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  1. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    Ponder if something is subconscious racism (the detachment to the value of life and benefit of the doubt of young black Americans) and some people get knickers in a twist saying they've been accused of racism. Video I posted above is worth a watch for the open minded.
  2. Album of 2018

    Kids See Ghosts - Kanye West & Kid Cudi
  3. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

  4. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    You posted the lyrics to a song that is about the vocals, he wasn't just a rapper, you could have chose good lyrics which would showcase him as a wordsmith yet you chose to misleadingly post his lyrics to a song that's well known as being a well sung song, not a lyrical rap song. Let me just say as I think some of you are getting ahead of yourselves, I find your stances odd and your circle-jerk toilet humour to be distasteful, cringeworthy and unfunny, i'm not offended nor do I care if you don't like xxxtentacion.
  5. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    I'd take a read through the thread again, there's a distinction between not caring. (When famous people die that I don't care about I don't do anything about it, I don't find the thread on them to comment as I don't care) and being nasty in an attempt to appear edgy "A real piece of shit. Good riddance to the c**t" Posts like that are more the type I was referring to. 20 year old kid shot dead and he responds "Good riddance" there's no way this big man actually talks like that to people offline. I just find it a strange idea unless you're 14, then it makes sense.
  6. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    You're a bit dense. We shall leave it there.
  7. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    You've clearly googled diatribes. Stick to the gifs mate, leave the words to the adults now.
  8. Ooft. They didn't like that one.
  9. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    Aye now you've mentioned it Eminem can't sing either, hope the c**t gets shot.
  10. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    Good gif mate, really gets your point across better than i'm sure you could with words.
  11. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    Imagine acting like one AND using emojis.
  12. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    I don't post frequently but I've read the board for a few years, don't often venture into these sort of threads right enough, i'm not annoyed, I've questioned people's reactions and that seems to have annoyed some of the children. Mentioning dots, posting gifs, meta patter, heads gone. Ironically the slowest on the forum are the quickest to group up and attack. I find this board to be a good laugh, when I feel bad about myself I read some posts on here and it doesn't take long to make me feel good!
  13. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    Well at least none of you are insecure about this one. Keep up the good fight you banterous incel nice guys. If someone could call me a snowflake for not finding this funny then we can complete the moron bingo and be done with it, bunch of mouthbreathers.
  14. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    So people who you think are p***ks are better of shot dead. You're a fucking wrong-un. Sounding like a true 'Murican, bring back the death penalty for those foreigners type.
  15. Xxxtentacion dead at 20

    Hence why I asked if anyone actually knows the story with both sides. I'm very well read on this subject and followed it closely. Presuming he did assault her is one thing, celebrating his brutal murder as your version of justice is another thing. I don't understand why people are so quick to pontificate on this subject without knowing any of the backing story or without wanting to have a full knowledge on the situation. Perhaps it's just easier to say he's a scumbag and you're glad he's dead but it's such a warped way to view things. Is it subconscious racism, I've seen far too many people gleeful this kid is dead, like even if you knew he assaulted Ayala do you then think justice to that situation is to be slain on the streets? She seemed a tad more upset than some of the edgelords I've seen over the last few days. The kid had a troubled past, some of it is only alleged but what's clear to anyone that can be bothered to look into the story is that he was doing a lot of positive things for the youth in his area, he raised an awful lot of money for local charities and had seemed to find some solace in helping others, he also came from a broken home and was the victim of an abusive childhood and was raised in the Floridian foster care system for a while so I prefer to view the situation as the tragedy it is rather than celebrate the fact the kid's dead. I think it's probably the herd mentality on a male dominated forum, bunch of kids trying to one up each other on who can say the foulest thing which they wouldn't repeat within 5 feet of a normal human being. I know some will be licking their lips at the thought of a Rangers fan on here getting triggered but sorry to disappoint i've had my say, really enjoyed the guys music, best thing since Tupac and Eminem imo, his music will stand the test of time as will his legacy. Man-children on P&B will remain as they are and life goes on.