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  1. Looking forward to ticking off the couple of new LL grounds I’ve not been to. One thing is for sure though - I won’t be attending any of our games with any of these three B teams. An affront.
  2. Only watched Bo’ness Athletic once but they are well below the level they could be, scored a lot of goals and beat a lot of teams further up the pyramid. Absolutely worth a punt, if we are signing him.
  3. This isn’t a dig at the existing HL teams in the SPFL, all been positive additions. Although, have three really been promoted? That’s a bit of a stretch. It more highlighting the imbalance in depth of the leagues and likely relegation candidates.
  4. Not sure what proverbial stones I’m throwing. Cowden were an absolute gang last season and deserved to go down. No sob story here - bring it on. FWIW, I’d support team 42 automatically relegated and team 41 in some sort of play off tbh, but that’s a few years down the line and a play off with 3 teams is messy. The bottom of the LL is the big issue at the minute, not League 2 clubs. All the glorified boys clubs and Uni teams clogging up the LL at the expense of great, hard working, community club further down.
  5. *sigh* read my post properly. I’m a massive supporter of the pyramid and watch more EoS games than most.
  6. Been done to death; it absolutely shouldn’t be automatic promotion from the LL and HL. There HL doesn’t have strength and depth to support this and you’d seen very average teams promoted based on geographical location. It absolutely shouldn’t be two automatically relegated from L2 either, why should that league compromise more than any other league. Team 42 relegated and then the play off as it is to decide who goes up. That will work well. A regional tier 5 could work in years to come but I can’t see there being too much appetite for it - what a league it could be though. Why are so many “non league” fans moonhowlers.
  7. He was on the bench due to an injury. Tranent had a few doubtful. Rumour is Matty is pulling the money but promotion may change that. Buzzing for them tbf.
  8. Yes he does, he starts every game he’s fit. He injured his shoulder so couldn’t start. Tranent have better players than we did last season.
  9. And why should they. Why should they be the only league to have two automatically relegated. Bottom automatically relegated and a playoff will work just fine.
  10. No real surprise considering the lack of game time under Ross, who appears to be staying.
  11. A ground level stand like the one at Murrayfield would be abysmal. It looks a truly awful stand to watch sport - the Tories at Murrayfield probably don’t care too much, mind you, as no one actually cares about watching rugby.
  12. Sorry I couldn’t stick around to sign your programme!
  13. Can only echo what’s been said, superb effort from Nelly to organise and get all those players along. Class from Al to sponsor it is well. Let’s hope that’s a line in a sand under last season and this is the start of a much more positive period for the club.
  14. I assume he meant it’s because he will get a club higher than the lowland league.
  15. Nah it’s rough as f**k but right up my street. The Grey Horse is a good boozer and about equally as close.
  16. Decent for nipping into Oman’s pre match.
  17. They wouldn’t be. And if you/when you replace the Uni dross with Pollock and Linlithgow attendances will go from strength to strength.
  18. Cammy Gill is the only one I’d want to keep. There’s players that are good enough for the Lowland league but we need a fresh start. After the performance in the play off no one really deserves to stay. Gutless. I don’t want Mo Ro in charge either. I don’t think he will be - based on a conversation with him, he does not like the majority of our squad either. Let’s hope Darvel don’t win the play off.
  19. Eh? Anyway, while we have a lowland and highland split there shouldn’t be automatic promotion from both. The HL doesn’t have the depth that the LL does/will and it would be mental to promote a team from that league every season. The playoff between them works for now, club 42 should get automatically relegated.
  20. Outstanding fiction piece from “callous pint”.
  21. I’d hope not anyway. If those two are still there we may as well call it a day. If Mo Ro is still there, based on a conversation with him, there won’t be any players left. Doubt he will stay though.
  22. Berwick are having a right go at the LL next year, Darvel will too (if they go up) and I’d imagine Cowden will have a a decent team too. Theres no way it’s a gimmie for Darvel but there’s no doubt they will have the best squad on paper.
  23. Probably a good time to book Bill Copeland, if anyone was thinking of doing so. Bargain rates available.
  24. Dean is hardly saying he wants Cowden players sent off, it’s just a generic comment about football generally. He says he wouldn’t want us to go down ordinarily as well. I 100% want opposition players sent off too. I’d love Bonnyrigg to get a couple of red cards on Saturday. Non story. It was a deserved red regardless as well.
  25. Christ that penalty looks worse on video that it didn’t in person. Mental decision. Re grounds. Their is an SFA criteria. Give me a ground like Bonnyrigg that’s absolutely not modern in any way but sits in the heart of the town over some generic garbage like East Fife or Dumbarton any day. It will be absolutely fine to host league 2 football and 3/400 fans a week.
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