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  1. Ginnelly is made of glass. Can't offer him a contract surely?
  2. I agree that teams were always going to vote in their best interests. Sick of talking about it tbh, rather concentrate on football. Hope we turn yous over tonight
  3. If we don't win this, questions will be getting asked of Neilson already. He's not exactly well liked anyway.
  4. I just bought the stream from Raith TV, getting too old to hold grudges, rather we concentrate on getting the team performing better.
  5. Have Raith got a decent quality stream? Or is it those cameras that follow the ball?
  6. As its on BBC do you think there will be much of an uptake on PPV?
  7. Watched this yesterday, felt quite sorry for Levein until I remembered watching his brand of "Football" on a weekly basis. He clearly wanted to do well but he's so stubborn he just thought his vision for the club would just click into place.
  8. We still lack pace imo. Could do with one more forward and a central midfielder with pace, if we can get rid of a few in January
  9. I'm happy fucking over the other teams fans but not Inverness. I'm at work anyway so won't be paying it.
  10. Nah but it seems to wind the frothing jakeballs in your support up, so happy for it to continue.
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