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  1. The day that we get used to being in League 1 is the day we should shut the doors and go home.
  2. Just had a wee look at the Dunfermline forum to cheer myself up. Fair play to the Fifers they certainly know how to rip the arse out of an underperforming manager, some quality abuse!
  3. We know and yet here we are still making an arse of it against teams with a fraction of our resources.
  4. Don’t waste your time trying to be reasonable with this lot. They seem to regard a win against us even when we are chronically bad as something to celebrate like it’s some sort of achievement. Bit like Stenhousemuir or Stirling Albion fans. Very needy.
  5. I think the point was how grim things are when a game against Dumbarton is regarded as huge.
  6. Toss up between paying for a restricted view at the awful Recs or going for a game of golf, saw the team golf a no brainer. Get back to the car to find we lost 2-0, Sammon gets the second from a Durnan assist and our new white hope forward gets subbed off for Ompreon! Honeymoon over.
  7. Aye pumping the likes of Elgin is all well and good but the purpose has to be to supply the first team squad with a couple of players each season. Team results are secondary.
  8. I did this with my lad at Dunipace. First senior game was against Airdrie at Broadwood, he was mesmerised by a wee spider he saw crawl into the ear of the old boy sitting in front of us. Still remembers this to this day and he’s 28!
  9. Alloa 0 Falkirk 2 Cove R 1 Montrose 2 Dumbarton 1 East Fife 0 Peterhead 0 Clyde 1 Queens Park 1 Airdrie 1
  10. Generally I tend to agree with your posts but I definitely think you are being overly critical when it comes to Keena. He does hold the ball up well and bring others into play around him, he certainly is not a target man style striker though. I would like to see Nesbit play off him, would create real problems for opposing defences with their close control.
  11. His main “talent” seems to be an ability to arrive at high speed at a position the ball left two seconds earlier.
  12. At the risk of sounding even more arrogant than usual a great number of fans at the game have very little understanding of what they are watching and virtually no tactical knowledge. Fairly even split between Happy Clappers and Jist Get It Up The Park Fawkurt types.
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