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  1. So if it was talbot’s home game their season tickets wouldn’t get in with them is that what you are saying?
  2. Nope how many of your fans would have paid in today that aren’t season ticket holders ?
  3. Remember the full crowd wouldn’t be paying in as most of the locals going would be season ticket holders so wouldn’t pay to get in . As for some of the quotes below about talbot fans boycotting the next game , that is pathetic but each to their own . Rob roy didn’t need to play the match today as it was their home match , the pitch was unplayable end of story.
  4. Half the gate money would have probably covered their bus that they would have to have hired, so irrelevant
  5. They are within their rights to reject the swap in venue , maybe they have injuries that nobody knows about
  6. We are leaking goals this season and hardly scoring so unless this is addressed we will find it hard to get off the bottom
  7. Unfortunately looks like a hard slog ahead unless we get a few bodies in and out . We are where we are and if we go down we go again and build up again to come up as we have done before. Unless we get some £ from somewhere that is all we have to show for at the moment.
  8. Think we need to get a few experienced guys in as squad had a lot of youngsters in it. Struggle is they will all be tied up with clubs . I have been to the first few games and looks poor to honest
  9. Any players standing out so far , the boy watson seems to have scored a few along with mcinally
  10. Your stand looks decent. Does it provide adequate cover when it rains as i always thing terracing like this need the roof to stick out a bit more. What kinda price do they come in at ?
  11. Not strange he has asked to leave supposedly rather than fight for his place. Some good strikers in the squad so can’t just expect a jersey. Misses a lot of games last year as well
  12. And if they get permission? Every penny they have will be needed to build a new ground. Which they have from the sale of adamslie to dawn homes.
  13. No they don’t they need the permission to start the project on the site that the council told them was earmarked for it. The council have opted out of being involved in the project and now talking about taking bids in the site
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