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  1. Struggling for players. Be lucky to see the season out.
  2. Great result today for The Roch against Drumchapel.
  3. Amateur game in the central belt has been canned.
  4. So is the Conferemce ploughing ahead with no promotion available? Can't see this being sustainable. Already heard of clubs losing players. Just think how disinterested players are going to get if they lose a few games and don't even have a wage to keep them happy.
  5. If the leagues go ahead without Promotion from The Conference being available I can see a few Conference Clubs flinging the towel in. You can't keep a squad of players motivated for a full season of friendlies.
  6. The major difference? Scotland has Wee Nicola Thatcher running the show who treats football fans like they are criminals and second class citizens. There's not been an outbreak anywhere linked to grassroots football. It's next to impossible to pass the virus on outside.
  7. Players aren't being paid at the moment, so that blows that theory out of the window.
  8. Why should West of Scotland Teams be handed exemptions? I would understand it if they were also being tested like they are in the SPFL. But reading this, how is it ok for West of Scotland Teams in high risk areas to play but amateur teams can't? Another note to add to the list of never ending rules and regulations that don't make sense. An utter shambles from top to bottom.
  9. Hammer blow for the league after just getting started back last weekend to have the brakes put on. Can't see this only lasting for two weeks either. Be lucky to see another game this year imo.
  10. It's basically proven that transmission of the disease is extremely difficult in an outdoor environment. Countries all over Europe have had spectators at ourdoor sporting events, didn't Dortmund have 12k in their stadium just last weekend? Look at the hundreds of thousands of people who protested during the height of the pandemic for the BLM Movement as well. There was no increase in positive cases due to this. The Scottish Football Authorities believe it's politically driven rather than scientific driven (the decision not to let football fans in). Let us see the science / data that backs up that it is unsafe to let small crowds in to watch sport in a safe, outdoor environment.
  11. The virus will still be here in February/March. It will also still be here in 2022. It's time to adapt or die. It really is that simple for the semi pro game. More pressure needs applied to the government around letting crowds back in at that level. They love to quote ''the science'' when it suits their agenda. How many outbreaks have happened in an outdoor environment were social distance measures have been in place?
  12. Funny how Sturgeon found the money easy enough to support prostitutes for instance at the start of the pandemic isn't it? Supporting lower league football won't win you as many brownie points in the virtue signalling modern world though. Look at how she treated the Aberdeen / Celtic Fiasco v the Rugby outbreaks as well. She hates football and it's fans.
  13. What travel restrictions? I haven't read anything about travel restrictions coming in.
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