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  1. Graham Spiers commented... "Said it before and I’ll say it again: has any group of fans in Britain reacted to their club’s plight and saved it from the knacker’s yard quite like the Hearts fans?Millions upon millions raised and handed over. The feat of @The_FOH is near miraculous.
  2. That is an incredible figure! Love what Jim Spence has to say about it... "Astounding what the Jambos have done. No fingers pointed..no scapegoats sought.. sleeves rolled up in determined and dignified fashion and foundations laid with solid folk in charge."
  3. I must admit I was certainly under the belief that the game drawn first was played first. When they do the draw they do normally say the first game will be...… and name check the first 2 teams out the bowl. Maybe doesn't always happen it seems so I stand corrected on that.
  4. I would say that playing the Hearts Celtic game first would make sense (on the basis of it being in Edinburgh). There is obviously more connections earlier in the day from Glasgow and area to Edinburgh on a Sunday than it is from Aberdeen, Depending on television I would think a 12:30 or 1pm kick off in Edinburgh and 4pm for Glasgow. Also means when one lot of supporters get back to Glasgow the other game will still be playing so less chaos.
  5. Hearts having being drawn FIRST followed by Celtic makes it the first game to be played as as happened throughout the years. We can't play on the Saturday due to Celtic. We are having to move the date of the game to suit Celtic. Now I don't actually have a problem with that (I am quite a nice bloke) As it then led to both games having to be the Sunday Celtic should accept they do not have a right to play in Glasgow.
  6. The fact he is making noise about it being done by a draw as to who goes where.
  7. Fave quote from Kickback about this.... "If they do toss a coin to decide which game is played at Murrayfield it would be a nice touch to invite the Rangers fan from the Livi game to do the honours".
  8. Hasn't Liewell realised that Hearts were actually drawn first and are technically the home team? If he is suggesting it is unfair that they have to play in Edinburgh as it gives an unfair advantage, then someone needs to point out to the greetin faced twat that Celtic have had an advantage for years! Also our record at Murrayfield is not that impressive to make it any sort of advantage. Welt.
  9. From what STV said it sounds more likely to be a lunchtime kick off. But that could just be a wild guess/.
  10. The scary thing is our football authorities are that bloody stupid that could happen! Please however don't give them any ideas!
  11. The seethe from some Celtic fans is about to arrive! Forgetting of course that they as a club have played many more times at Hampden than Hearts at Murrayfield! There will however, I think be a few that might fancy a trip elsewhere to play the semi for some variety. Might even make some more of them more interested in attending so they can say they were there when this (more than likely thanks to how shite the organisers are in Scotland) happened in history! Unless the twats in charge make it a 2am kick off or something.
  12. Great result. Well done Livingston! So the Zombies fans were rampaging through the town? Hurling coins at officials? 2 semi's the same day in same place and they are involved? What possibly could go wrong? Oh and again well done Livi.
  13. According to a report in a paper (from the gaffer's lips) you need "big balls" to play for Hearts..... Maybe this could be a new HMFC song before the games
  14. So, when the schedule was announced, who expected this game to be first verses third? Think this will ne a tough game for the league leaders! An early goal for us and hopefully we will run rampant!
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