switching allegiances. But they've seemed quite low since we were promoted and have gotten even lower this season.
  4. Really? Last I read it was going to be around 10000 seats more.
  5. But then surely they would just build a new stadium the same size or even slightly smaller, no? The large increase I just don't get.
  6. It's not a troll, I just don't get it. Why would you move to a stadium with 10000 more seats?
  7. It is called a play-off. And I guess you could say we already do have a play-off. Although an important thing to note would be that in Belgium when they split every team in the championship play-offs points total gets halved. Oddly they have about seventy play-offs there (for places in Europe and other things).
  8. The funny thing is (for those suggesting a standing area) that it was originally a standing area that was demolished quite recently and turned into the Bing.
  9. Please be serious.. I won't warn you again. Also the play-off for promotion needs to be changed as well. Two legs for every single game (INCLUDING THE FINAL) is just bloody stupid. One legged matches are just more exciting, that's why finals are always one legged. All matches in play-off should be one leg and played at Hampden in my opinion.
  10. Would you like to see us adopt a play-off system for the Premiership title? I used to be extremely negative towards such an idea, but honestly the more I think about it the better an idea it seems to be to me. Celtic (and formerly Rangers) are always going to dominate in Scotland, I am not going to get all melodramatic about this, we are not the only one or two team league in the world and some countries have had it exactly as bad if not worse for as long as us (Serbia for example with Red Star and Partizan). However a new title winner occasionally would be nice to see. My idea would be for top 4 to qualify for the play-off. Two one legged matches take place at Hampden between 1st and 4th placed teams and 2nd and 3rd placed teams. Winners of these matches take part in final at Hampden for league title. Yes, Celtic would still win the title more years than not, but it gives 3 fresh teams a realistic chance to win the league each year. We've seen these teams win cup competitions in the recent past, they are more than capable of beating Celtic in a one legged match for the league title. It doesn't make the league campaign irrelevant, you still need to qualify for the play-off. Your position within top 4 also determines the quality of opponent you will face in the first play-off match. It is not just America and Australia who have a play-off system before somebody claims this (not that it's a valid criticism anyway), I believe Belgium also have a play-off system in place although it's different in structure to what I'm envisioning. Ideally I see this taking place in a 16 team league where teams play each other twice for a total of 30 games (keep it short and sweet) and the pathetic and pointless League Cup is abolished. But I feel it would work just as well with current format.
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