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  1. Hopefully someone can tell me I’m wrong but I just get the feeling this could be the “new normal”. Testing, self isolating, wearing masks, vaccine passports, hardly anyone going abroad.
  2. Some might say better the Devi you know….
  3. 13 still seems pretty low to me in a country of 5.5 million. Hospital numbers down and ‘case’ numbers coming down as well.
  4. Covid in Scotland: Family's plea to allow dying father to see expat daughter https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-57866679 Makes me angry that our ‘rules’ have come to this.
  5. It’s for yours and everyone’s safety. You’re welcome. Jason x
  6. There’s basically no one dying from Coronavirus in Scotland now. It’s just so crazy the restrictions we are still under, especially Glasgow and Moray.
  7. Farce is the perfect word. Complete and utter farce.
  8. Someone with more knowledge than me can tell me if this right but if viruses become transmissible, do they not become less deadly? I don’t hear anyone mentioning this.
  9. 4 folk in intensive care. This is basically over now.
  10. Nonsense. It doesn’t actually state in these articles how many tested positive from being at these celebrations.
  11. I agree completely but there’s no chance this is happening now.
  12. Why would you take a voluntary test when you are on holiday and run the risk of having to self isolate? Seems like another ridiculous plan.
  13. It says in this report that many of the cases are asymptomatic so some jobs in Moray will not be allowed to get started again because people are not feeling unwell, hospitals are not overwhelmed and people are not dying. Absolute headcases.
  14. A major issue with the daily briefings was that the journalists were allowed one question then they moved on. There was no debate. The politician or advisors answer was final and we were supposed to take that as gospel.
  15. The big thing for me is no one seems to ask these advisors or politicians why. Why do we have to continue social distancing and wearing masks when we are all vaccinated? Why do restrictions have to continue when there are only 67 people in hospital with COVID? Why can we not speed up the opening up process? Why are fans not allowed back in stadiums for the last few weeks of the season when numbers are so low?
  16. Even those who are in their 30s and 40s who are at risk from this virus due to underlying health conditions have been vaccinated. [emoji23] She is an absolute walloper.
  17. The statements/apologies from these clubs are hollow and meaningless. If these owners felt they could still get away with going through with this, they would.
  18. I’m a bit worried that Nicola Sturgeon is still retweeting her interviews.
  19. She mentioned Brazil, India and France, 3 countries in very different positions to us. She’s really weird and her voice annoys me.
  20. It would be great if someone could tell us what “if the circumstances allow” actually means.
  21. Yes but our life shouldn’t be restricted due to this.
  22. With the most vulnerable now vaccinated, there should be fans in stadiums now building up to full stadiums in the very near future.
  23. So the fans at the game will have to be socially distanced but the fans in a fanzone can do what they like?
  24. There is a better way to solve this. Let 50,000 fans in and let’s all have a fantastic Summer.
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