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  1. People are kidding themselves on if they think teams aren't training. Every single season in the Juniors teams played unofficial friendlies/bounce games before the official dates in the Junior season.
  2. No adult non pro contact sport until 31st July at a bare minimum. Until Leisure Centres open, we are pissing in the wind and can't get a game on.
  3. George Galloway a Tory as well? Typical Cult Member you. Only Far Right Tories hate Chief Mammy!
  4. At least we have hope now pal. Hopefully the wee nutter in Holyrood doesn't hold us back too much longer now.
  5. mmmmmm….wouldn't count my chickens for September just yet pal. A big cyber pint for you if that happens.
  6. Nah we will be fine. The Scots have a good relationship with drink...…
  7. Just keep an eye out for when English Non League Football is returning then add a few weeks on for us.
  8. Daz MacKinnon confirmed to Drunchapel United. Has been common knowledge for a while but now official.
  9. Great news. A proper amateur club. Would have been sad to see them go.
  10. If you could work on shape and set pieces etc then yeah but not socially distanced training which means you can only run or do passing drills.
  11. Exactly. If you have them in just now and run them into the ground for a couple of weeks, you're going to need to do it again 6 weeks down the line before the season starts in October so the players are in peak condition for the kick off. I don't think players would be happy with essentially doing two preseasons. If you're not running them hard just now, what's the point? Doing wee ball work drills etc is just going through the motions and players will get bored quickly when they have no games to look forward to. Just let the players look after their own fitness just now and get them in 6-7 weeks before the season starts for a proper preseason.
  12. It's happening everywhere, at all levels. I don't see the point in it at all you can't plan a preseason properly until you have a date for competitive football.
  13. They have everyone on toast I can't believe everyone is biting
  14. Brilliant to see Darvel building a proper team. Talbot have had it too easy for too long now. If anything it will make things competitive/interesting rather than the borefest it has been in recent times more often than not.
  15. Agreed. Just an excuse for people to get out the house though isn't it? But as a player, I wouldn't be rushing back to do a preseason just now when it could conceivably be 2021 before I am playing a competitive match
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