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  1. Different regime and that really was a missed opportunity. Money much tighter now and even though the current administration are much more friendly towards the club I would think there would be little to no chance of securing funding for this.
  2. Where are the Council getting the funds for this?
  3. Might be talking nonsense as usual but I think that there is a link between Horizon Crane Hire and the Maniqui.
  4. This Dunfermline patter with regard to the new pinstripe strips is absolute guff. We don’t play in black and white and they don’t play in navy blue. The end.
  5. I admire your fight but unfortunately we live in a different age and there is little appetite amongst the majority of fans for active protest, just look at the mind numbing COYB pish on the Facebook pages. Apathy not passion is the sad reality, these sheep have the club that they deserve.
  6. I probably wouldn’t recognise any of them.
  7. That’s ok, the board couldn’t give a monkey’s about you either.
  8. The wolf is in the house and so stuffed it can’t eat any more!
  9. The Boardroom is beginning to take on the desperate isolation of the Fuhrer bunker just before the Soviets chapped the door. Speak honestly with the fans for gods sake. This state of affairs is equally worrying and pathetic.
  10. To use the old Dennis Healy (ask your grandad) quote, being questioned by wee Lewis is like being savaged by a dead sheep.
  11. The advertiser wants the media coverage, the club wants the advertisers money. Nothing at all to do with publicising the club.
  12. No argument about the retail situation but attempting to equate a couple of daft but harmless commercial events with sponsorship by betting or payday loan type organisations is just silly.
  13. Posted this already but the role of a Commcial Manager / Director is to maximise income. Whether or not you find something cringeworthy or cheap looking is irrelevant.
  14. Anyone with a fully functioning brain who attended the Behind the Goals debacles knew that the ridiculous character spouting his fairy stories was a complete imposter. Utterly embarrassing episode.
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