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  1. Goal Updates 13th Feb

    1-0 troon scorer Jordan Muir
  2. Pitches @ this time of the year?

    Portland park troon was in fantastic condition on Saturday well done Gus.
  3. Games ON - 30.1.16

    I think any games played today will be an absolute lottery irrespective of the results
  4. Darvel v Troon Scottish cup tie

    Don't think it was allys fault troon should win as a team and loose as a team and that's from management to the supporters bottom line is darvel wanted the victory more
  5. Darvel v Troon Scottish cup tie

    Is the game on?
  6. Think you have the wrong referee that was Steve Mcclean

    Is it not about time storms and wind conditions are taken into account it's supposed to be entertaining after all and enjoyment for the players
  8. All Hurlford United chat 2015/16

    ok thanks pal
  9. Weather this weekend

    Will try again hurlford don't seem to have a internet service. Is there much chance of a game at Blair park tomorrow.
  10. All Hurlford United chat 2015/16

    Any update on the state of the pitch for tomorrows game.
  11. Bo'ness United 2015-16

    Right now you lot are starting to sound like bad loosers. Thought troon were totally out the game for the first 4 minutes then it was pretty even for an hour, dean Keenan got injured and forced troon to go 442 this got troon on the attack quicker. The red card he was high and reckless thus deserved as should the number 11 all in all well done troon march on
  12. New badge for Ayr

    Does some clown actually get paid for policing these sort of issues.
  13. Bo'ness United 2015-16

    Wasn't any more makeshift than the week before when we won
  14. Latest scores/results

    Sorry haven't read anything like that but looking back the only person who looks stupid is you