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  1. Yes the possession data is based on that published by the BBC. There is usually someone sitting in the press section who collects the data via an app. I think they do it for a data provider opposed to someone working for the BBC directly (i.e., it’s the same data provided to all media sources). Clubs at this level would be better collecting their own data and double checking it with video footage of the matches.
  2. The difference between teams possession data is minimal. Having watched Raith under McGlynn it is unsurprising that they are top with their patient build-up. It is also unsurprising that Brechin have the lowest possession due to their low block. This League is definitely a 50-50 second ball league. Maybe some managers will be a bit more creative with their styles of play next season.
  3. The possession data that I have collected comes from the BBC results ‘match stats’. I don’t know how they work it out or how accurate it is (not very is my opinion). There were lots of games where the possession was 51% vs. 49%. I don’t think that 2% difference has any impact on the final outcome of a match. Anyway, based on the previous three charts and league averages, when out performing the opposition in: - shots on target you have ~60% chance of winning - total shots you have ~50% chance of winning - possession you have ~44% chance of winning
  4. Tonight’s charts should be looked at together.
  5. You got your just rewards in the end in that case. Managers seem to get sacked far too quickly in such a inconsistent and flaky League.
  6. I wonder if any Montrose fans were calling for Petrie's head after 10 games?
  7. I couldn't decide which version of this data to go with, so I'll just chuck in both!
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