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  1. His last gig was with Pafos in Cyprus, he got sacked.
  2. There is no way Holt was appointed just to be put on furlough. I would imagine he will be straight into his role planning for the future and no doubt liaising with the Rawlins re their plans for the club.
  3. It could be argued that we haven’t kicked a ball for the last three weeks either.
  4. I’m sure our commercial dept would market tickets for Titanic 2 as a once in a lifetime luxury cruise with the opportunity to swim with whales in their natural environment.
  5. If Raymond’s Hampden Galacticos are strong favourites to get promoted what on earth are the rest of the league like? Dreadful team beaten by a poor team. We would probably be playing for a draw against them.
  6. Did you manage to compile that list without bursting into tears?
  7. Prentice, Hughes and Houston also enjoyed success as managers with us before it went wrong.
  8. This is a football forum. Begone never to return.
  9. Feedback is a very appropriate choice of words...
  10. No one was complaining about biased commentary yesterday any comments were aimed entirely at the completely over the top screeching the boy was doing. Hellish noise!
  11. Very true and anyone including COYB in their posts is worth watching in my opinion.
  12. Please let’s not have any more posts including ”but we are top of the league”. We are at our lowest level for over 40 years and making very heavy weather of dragging ourselves back to some semblance of footballing respectability. Being in the third tier would not be so painful if we were at least being entertained but the standard of football on show is very, very poor even when we have been winning. Yesterday was the lowest point so far but it was no surprise.
  13. To be honest I am seriously beginning to think the major problem is escaping from this league not hypothetical problems in the Championship.
  14. A few weeks ago I wrote that the league was ours to lose, we have been atrocious ever since. Our squad is limited but should be good enough for this level but the management team are showing themselves to be inadequate. Making the same decisions / mistakes week in week out with no sign that they have the ability to address the situation. Can the club afford to carry this management team for much longer?
  15. This is bad enough without your shite.
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