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  1. I would imagine that there has been a bit of research done on this before the launch. Patrons, sponsors and known wealthy fans may well have been sounded out already. Quite a good initiative in my view.
  2. Awful but incredibly far from our worst in recent seasons.
  3. Don’t make excuses for the waste of talent that is Telfer. McCann has arguably been our best player this season running riot down the left. It could be your right back getting the runaround.
  4. Fancy us strongly on Saturday, that said this could well be one of the two occasions each season that Telfer remembers what he is being paid for and scores a worldie.
  5. Can’t agree that it’s a shite draw. Uninspiring certainly especially given its at the “new and ruined” Recreation Park. Confident of the win though far from complacent. Many worse draws we could have had such as a Livingston or St Johnstone where we would have been odds on to lose and made very little from the tie.
  6. Trying too hard, fucked it with the first post.
  7. Clyde 1 v 0 Edinburgh Dunfermline 1 v 1 QoS Falkirk 3 v 1 Airdrie Kelty 2 v 0 Peterhead Montrose 1 v 2 Alloa
  8. Easy as possible home tie (Linlithgow would be good, they would bring a big crowd with them)then start thinking about the money spinning ties next round.
  9. Apparently they segregated the ground yesterday for the visit of Sauchie! This meant there was no access to the social club or even the pie hut for visiting fans. Very strange unless the local branch of the Keystone Cops insisted on this nonsense.
  10. Forthbank was in Stirling any time I visited.
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