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  1. Repeating myself here but how do you know we were even interested in him?
  2. There are any number of possible reasons why transfers have not yet materialised especially if we are going for a decent level of player. The reasons are very likely out with our control. Just have a wee bit of patience
  3. What evidence is there that we were ever interested in Reynolds?
  4. This stuff about giving up on this season and preparing for a push for the title next season is complete nonsense. You cannot just go into cruise control for half a season, that would lead to stagnation or even regression. We must strive to improve and compete from NOW not August.
  5. No. 4th is achievable and once in the playoffs you have at least a chance of promotion.
  6. Starting this one early as I am getting terminally bored with the “why aren’t we signing 6 new players by Friday “ pish on the Falkirk page. Expect us to score a few here but will almost certainly concede our usual comedy goal (or two). 3-1 Bairns.
  7. Surely not concerned that we didn’t sign more players targeted by Holt and Sheerin? We are all frustrated at the lack of signing activity but some of the comments on here are spectacularly over the top. Surely we are the very last club that should be throwing contracts around like confetti! I’d much rather have two or three signings or loans that would strengthen the team than yet more dross to fill the bench. We have what should be a very winnable game on Saturday which gives a wee bit of breathing space to get the necessary signings in before the end of the month. Chill out people!
  8. More than likely reporting what they have read on here.
  9. Mutch is about average for the standard we are currently at but no better than that.
  10. Mutch was (rightly) taking pelters before Martin replaced him. It seems that he is one of those players who get better the longer that they are unavailable.
  11. Don’t disagree about Martin and I don’t think Mutch is any better but would absolutely prioritise the centre backs and midfield.
  12. True but surely behind the centre of defence and defensive mid.
  13. A wee rumor doing the rounds that Liam Craig is returning to Falkirk on a Player / Coach deal. Anyone heard anything or is this likely just transfer window bollocks?
  14. Never looked after himself. Saw him pint in hand on a few Friday nights.
  15. We will beat East Fife on Saturday. We are now creating chances, against Dumbarton we scored 6 and could have had 10, against Airdrie we scored 2 and could have had 5. Even allowing for our honking defence we will out score East Fife. A long, long way to go but we are definitely more competitive than we were under Sheerin. Fourth place is very much achievable and we should be going all out to make the playoffs. Giving up on half a season is silly talk.
  16. There actually has been a new manager bounce, problem is there are still half a team of utter imposters so instead of getting pumped we are just losing narrowly. Only way that will be rectified is by bringing in a better standard of player.
  17. That very much depends on who the new additions are.
  18. Another striker would be welcome but absolute priority must be sorting out the centre of defence and getting a decent defensive midfielder in. On reflection a good goalkeeper should be more of a priority than a striker as well.
  19. I would like to think he is already trying to do that.
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