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  1. I think the table below clearly answers question 1. My personal option is that some fans expectations of the club are beyond what the club can deliver at this point in time, especially during a worldwide pandemic and irrespective of who is the manager in charge. Results and performances have been poor so far, but like Doug I believe they will improve. I'm sure that the players are aware that they are under-performing, but the only way they can change that is on the park. Hopefully, they can start on Saturday against Forfar.
  2. The manager literally changed that part of the team two weeks ago, moving from two players in there to three. It worked the first time (i.e., Agnew was more effective), but not so much yesterday. Maybe it needs more time to bed in? What do you think the response would be if the manager went back to 4-4-2, he dropped Agnew and the team lose to Forfar?
  3. Specifically who and what would be your alternative teams?
  4. Wyscout, so I am not sure how accurate it is.
  5. East Fife performed pretty much bang on their xG for and against last season. However, Montrose massively over-performed in 4th place, which is another indication of the great job Stewart Petrie and co. are doing there.
  6. Are you conveniently forgetting the two corners he claimed in the first half and at least one cross from open play in the second? As for the goal it looked to me like he was trying to catch the free-kick rather than punch it, but had to let go because his momentum put him behind the line. If you are expecting him to come for those two in-swinging free-kicks to the back post then the defensive line needs to start further out to give him space. As for the disallowed goals from the free-kicks, the ref blew early on both of them. The offside goal was.... offside.
  7. Cove will be a breath of fresh air to this league. There won’t be many teams who will try to build from the back in the way that they do. Having defenders who are genuinely comfortable, confident and reasonably competent on the ball makes a massive difference. Likewise, having a goalkeeper who wants to join in the play makes the game 11v10 in the most part. The Cove back four and the goalkeeper sucked East Fife into a high press before quickly playing beyond them creating some useful counters. I thought Cove also showed good patience in the attacking third stretching the play and waiting for good opportunities to enter the penalty area rather than reverting to pot shots from distance. Cove showed good creativity from set pieces opposed to just slinging the ball aimlessly into the penalty area. This was demonstrated in their first goal from the free-kick. Also, I think they are the first team that I have seen at SPFL1/2 level who regularly utilise the new rule of being allowed to receive the ball inside the penalty box from goal kicks. Interestingly, I’ve seem them play significantly better last season than they did today. Overall, I think Cove will win more games than they will lose this season and should be in with a decent shout of a play-off place. Good luck with to them with the rest of their season and I look forward to seeing how they get on at this level.
  8. I managed to watch Cove a few times last season and they are a decent team who like to play from the back. Should be a decent game between these two teams I’d imagine. Is Fraser Fyvie injured? He hasn’t played in either of the Betfred Cup games. He was a stand out playing in the SPFL2 and will likely be the same this season at this level.
  9. The curse of corner kicks against continues x3!
  10. I'd say it would be a sideways move rather than a backwards step. Riding the bench scraping a few minutes here and there would be a backwards step. I totally agree that if a Championship club comes in for him then he will be off there though. I'd imagine Raith would take him back. In terms of height Cameron is 6'2", Gullan 6'0" & Glass 5'8" according to what I can find. I don't think the squad height aspect is as much of an issue as others do. I see it more as a player mindset thing. If you have a smaller squad then you should look to try to reduce the number of times you play the ball high &/or long for a start.
  11. Innes Cameron (20) has played 0 minutes for Kilmarnock this season. 4 games un-used sub & 1 game not in the squad. Kilmarnock have 2 games in the Betfred Cup before the SPFL1 season starts vs. Falkirk & Dunfermline. Other players to keep an eye on: Declan Glass (20). 0 minutes for Dundee United. 5 games as an un-used sub. Dundee United’s Betfred games: Brechin, Peterhead, Kelty. I’m sure Declan played more of a midfield role for Cove if I remember right. Jamie Gullan (21). 17 minutes for Hibernian. 2 substitute appearances. 3 un-used sub. Betfred games: Brora, Cove & Forfar. All three of these players need to be playing regularly and getting decent minutes. If they can’t get game time with the 5 subs rule then they need to be out on loan. I’d imagine all three will feature more in the Betfred games, but I’d prefer any loan signing in for the Betfred games so they are properly inter-grated into the squad before the league games start.
  12. I think the most important thing is not having a game on Tuesday 13th. Cowden first then Raith seems like a good progression in terms of difficulty as well.
  13. I think that the loan market will be negatively affected by the 5 subs & 9 on the bench rule this season. For example, Innes Cameron on a season long loan would have been a perfect move for both clubs & the player, based on his age, level of experience & the fact he was out the whole of last season with an injury (acl I think). Now I can see him staying at Killie this season & getting limited playing minutes. He was an unused sub on week 1. I’m sure he is in the last year of his contract too, so he really needs to be playing regularly at some level.
  14. Just reviewing last seasons summer transfer signings listed on http://nareystoepoker.blogspot.com/p/on-this-page-aim-is-to-cover-every_17.html. Hopefully, this seasons signings will do better. Far too many squad fillers, which has lead to a high player churn.
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