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  1. Nice to hear, especially nice for Sophia to post the 10 year charts and back up your post with some handy pictures.
  2. 😂 That's Glasgow for you. The sun was shining brightly in the Borders. A glorious day.
  3. I'll accept diddies have a lower standard of what ragdolling is, I imagine a rottweiler with a toddler you guys are thinking of a 12 year old labrador with a squeaky toy.
  4. I did a veteran play through about autumn time last year, thoroughly enjoyed it up until the Favelas, I was streaming at the time and think I was stuck at one checkpoint for over an hour. Brutal stuff. Bad Company was a game changer with the fact you could blow up half the map, that was the game that got me off Cod, never looked back, they had one in the Pacific which was incredible. I've not played the latest one because it's effectively a reboot of the one before it but that was one of my favourite online games, I just love how huge the maps are, you actually feel like it's a battle with 10 people all charging forward where as cod is just pure map knowledge.
  5. Aye he had a good record against us overall, not once in any of those tightly contested games did Killie ragdoll Rangers though. Of course you still get the same points, winning 2-1 isn't a pumping where as even 3-0 could be considered so.
  6. Drawing games and then winning a couple by 1 goal =ragdoll 😂
  7. It says when you click on peoples account.
  8. 😂 Tinfoil hat stuff. I love to read it. The sheer disbelief, it's what happens when you use faith over logic.
  9. Humza Yousef? Jesus christ, I'd say your predictions are slightly more optimistic for the SNP than mine. I think if the elections go ahead and Sturgeon has resigned before then then the support for SNP would fall significantly.
  10. I've posted in here being critical of the governments decision making and I've posted in the politics thread about the governments handling of the Salmond scandal... All of which is fair criticism of the government, you can be reductive and boil it down to me not liking the SNP if you'd like but I'll take your criticism on board and try and leave the politics aside even though it is a fundamental part of the whole discussion in which everybody else is quite rightly discussing.
  11. I beg someone finds and posts the 50 Cent - Many Men Neil Lennon edit.
  12. I'm starting to feel a tad embarrassed about how high I put Cod4 right now.
  13. Aye this is the only place that's discussing or following the issue other than the BBC right enough... 😂 3 posts talking about how nobody cares now. Quite a group on the go.
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