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  1. Surely a Kangaroo would be easier to batter than a Chimpanzee? Kangaroos are like those Instagram gym lads that are ripped but couldn't fight sleep, all about the posturing, chimps would just scran your balls off or something wild. The below video I'm sure everyone has seen is good technique to learn from when it comes to animal defense (or offense) training.
  2. Actually, I've enjoyed some of your posts and think you are quite balanced, I actually agreed with your stance a month or so ago arguing against Rangers fans that didn't consider Aberdeen as a rivalry and it's always in good humorous spirit... ...So this might actually be worse for you but you're allowed the pass as you're probably my favourite Aberdeen fan.
  3. The Hibs bois and NTP have the T pass but I'm not willing to extend this to the zoomers.
  4. So basically we've revealed that I'm a centrist where as you're mates with someone very far right and you're spending your time trying to call me and other sensible posters bigots and fascists for "refusing to condemn" certain behaviours? I think you're either incredibly dense or just completely insincere, possibly both. Literally says he's mates with far right people whilst calling centrists fascists.. impressive mental gymnastics.
  5. I'd prefer interchangeable fence sitting Blairite but I suppose Tory is better than fascist if I dare to be so picky.
  6. I'm not surprised you blatantly have some imagination and as I've said previously seem to live entirely within your head. I'm not right wing, I'm centre-right. You're the one that presumes my politics allign with the football club, do you presume this of your Rangers supporting mates that definitely exist?
  7. Is this really part of your famous critical thought? I think you sincerely need to work on it tbqh.
  8. You think describing your political views as centre-right is the same as being facist? I'm forever grateful you're here to educate us.
  9. And they'd still end up electing Mew to be leader...
  10. Well after 12 hours this thread has actually managed to get even more embarrassing for the seethers and diddies. We're now upset about potentially drinking alcohol inside. Dearly me how the always cheated, never defeated mob have fallen. Remember when they used to have grand refereeing conspiracies and the likes and now this is all they can muster. Trawling through videos of our players celebrating winning the title to try and find covid beaches. I can't say if the roles were reserved I would be doing the same. When do the Euros start, could be a looong summer at this rate.
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