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  1. Another call out for RUSH! 3 guys at the top of their game. Even folks that don't like them (I don't get it but hey, it is all subjective) tend to admit to the quality of their musicianship. Live they were unbelievable, everything you heard was coming from those 3 guys, no backstage shenanigans. I still have no idea how they did it. A shout out for a more obscure act SPOCK'S BEARD. All first class players. I saw them down in London one time and for the encore they all came back onstage but had switched instruments. No one was on what they normally play. They played some Deep Purple (and something else which escapes me at the moment) and if I hadn't known that they had switched around I would never have guessed. It was bloody spot on! They also used to occasionaly do this thing with the 2 brothers in the band playing the same acoustic guitar, one doing lead, one rhythm, then they would start swopping round until at points that as one strummed rhythm they would be doing lead on the fretboard whilst the other did it the other way around. They would then keep switching between each other. I was mesmorized watching them. Really great band.
  2. That actually sounds OK. Although I would be interested to know from those in the lower divisions how they feel about a North and a South league. Would most fans that attend the leagues that would be affected feel it is better, ie less travelling possibly bigger crowds, or that the most fun games are the far away ones. I personally think consideration should be given to those in lower divisions as to what is best for them rather than the top divisions clubs just riding roughshod all over them.
  3. Working through the last few days of stuff from Devin Townsend via You Tube. He is posting stuff up most days under the name Quarantine project! Every day is different some melodic some silly and one heavy as f**k (happy here) Enjoy yesterday's present from the Canadian genius!
  4. Personal standouts for me include: Black Sabbath from Black Sabbath. Man on the silver mountain by Rainbow Keep yourself alive from Queen In mist she was standing from Orchid by Opeth and no surprise given my name on here... Finding my way from RUSH!
  5. The new (well the English spoken version is) album by Marko Hietala (from of course Nightwish) is bloody good to say the least. Quite proggy and folky. Plenty of bands from Europe in general and Scandinavia. Some more I don't think have been mentioned so far: For Finland Apocalyptica, Lordi (for fun metal) , Korpiklaani (for beer drinking), Von Hertzen Brothers (for progging out to) For Germany Rage; Eloy; RPWL; Accept: Kreator: Powerwolf (fabulous live): Uli Jon Roth: Orden Ogan: Die Toten Hosen (saw them only once sadly, they supported Terrorvision at the Barras). There are probably plenty more but those are some of the ones I like and most of whom I have seen live as well. Bet someone will eventually say one that will make me kick myself for not thinking of!
  6. Just to add my condolences to his wife, daughter, Alex and Geddy along with close friends family and crew. The soundtrack of my life. Followed them all over the place, stalking in the UK, trips to Europe and several road trips in the USA and Canada following them. Met so many good people along the way and many story has been made. Never saw a bad performance. 3 consummate professionals who were not only a great band but as people great friends. Neil and the band will be missed. RIP
  7. So sad about Reed. I was lucky to see COC on a good number of occasions. One of the best was early 90s when they played the Edinburgh Venue as guests to DRI. I was doing the lights for both bands (I am not and never have been a lighting engineer!) from a desk on the bar at the back on my own and during DRI set I suddenly felt more hair around me than normal. I looked up and saw both Reed and another member of the band head banging next to me! They said they felt bad that I was rocking out doing the lights on my own so deserved some company! They were absolute gems. So friendly and down to earth. Always sad to hear of another talent passing and one who was very nice certainly to me. RIP
  8. Still gutted at the news. Rush were and are the soundtrack of my life! He stayed a private individual to the day he passed. Feel absolutely gutted for his wife and his little girl. Part of the reason for retirement was so that unlike his first daughter who sadly died when she was 19 and he had missed so much of her growing up, that he would be there for Olivia as she did. For him to then pass 5 years later having spent 3 years or more suffering from brain cancer just seems so unfair! I also feel for the guys in the band who have lost not only a band mate but a friend. RIP Neil.
  9. Graham Spiers commented... "Said it before and I’ll say it again: has any group of fans in Britain reacted to their club’s plight and saved it from the knacker’s yard quite like the Hearts fans?Millions upon millions raised and handed over. The feat of @The_FOH is near miraculous.
  10. That is an incredible figure! Love what Jim Spence has to say about it... "Astounding what the Jambos have done. No fingers pointed..no scapegoats sought.. sleeves rolled up in determined and dignified fashion and foundations laid with solid folk in charge."
  11. I must admit I was certainly under the belief that the game drawn first was played first. When they do the draw they do normally say the first game will be...… and name check the first 2 teams out the bowl. Maybe doesn't always happen it seems so I stand corrected on that.
  12. I would say that playing the Hearts Celtic game first would make sense (on the basis of it being in Edinburgh). There is obviously more connections earlier in the day from Glasgow and area to Edinburgh on a Sunday than it is from Aberdeen, Depending on television I would think a 12:30 or 1pm kick off in Edinburgh and 4pm for Glasgow. Also means when one lot of supporters get back to Glasgow the other game will still be playing so less chaos.
  13. Hearts having being drawn FIRST followed by Celtic makes it the first game to be played as as happened throughout the years. We can't play on the Saturday due to Celtic. We are having to move the date of the game to suit Celtic. Now I don't actually have a problem with that (I am quite a nice bloke) As it then led to both games having to be the Sunday Celtic should accept they do not have a right to play in Glasgow.
  14. The fact he is making noise about it being done by a draw as to who goes where.
  15. Fave quote from Kickback about this.... "If they do toss a coin to decide which game is played at Murrayfield it would be a nice touch to invite the Rangers fan from the Livi game to do the honours".
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