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  1. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Fancy Dumbarton to get over the line. Been there and done it before and have the experience.
  2. SAFL

  3. SAFL

    Just seen I got a mention off the official Alba Thistle twitter account! People take things they read on here too seriously at times, they really do. It's mostly banter the majority of it! I know you'll be looking in so congratulations on your title win lads......
  4. Caledonian League Restrucure

    I think if you look back most people have said EKYM are the best team in the First Division. People who have watched both leagues over the course of the season have gave their opinion on the overall strength of both leagues. Milngavie's form has fell off a cliff in the President Cup since they stopped playing league games.
  5. SAFL

    Not really, Alba have no chance tbh. Between the other three.
  6. CSAFL

    And they wonder why teams are folding in their league every season when they accept any Tom, Dick or Harry?
  7. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Agreed. Maybe Stirling Uni just got unlucky and they'd have won promotion in 1A Freak results can of course happen. My assumption is simply based on looking at Stirling's results for the season compared to Milngavie's. They have beaten two semi finalists in The East Cup 5-0 and 8-2 in recent weeks so to then draw with a team who haven't won a game all season, seems like an anomaly to me but could maybe just have been one of those bad days at the office.
  8. Caledonian League Restrucure

    I've no idea just saying the result doesn't look right. If they have a big squad it's not beyond the realms of possibilities they have left 5/6 players out to give guys gametime who maybe haven't been playing much as they have been on a good run. They have EKYM in their group so that could be the winners of both divisions against each other potentially. Could be a good gauge.
  9. Caledonian League Restrucure

    That result doesn't look right at all when you look at Milngavie's recent results. More than likely a case that they played a second string at Stirling and are focusing on the league. From what I have seen, Kilsyth are a better side than Eaglesham as well but Eaglesham are a stuffy, experienced side who are hard to beat.
  10. Caledonian League Restrucure

    EKYM had an unbelievable season. Be interesting to see how they do in The Premier as I don't think the gap between the top First Division Clubs and the Premier teams is what it once was.
  11. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Milngavie's last league game is against Eaglesham at home looking at the fixtures. Could end up being a shootout for the league that one.
  12. Caledonian League Restrucure

    I'd say Kilsyth are almost certs to get promoted. Look a very decent side. They lost 1-0 at home to Eaglesham at the weekend there and now sit 4 points behind Milngavie. Looking at their last two fixtures, they have Eaglesham again away from home and Weirs. Weirs should be a gimme but if Kilsyth don't beat Eaglesham in the return match they could be in trouble for top 2.
  13. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Who do we think is going to get relegated? Strah Uni and possibly Finnart or Milton by the looks of it? You'd expect Glasgow University to get out of it when they play their games in hand. Looks like Ekym, St Mungo and two of Milngavie, Eaglesham and Kilsyth will be coming up. Premier will be strong next season.
  14. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    I think you guys deserve to go through based on what you said happened in the Craigshill game previously but this just highlights the shambles of the SAFA. The precedent normally when a team folds or withdraws, is to give a walkover and in that case Hurlford should have got a bye to the semi. They are a shambles and just make it us as they go along.
  15. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Have you been put back in due to the appeal or have Craigshill withdrawn? When teams have folded in the past, then the team they are playing normally get a walkover so the precedent would be Hurlford getting a bye into the semi.