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  1. Yet to make my mind up on Tidser, is he a wage thief or a decent player being neglected? Discuss.
  2. In fairness I actually agree with many of your points, I have put my time in as Chairman of a Junior (now senior) club so certainly would not besmirch the efforts of the guys involved in the running of the clubs and supporters groups. Where I and most other Falkirk posters have an issue is with the many posts, particularly early in the season, trying to portray this as a good quality league with decent footballing teams. The truth is that it is neither of those, competitive maybe but in a lowest common denominator type of way. It is certainly changed days from only a few years ago when we were going toe to toe with The Rangers, Hearts and Hibs in the Championship and Scottish Cup semi finals, then we really were watching good quality exciting football. Every Falkirk fan recognises that we are where we deserve to be after three seasons of increasingly calamitous events on and off the park and we certainly have no divine right to go straight back up to the Championship but when we post our opinions on the quality of this league we are telling it like it is and no amount of "yous are shite as well" replies will change that reality.
  3. So just accept the dross on offer or walk away altogether? The game has a very grim future with this viewpoint.
  4. Remember though we apparently got relegated to an excellent league full of wonderful teams like East Fife.
  5. I think Jobbys team would skoosh the first half but fade badly as the game went on given most of them are in their 40s. Score draw.
  6. Classic Falkirk Herald, vague wee story and not even able to source a photo of the guy!
  7. Quite an achievement being the Methil village idiot.
  8. Remember Fifers, this is a great division and you lot are a wonderful football team.
  9. I haven’t forgotten that imposter but the big ginger gink at Stranraer looked and ran like his limbs had been put on back to front, not sure he ever came within 5 yards of the ball.
  10. Please play the big ginger boy that came on as a sub in the game at Stranraer. Very probably the worst pro footballer I have ever seen.
  11. We absolutely pumped them in the away match should have scored at least 6 imo. Don’t expect them to be as bad this weekend but anything less than a comfortable win would be a concern.
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