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  1. Doesn’t look like there was any fee for Keena and Craig deal scuppered by StJohnstone not the player..
  2. We can’t sell off our best players if we are serious about getting out of this league.
  3. Keena leaving would make the departure of Morrison much less likely I would have thought.
  4. Disregarding the tongue in cheek posts above I wonder if we are in for Paul Watson? Some of the dregs of the Championship (Ayr, QoS, Hamilton) supposed to be sniffing around him.
  5. There is a post on the Airdrie thread where some tit attempts to excuse Airdrie fans giving Nazi salutes! His argument is it’s acceptable because they’ve always done it. Scummy wee club.
  6. Any incoming players will have been budgeted for. Keena is the best of the three (faint praise) so should be retained. For an awful few seconds yesterday Wilson was warming up to come on. Need some depth in the squad to keep the wage thieves away from the action.
  7. Can’t agree with that. Our problems yesterday were all of our own making. Far, far too slow in our build up until the new lad came on and showed what a bit of pace and direct play could do against their plodders. Their number 3 was a pub team player.
  8. One of the reasons that East Fife are bottom the league could be the fact that their Manager doesn’t actually pay much attention to the game. He spent large amounts of that game today with his back to the pitch blethering and gesticulating to his assistants.
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