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  1. Did every one of us stand at the same barrier?
  2. I know I am being hugely naive and idealistic but wouldn't it be great for football if the obscene salaries earned by the show ponies and fixers at the top of the game collapsed to a level that they had to sell off one or two of their Bugattis and had to get by on merely six figure annual salaries. It really is quite disgusting that top clubs are looking to furlough staff who earn in a year what these guys pull in in a couple of days.
  3. You must remember he is hired to talk to idiots.
  4. I appear to have inadvertently offended a Partick Thistle fan[emoji853] My sincere apologies to any Thistle fans upset by my post with the exception of the poor sensitive wee soul above who can go and take a f**k to himself.
  5. It would be great to think that fresh thinking and imagination will come to the fore when planning for the resumption of football. Unfortunately we all know the vested interests of the Glaswegians will obliterate anything new that does not benefit them. b*****ds.
  6. Also should bear in mind that lessons learned from this crisis will be available for use if an other pandemic descends upon us in the future. Any future event could potentially involve a vastly more lethal virus. We must have procedures ready.
  7. “so called experts” The phrase of choice of moon howling, reactionary, right wing, old nutters.
  8. No one could have foreseen the injury then illness problems that were to wreck his second term with us.
  9. That St Mirren game is where the collapse to where we are now began. We had been playing great stuff in the pre season and for the first 25 minutes or so looked like we could take half a dozen off St Mirren. As soon as they equalised the confidence completely drained from the team, in the end it was a quite dramatic capitulation. The beginning of the end for Houston and the beginning of a truly miserable few years for all of us.
  10. No such thing as the “Falkirk Family”. This is a cheesy and cynical phrase that gets trotted out when the club want something from us or are trying to put up a smokescreen. We are a necessary inconvenience at best to those running the club.
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