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  1. Really wanted Sheerin to succeed and initially it looked like he just might but it is now blindingly obvious that he is in a tailspin of failure. Time for him to go but we all know there is a cancer at the heart of the club which is rapidly becoming terminal.
  2. We really cannot go on like this. Absolutely pitiful.
  3. Believe it or not Johnny Foreigner has internet these days.
  4. Great to see this again but am I alone in thinking that the football being played was actually pretty poor?
  5. Dunfermline thread threatening to break the internet, pop across and fill yer boots. Misery made fun.
  6. If only, still a way to go to match our continuing shambles.
  7. In my opinion it’s not a question of whether the Manager bends to the wishes of the fans or continues to work to his preferred system. Any competent manager has to be flexible in how he sets up a team and at the moment ours does not seem to realise that his system of choice and player selection is not the best use of the squad available to him. He really has to adapt and do it quickly.
  8. The state that we are in it would be ridiculous to attempt to rip the arse out of another club even you lot.
  9. Maybe should have asked for a response before the game started.
  10. Keena’s goals per game ratio this season is not too shabby. Still the manager knows best.
  11. At least Keena is not Kirkcaldy bound as seemed likely a couple of days ago.
  12. Modernising Brockville was never a serious option given it’s proximity to railway and housing. Only options were a move to a new site or complete demolition and rebuild on the area of the car park and Astro pitch.
  13. I’m with this. We we’re awful enough to get ourselves into this cess pit of footballing skitters but our resources should have made getting back out a fairly straightforward task. As we know the incompetence on display since coming down (and before) has been off the scale and until the Boardroom is steam cleaned there is no sense that anything is going to change for the better.
  14. It is the need or otherwise for the roles that are being discussed not the individuals themselves. When you work for a football club you are in the public eye back room staff included.
  15. We stop when we get someone competent in position.
  16. Keena may be a pretty modest player but he is by far the nearest thing we have to a forward. I don’t believe the Raith rumour but if it turned out to be true then Sheerin should get his baws footed. Imagine letting Keena go whilst the absolutely atrocious Wilson continues to take a wage!
  17. In our present position results are everything.
  18. On the coaching staff for years after being a player there.
  19. He did, actually quite a decent guy to be fair. His boy is pish poor at football though, shows the state that we are in that he ever got a game for us.
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