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  1. Quite a few examples over the years of players returning and being successful. Miller, Yogi and Crunchie being the obvious ones. The most notable failure probably Loy and he was very unfortunate will injury and illness.
  2. Scottish football is the very definition of diddieness.
  3. Maybe I’ve missed something but did Celtic not know this clown had been in Spain?
  4. ARCO Sales Manager found! Reasonable point to be fair.
  5. Many years ago when I worked in the print trade I supplied the ink for Chivas Regal cartons and labels but never actually tasted the stuff until my son gave me a bottle the other day. Really pleasant, easy drinking dram. Will probably replace J&B as my blend of choice for those occasions when a good malt is not required.
  6. Hardly a “normal” postponement though. This was caused entirely by the 8 players involved completely disregarding the guidelines issued to clubs regarding the exceptional circumstances that we are in. With all due respect the only fucking idiots here are the 8 players.
  7. Why would you believe anything posted on that forum for the hard of thinking?
  8. And they call them professional sportsmen[emoji37]
  9. Not sure about that as I have seen the Highlander badge on a number of products apart from the cup final shirt, eg hoodies, T-shirt, polo shirt and scarf.
  10. Couple of years back I contacted both Old School Football and Toffs to ask about the possibility of them producing replicas of the Bukta kits but they said that they were unable to because of copyright issues with the club badge.
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