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  1. I don’t represent the club, I’m not in the huff and at no point have you indicated you accepted the second phases! The reason I haven’t answered your question about scoring directly from corners is because off hand I do not know. I’d have to go trough the highlights and check and I can’t be bothered. As I’ve already said season was last season.
  2. I’m not your personal stats guy. As I’ve said already, I’ve done my research and provided you with factual answers. You just can’t seem to accept what those are. This is like having a conversation with an infant. I know I’m right, you probably know your wrong, but persist down this road anyway. The last goals from corners were the two versus Forfar on the last day of the season or do they not count either?
  3. I love how you are trying to double down with this one 😂. If you want answers to your questions go and do your own research. Last season was last season, 11 goals from corners was more than top scorer Kevin Smith scored. Kevin Smith’s goal 1:48 into the video below. Is it a goal from a corner or not? Someone has already called you out as a last word merchant this week. That is an opinion not a fact, but is does seem to be an accurate one. Good night and god bless! P.S., this thread is meant to be about East Fife vs. Peterhead, so maybe it should get back on topic.
  4. They do! It’s called confirmation bias or the misinformation effect. Football fans work on opinions, while football clubs should work in facts. As for defending corners, that’s a different story entirely and I’d agree with your narrative on that one.
  5. It’s literally nothing like your example. I’m really sorry the numbers don’t fit your narrative.
  6. Some will be second phase, i.e., opponent wins the first ball then EF regain to score. Those still count and should/can be planned for. I think EF conversion rate was 5.6%, which is pretty good.
  7. East Fife scored 11 league goals from corners last season which is a decent amount. They scored more in the cup too. Conceded 9 league goals from corners and got knocked out the cups by them.
  8. 1. Falkirk 2. Forfar 3. Raith 4. Airdrieonians 5. Montrose 6. East Fife 7. Clyde 8. Peterhead 9. Stranraer 10. Dumbarton I think places 2-4 the teams are interchangeable. Likewise for 5th and 6th. Same for 7 and 8th the 9th and 10th. Out with top spot it’s going to be another tight league this season.
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