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  1. As a neutral (Burnley) fan at the game, I thought you played pretty well, particularly in the first half. I liked the way you looked to get it wide and have players on the overlap. That said, you didn't have a player who could really troubled their tall central defenders, so that'd be a worry - the type of delivery wasn't very good. Not as good in the second half, but clearly the better side still. Me and my three kids enjoyed it, although it was a hard sell for me that we got to see penalties rather than 5 goals at my other two options (East Fife and Dunfermline), lol. I also liked the ground: didn't realise it'd be on such a steep hill or so close to the railway line. We were in the McDermid stand which offered a great view of the action, although the net poles were a bit frustrating. Very friendly stewards, one of whom is a Burnley ST holder! We got a couple of free bottles of water, which was nice. I'd say you'll have a decent enough season, top half, but whether that will be enough to get up through the play-offs, I don't know. You were the 3rd best team we saw in our four games (7 Scottish sides, plus Santa Coloma). I'd have you behind Hibernian and Dundee, but better than Queens Park, Alloa, Montrose and Annan, in that order. Not sure if that makes any of you feel any better, but I thought I'd offer my two penneth...
  2. Wish I'd known that, on Thursday, LOL. Thanks anyway. We had a great visit!
  3. Update...car was fine. Got back to the campsite at 23.10. Happy days! Thanks again!
  4. Thanks, guys. Sainsbury's had a four hour limit and didn't want to risk it, as we arrived early. Ended up on Loch End road or similar... fingers crossed it's still there,
  5. Doubt we'll be at a match any time soon, sadly. Thanks to all for their help, though!
  6. Going to the game this evening. Heading back to Forfar afterwards. Anyone any advice about where's best to park for a quick getaway. Have read it's street parking, so just looking for some local (or visiting) expertise. Thanks in advance!
  7. I think we'll go for the rugby club area option, as we're heading down the M74 afterwards. Hopefully that'll be a good shout!
  8. Nice one: I remember the game well. We were really poor that season...that game gave us false hope for the 2010-11 season...Thanks for sharing!
  9. Decent shout, that, from what I can see on Google maps. Think I've found a street nearby that fits the bill...
  10. Ahhh, I know the sort of thing, a bit like Anfield.... Mind yer car, mister, only a fiver... It's alright, I've got an Alsatian in there... Oh, right, mister....puts out fires, does he?!
  11. Yes, sort of an annual thing (well, 2 years, last year having been written off) which started when Burnley travelled to Aberdeen in the Europa League. Before all that, I've been to Berwick, QOTS, Hamilton, Celtic Park (Scotland vs Faroe Islands) and Stenhousemuir. On the Aberdeen trip, we did Arbroath, Aberdeen and Livingstonvs Berwick (at Linlithgow?!) Two years ago, it was Dundee United, St. Johnstone, Elgin (went up there for a couple of days) and Motherwell on the way back down. This year, Annan tomorrow, Montrose, then who knows - looking like Raith, East Fife, Dunfermline or Dundee on the Saturaay (wherever we can get tickets) and finally - hopefully - Rangers. I've not 100% written off the Hibernian game on Thursday yet, but I'm not expecting there to be any tickets left! Sorry, quite a long winded answer - I've done the 92 in England/Wales (although now have about 6-7 to visit to have the current lot), but I'm a fairly amatuer level obsessive, compared to some people out there!
  12. Masks don't prevent bigotry. Something to explain to the kids, I guess...
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