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  1. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    I feel sorry for Shinnie, he has been a very good full back in the past but he’s played there maybe once or twice in about three years. You can’t just automatically regain all your positional sense etc basically overnight. It’s a completely different position to CM, obviously, and it feels like he was hung out to dry. Aside from that the team picked didn’t look bad. All this chat about McTominay needed to be a “keystone/anchor” in the midfield is hindsight, revolutionary nonsense for me. McGregor is more than capable of playing that role against Kazakhstan with two very mobile players in the midfield with him. He gets the ball and moves it quickly, exactly what you want from someone in that type of game. Yes he has work to do on his defensive side of the game but he was brilliant there for Celtic in a spell. Correct me if I’m wrong but has Burke even been close to the squads recently? He comes to Celtic and does okay playing up top so we recall him and play him out wide. What’s changed from all those other squads he’s been overlooked for? In a wide area nothing at all. He’s a donkey imo. Bain isn’t good enough. Dundee fans will tell you all you need to know. Yes he’s good with his feet and an exceptional shot stopper but his overall game isn’t good enough. Has Marshall retired? Even to have an older head alongside him in the squad would make sense. All in all that team should have been good enough and the blame lies with the manager. McLeish is a good guy, I know that as fact, but he needs binned. Every media outing is embarrassing. He waffles, talks nonsense and generally speaks like his audience have a poor grasp of English so he wants to talk slow but still wants to try and sound smart. He says thing like “that’s me getting a bit technical for you” when talking about simplistic things. There’s no way he can set that team up and inspire confidence, the guy isn’t up to it and neees taken out the spotlight - for his own sake as well. We wont finish top two now so get a new manager in and give him the Cyprus game as his first out. If Clarke doesn’t want it then go left field.
  2. The Bobbin is a fucking woeful ‘pub’ and the Broadstraik is far better than it. Agree with the rest though.
  3. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    The same Kenny McLean that plays a defensive midfield role for Norwich?
  4. Berwick v Peterhead

    Erm, I’ve already commented. You’re right though, I’m seething at Berwick getting their first win since November.
  5. Berwick v Peterhead

    Should have punted that twitter guy sooner imo. Clearly he’s been the issue.
  6. Live mics for referees?

    This would be excellent and definitely enhance the game but our tinpot country wouldn’t cope. Quite sad.
  7. A View From The Terrace

    Lighten up ffs.
  8. A View From The Terrace

    Idiot confirmed.
  9. Merge the Borders

    Indeed it does champ.
  10. Merge the Borders

    Decent idea tbh but seems a lot of hassle. Easier just rebuilding Hadrian’s wall but a few miles further north.
  11. This. I always feel cheap for bringing it up but if I am out with couples it should be expected that each couple should buy two rounds to me one. I end up just saying f**k all and getting annoyed. A boss at work refused to chip in £5 for 'finger food' at a girls leaving do as he "didn't have much food" even though this was a blatant lie. Amazes me how people can be so grippy when it comes to going out. c***s that would rather drink in X place as pints are 10-50p cheaper, how much are you really saving yourself cunto.
  12. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    Just about finished it. What a shit show from the Portuguese police - certainly seems like some sort of organised abduction. Gerry is in insipid dick mind you.
  13. Netflix

    Gerry McCann’s voice, absolutely excruciating. At least they got to speak to the Pope.
  14. This time with Alan Partridge

    Watched the first two episodes and it didn’t really do it for me. Shame as I love AP.