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  1. Not for the money I’ve heard is on offer
  2. I can’t help but feel some people are going to be in for a real shock next season.
  3. No one mentioned a massive fall out at all.
  4. This speaks volumes for me. Whether you wanted any of these players to stay or not is irrelevant. They have decided to follow the fall guy for last season. Two of whom I wouldn’t consider regular starters for Young if he had a full squad to choose from.
  5. EF have still to play one of them, so let’s see if you can work it like out for yourself. Might help keep your interest up in those final games.
  6. A long-throw is literally a skill and as such they can be trained and developed. A counter question would be how many players have been coached to throw the ball optimally and/or players coached to move to receive effectively? There are a couple of teams in this league who obviously do practice this aspect. East Fife are not one of them.
  7. Swanson has played 24% of the available league minutes so far over the last two seasons. 0 goals and 0 assists during that time. I'd imagine he is the highest paid player by some way within the current squad. He hasn't been value for money so far, so if money is going to be tight then this would be a high risk re-signing in my opinion, especially after his knee injury this season, which I am assuming was an ACL. Murdoch is already signed for next season, but has only played 30% of available minutes this season. I make it that he has had 4 left hamstring injury/re-injuries this season. Most football clubs nowadays know that age and previous injury are two key predictors of future injury, so I wouldn't be building a squad around him either. I think East Fife fans need to understand that for whatever reason, money or otherwise, they are not an attractive proposition for players. DY recruitment was hammered this season, but seems like (from what I have heard) it wasn't for the lack of trying. He should have emptied the majority of the squad from last season, but obviously knew he needed players who wanted to play for the club. The bigger mistake was giving these players two year contracts. I think Crawford will struggle to create his own squad for next season, but he should have known this when he walked through the door. Statistically there has been little difference between Crawford and Young in terms of performance indicators once again highlighting that success is more about the quality of the squad than the ability of the manager. Lastly, I hope that both Airdrie and Cove go up out of this league this season. Both have helped increase the quality and standards of this league and should be rewarded for doing so.
  8. Do you know what season the original run was? Also, I wonder if any East Fife manager has had a worse start to their tenure.
  9. I thought his reactions towards Steele after Falkirk’s first goal was worse to be honest. He needs to have a wee word with himself in the mirror I think.
  10. Or more logically, you could change your style of play to reduce the number of areal duals you create in the first place. After all that's what most of the other teams in this league have done.
  11. While some fans were expelling all their energy to get DY out of the door the players making all the mistakes and costing the team games were going under the radar. The manager doesn't stand at the side of the pitch with a joypad controlling the players every movement. Once they are over the white line they need to take responsibility for their own actions. I can't think of many examples of a goal conceded and I've thought "yip, that was the managers fault". However, I could show you plenty of examples of players doing things where you'd ask "what the f**k are you doing?" Obviously that's a massive tease, so I'll give one one recent example. Go and have a look at Liam Watt before Cove Rangers free-kick goal (watch Coves highlights, not EFTV) and ask yourself "what the f**k was he doing?" (Apologies to Liam, as I could pretty much pick out any player and players with multiple examples, but his is the one that sticks in my mind just now). Also, Stevie Frail couldn't get a tune out of this lot in what has to be one of the worst results in the clubs history, and Stevie Crawford hasn't managed to get a tune out of them either. See my previous list of player already signed for next season. This was always going to happen with a new manager. They come in and have to try work things out for themselves. I'd imagine that the players have all started with a clean slate we will just have to wait and see how long it will take to work out what many already know. Either that or Smith actually has had COVID symptoms and isn't 100% yet. Regardless, I've said it before, this is the first position I would have strengthened when SC came in.
  12. Watch Dunsmore on Airdrie’s second goal yesterday. This pretty much sums him up for me. He doesn’t cover himself in much glory on the third goal either. A change of club would probably do him some good tbh, but agree that Airdrie probably don’t need him now.
  13. Goalkeeper would be the most obvious place to start squad improvement, but the fact that both Gallacher & Smith are under contract until May 2023 will be a problem. Maybe SC can look for a loan till the end of the season.
  14. There are three main ways that a manager can improve a team: Improve the squad through transfers - always the easiest option if recruitment is planned properly. It seems that this isn’t an option during this window as the manager needs to get players out before more can come in (I make it ~25 players currently in the 1st team). I am 99.9% certain that the playing budget was cut for this season & that is the main reason the team is where it is. Improve individual players through coaching - I’m not convinced that a lot of these players can be coached. For example, can Slattery learn how to defend 1v1 at 28 years old? Can Mercer be coached how to defend in his own penalty area at 26 years old? Etc. Also, with limited coaching time, staff, resources & priorities during the season makes this a bit unrealistic. The players individually show a complete lack of game intelligence on a weekly basis. Basic things that you learn playing boys club football. Mistakes that cost goals & ultimately cost games. Get better performances from the same set of players through tactics - I can’t see this happening as SC is going through all the same cycles as DY has already tried: trying to contain teams for 60 minutes then going for it in the last 30; sitting deep then trying to play on the counter; getting the ball up to the forwards as quickly as possible; plus trying various different formations & player combinations. To be fair he hasn’t tried a high press yet, but I’m sure he already knows how that would turn out. The players are not fit enough for it, opponents are already exposing the full back areas, & Chris Higgins doesn’t like playing too high up because he knows he’ll be exposed in behind, plus if Gallacher is the goalkeeper he isn’t going to leave his 6-yard box. SC is still going through the process of working out that he can’t play a back 4 unless Murdoch is at RB; he can’t play with only two CMs & he can’t play with one up front. Every week it takes him to work this out is another game chalked off in terms of survival. I really feel sorry for SC, GM & the other coach who have came in as they have walked into a horrible situation out with their doing. The only people who can turn this situation around are the players. Starting by taking responsibility for where the team are. They spent months happy hiding behind DY taking all the flack. Well he has gone & the situation hasn’t changed at all. I doubt many will care if East Fife go down. They will just move on to another club while it’s the fans, staff & volunteers behind the scenes who will have to carry on regardless. The Board need to take their share of the blame too. There needs to be an immediate review of current practice at the club and some coherent direction as to where it wants to go.
  15. Can anyone confirm if this list of players already contracted for next season is correct? GK - Scott Gallacher (32 y.o) GK - Jude Smith (18) D - Aaron Steele (19) D - Pat Slattery (28) D - Stewart Murdoch (31) - Injured D - Scott Mercer (26) M - Connor McManus (25) M - Liam Newton (19) M - Liam Watt (27) F - Ryan Wallace (31) Two things, firstly I think it will be difficult to offload any of these players during the January transfer window. Secondly, that's a horrible looking squad to be taking into the SPFL2.
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