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  1. Booked a few places this week for throughout that day and in the Hyde Park area. Got The Phoenix booked for the game just today to ensure we have something. https://www.phoenixcavendishsquare.co.uk/euros#
  2. No it isn’t. It sounds f**k all like him.
  3. Such as who? Who was available that would have contemplated the role that ticks all the boxes you’ve mentioned. “Safe pair of hands” is a Sportsound type cliche that doesn’t really exist.
  4. I shudder to think what the conversation is when Airdrie ARE the conversation...
  5. Mental you’ve succumbed to AC and he’s got you rattled. Expected better of you.
  6. Didnt bring it up to deflect/defend something though, mainly as Cox hasn’t done anything that needs defended. Merely a quip.
  7. He was getting the standard abuse any other wee [email protected] on the pitch gets. what a chump.
  8. How is that relevant? There are morons in every support (ie the Cowden fans in question, Vimto, yourself). A real Old Firm fan type post you’ve managed there though, whataboutery at its finest.
  9. Never go full Falkirk fan and crowdwank, Neil. Never.
  10. Overly dramatic stuff from the Brechin fans (who’d have thought football fans would be dramatic!). You’d have a great chance to win the Highland league at the first go of asking - something Berwick and The Shire had next to no chance of in the LL. If you do down there’s no point crying about potentially losing the club - focus your energy on a big season in the HL. The standard up there has definitely deteriorated but it’s still very competitive and a hell of a lot of games.
  11. Why do people, mainly St Johnstone fans, care about the running order of a highlight show? The same games are going to get shown regardless. Weird thing to get worked up about.
  12. The abhorrent game >>>> this half time feature. The female in that is a personality vacuum as well, no idea how she keeps getting airtime.
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