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  1. This characters LinkedIn postings are quite entertaining.
  2. Yes the bitch Thatcher used a similar phrase on occasion.
  3. Realistically given our third tier standing who would you suggest we sign that would guarantee us “goals, goals, goals”?
  4. f**k off misery, you are spoiling the end of my holiday with your negative vibes man!
  5. Hetherington was on the whole an abomination last season but if, and I stress if, he regains some footballing ability I would have no problem with the manager playing him. As I posted a couple of weeks back new season new start and we really need at least a couple of last year’s failures to discover some form.
  6. Problem with this is you have absolutely no idea of his level of intelligence or potential skill set. He may well be the dressing room Trigger and would be struggling to get a job above minimum wage far less a well paying career.
  7. A pay as you play deal would be the only way I would have him back. No doubt if he did get a grip of his life he would be an asset to most clubs in Scotland.
  8. Morrison has a glass knee, would be very surprised if he managed to get through a medical before signing elsewhere.
  9. Couldn’t be there tonight as in Spain but good to hear there was a strong turnout. As far as last year’s imposters are concerned I will be delighted if the new management actually get some of them looking like footballers. New season , new start.
  10. I turn 59 in a couple of weeks and am slightly better than Brad McKay.
  11. The last kit I bought was a cracking replica of the early 80’s Patrick top. Simple enough to pass as a leisure top and not made from shitey, shiney fabric.
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