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  1. Hows Grant settling in now? No surprise to see him get a hatty today.
  2. He played for one of the Super Premier Teams in the east a couple of seasons back and was their best player. It's a coup believe me.
  3. He was the best striker in amateur football pal. Will be brilliant for you guys. He's got a pedigree in junior and senior football also so absolutely no worries about him stepping up and making an impact with you.
  4. David Grant will rip that league up. He's a terrific player. Brilliant signing for Darvel.
  5. Would be a horrendous appointment. Moff would be spot on. A young, progressive manager.
  6. Did Finnart manage to bring some players up from their 21s? The ammys were pretty poor towards the end of last season but they had a good U21 side, so maybe they have benefited from that? Mungo looking really good, A lot of ex St Rochs players there now.
  7. Only Kilsyth letting me down in First Division so far. But plenty of time
  8. Who's favs to win it this season?
  9. Bearsden are on the verge of folding also they only saved the club after a meeting on Saturday and managed to get some players signed up.
  10. EKYM v St Joes must be the tie of the round eh? A bumper that for a first round tie.
  11. Thorn Giffnock Dumbarton (would change that if it's true about them losing a number of players though) Milton Cambusbarron Kilsyth
  12. No problem. He's good pals with Archie so wouldn't have surprised me if he had went to Darvel.
  13. Is that Terry Hewitt on the bench?
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