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  1. Gordon has convinced me. I’m away to withdraw my life savings in cash just in case something that happens extremely rarely happens at a time where I’m buying something that isn’t essential! I couldn’t go without the Daily Record, I couldn’t just go to another shop, I’d simply never get over it. Thanks Gordo!
  2. I dunno Chris I didn’t invent it. Get off my back... I know a lot of their chicken stuff isn’t as it contains egg white.
  3. Hearts fans on twitter are the biggest weirdos going (Old Firm and Falkirk fans aside). Strange delusions of grandeur, constantly raging, get way over exciting about things before going back to raging. Be safe out there.
  4. What do you make your vegan chilli with? Quorn mince doesn’t do it for me. Still much prefer turkey mince but keen for another option.
  5. Then I won’t want to buy the milk I was in the shop for anyway so I’ll go home/for a kerb crawl. What’s your point?
  6. Maybe it’s Rod Petrie? FWIW surely Brechin going to the HL would provide them with a far better opportunity for promotion than going to the Lowland. The whole ‘ANGUS ISNT IN THE HIGHLANDS!!’ is also a dogshit argument as most of the teams currently in the HL aren’t in the highlands. How many teams in the Lowlands are actually in the lowlands - whatever that is? Almost as if it was just a name given to the leagues.
  7. And what happens when you spend that £10 and go someone else and need cash? What if what you’ve bought is £11? Considering it’s not the 1980’s when cash machines were a rarity (I assume) I’ll take my chances not carrying any cash. Especially if it winds up people like you. Cash is for kerb crawlers.
  8. The epitome of someone that wears trainers to a game of 5/7’s on a 3/4G is the nonce from your IT department who you’ve invited along to make up the numbers.
  9. This Moforver guy is advocating no relegation from the SPFL so he’s probably best ignored.
  10. An old one but a classic. The grass field just to the east of Mackie Academy, Stonehaven, on google maps/earth...
  11. Goalkeepers scoring goals from their own half is overrated as f**k. It’s just a wind assisted/lucky bounce sledge up the pitch. A bigger anticlimax watching it than getting pumped by me. Now a keeper slamming a header away in the box is different.
  12. In an utterly abysmal match thread you’ve somehow managed to win “worst post on the thread” with this number.
  13. My coworker would never scream at me to up my game. Or my manager would never scream at my if I’m in the wrong place. Football is different. You can’t just accept the good and want to remove all of the bad.
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