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  1. Leafa

    Am sure others will strengthen, tollcross and Sandy's will obviously be up there again esv will be strong but need to be more consistent, tranent will be up there again
  2. Leafa

    As a say these players were lined up and a few others plus others the new management bring in but as usual on here tranent get totally dismissed
  3. Leafa

    A told people no to under estimate tranent nxt season, players were lined up before the new management came in and players they will bring in
  4. Leafa

    Never said there 1 of the best teams, but a bit respect to what they've done the last 4 years and to compete in the league wldny go amiss to them,
  5. Leafa

    They played meadowbank and beat them, I think they'll strengthen well nxt season and will be up for it
  6. Leafa

    Time will tell, they've strengthened every season, came right from bottom league to the top league every season and still dont get a little bit credit
  7. Leafa

    Unbelievable tranent still get underrated, they'll just go along there business quietly again nxt season, finished 3rd in the league having had to scrape a team together most wks cos of injuries etc,
  8. Leafa

    Good team a heard there apparently shite and would get pumped in the premier as has been said all season on this
  9. Leafa

    Yes was there 1st season in premier, and cld have been closer had it not been for them having to scrape a team together for the last 5-6 games of the season due to squad full of injuries
  10. Leafa

    Henderson delivers is awfy quiet
  11. Leafa

    Big T
  12. Leafa

    A think Hendersondelivers get paid for talking shite on here
  13. Leafa

    U being serious, tranent were on top most of the game, use pump the ball long to the big man up top then try play of him, 6pts out of 6 tranent have taken of use this season and took 4 out of 6 last season but there mince [emoji85]
  14. Leafa

    Awfy quiet
  15. Leafa