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  1. Thorn will do very well in the lower leagues if they get in. A far stronger team than Finnart who won the 4th Division this season.
  2. The boy Sweeney has moved on to St Cadocs. Will be a big blow for Peasy. St Cadocs will be a force with the cash they have behind them.
  3. When are the teams who have applied likely to find out if they'll get in?
  4. I'm assuming Thorn will be leaving The Caley League if they are successful in their WOSFL application?
  5. Would be a great appointment. Assuming Andy and Kevin aren't staying on next season?
  6. The biggest budget in the league doesn't guarantee you success. Plenty of examples over the years of teams spending a fortune and not achieving much.
  7. Looking forward to seeing what standard of player he can attract to the LL next season......
  8. The funding is the issue. If the council won't fund it, then where are these clubs pulling huge sums of cash like that from?
  9. Drumchapel United were admitted and only had the Donald Dewar Leisure Centre as a park.
  10. None of these new clubs applying have their own ground and can't meet the WOSFL requirements. It's insanity. I'm all for being ambitious but surely you need to know your level? Where is the funding going to come from to build your own stadium to meet the WOSFL requirements? West Park United only joined the amateur ranks last season and play at Huntershill 3G pitch. Thorn Athletic are a very well run and established amateur club and they have their own grass pitch but it's an open grass pitch with no seating / stadium area.
  11. More clubs than Tiger that boy. Not doing much for his coaching career moving jobs so much like this.
  12. Some crazy results recently in the league. The Central Premier might have the top 3-4 teams in the country but the Caley Premier is the most competitive league out there at the moment. Dumbarton top of the league and they've only won 14 of their 23 league games!
  13. The new manager certainly hasn't been appointed based on his ability that's for sure.
  14. Said on here a few weeks ago Mick's teams always finish the season strongly and Talbot would need to post a good total to stop them winning the league. Was laughed at. Nobody laughing now.
  15. The Darvel train keeps on rolling - the boy Ferguson for them is outstanding.
  16. Predicted on here last week they'd finish strong and Talbot would need to post a really good points total to finish above Darvel. No breathing space for Talbot now as Mick's teams always finish the season really strongly.
  17. I think Drumchapel are the best team in the league but can't see Peasy dropping the points. They'll win the league which would be a great achievement given Drumchapel are paying crazy money to players.
  18. Clydebank 1st team are signing at least 8 or 9 of their 20s for next season. It's brilliant to see a team at this level with a bit of identity about them with local players in the side.
  19. Half a days trade at Black Rooster, back pocket change to Mick. Don't be jealous now lol
  20. Congratulations to Finnart on their title win but doesn't say much for the standard of the division when an average amateur team comes in and wins it first season.
  21. What is this "Super Premier" you talk of ? I think you know what I mean, but deflect from your team taking a doing all you want
  22. You could be forgiven for thinking Drumchapel were the Super Premier team watching that.
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