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  1. Central 1st Div 2014/2015

    The park a would be shocked if was even in state to play on after last week, there was some talk of them Trying to get a 3G park arranged, not sure if it's true though
  2. matches off Sat 13th

    Didn't see this I had just started a topic the same thing lol!
  3. matches off Sat 13th

    Can't see many games been on tomorrow, Dunipace we played last week park was a mess at the end and the weather this week has been terrible everywhere so that's a certain to be off but not confirmed as of yet. Any others confirmed off please post.
  4. benburb new park

    As far as I am told there is cover going to be over the seats.
  5. benburb new park

    There will be 450+ seats with terrace , it does retract but i would Think it will always stay out ! Hopefully be ready February will be one of the best parks junior football has

    Absolute no chance of this being on was at the game on Saturday , surprised the game lasted the pitch is a mess!!! Great result for the bens but!!! Superb
  7. Games off 6/12

    How is dunipace looking ?
  8. Games off 6/12

    Any word of games been off ? Dunipace how is that looking ?
  9. benburb new park

    Play for the bens, been told should be done in 3-4 weeks but heard this a few times now !!