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  1. Aye f**k it Killie too, they beat us at home too often.
  2. St Johnstone won't go down. There are too many West coast teams in this league. I'd like to see St Mirren or Hamilton drop.
  3. Can you wait until all the Celtic fans have left their rat infested hovels and are on the m9 before calling it off please?
  4. This says everything... Goodwin is an utter fud.
  5. Not confusing for the majority of Hearts fans who don't wave a union flag.
  6. Feel a bit sorry for St Johnstone fans. f**k having your stadium filled by OF fans. One full stand is too much.
  7. Don't care if everyones eyes fall out. I'd take 0-0 right now.
  8. Very bizarre team selection. We're getting feck all from this game today.
  9. Some goal. Forgot about that dreadful St Mirren strip
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