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  1. Honestly can’t say that I have seen us at our peak in any game in a couple of years irrespective of kick off time.
  2. Cove were pretty rotten at TFS and they really have not taken anything like full advantage of our run of poor results. As long as our management don’t shit the bed with team selection and formation I’d hope we can take the points. Not holding my breath though.
  3. Start this one early whilst I’m still basking in the afterglow of yesterday. Was the performance against Clyde a one off fluke or have we turned the corner just in time to see off the challenge of the greasy wee tramp?
  4. Best performance for a while with Telfer, Alston, Neilson, Sammon and Morrison the pick of the bunch. Durnan is just an awful footballer and Mutch went down in instalments for the Clyde goal, nowhere near as good a keeper as many in our support think.
  5. Unfortunate for Hall but it probably strengthens the team.
  6. Samon having his best game in months. Need a second goal ASAP as we are certain to have a defensive howler before long.
  7. Read the COYB type pish on Facebook for the answer to that question.
  8. I think it highlights the atrocious standard of this league.
  9. Is it just me or is the World becoming more surreal by the day?
  10. I had a major scunner about the football going on and then you mention this! Double dose of Prozac tonight.
  11. Taking a revisionist view of the strange character that was George Craig is in no way relevant to the current clowns running the club. Margaret Lang should get a lifetime ban from the stadium.
  12. Here is my cunning plan... Get the Rawlins to open their wallet then buy St Johnstone, move them to the Bairnabeau, change their name to something appropriate (Falkirk F.C for example) and invite the BoD of the Saintees (awful name) to come down the A9 and oversee the undoubted success of the New Bairns. Happens frequently in US sport.
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