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  1. Don't worry lads. We'll get a deal and then on to Canzuk.
  2. Currently playing through Spyro remastered. I've managed to 100% the first two, number 1 was enjoyable where as 2 was a grim experience at times. As I recall 3 was the best, here's hoping..
  3. This is the best post I've read on here. I agree word for word. I recently got this free on PS Plus and initially enjoyed the idea as I quite enjoyed the games as a child but it soon dawned how terrible the game is. I actually screen clipped the cut scenes to show my mate so we could laugh about it. I was half expecting Paul Walker to pop up at some point. The patter is so brutal it must be some massive in joke.
  4. Bralt 2 still trudging along I see.
  5. Andrew Neil leaving the BBC is probably the worst thing for Scottish Independence.
  6. Going for impressions most likely.
  7. Why is she an awful human being?
  8. My favourite part of the game was when my stream randomly changed from Clive Tyldesley and Kevin Thomson to two random Hamilton fans that seem to do commentary for Hamiltom TV or some shit and it was just when they went 3-0 down after conceding 3 in like 5 minutes and they were discussing how hopefully they would would at least shape up well defensively.
  9. I'm hoping they've given him a fake suitcase with buttons so when he presses it over at the CIA HQ they get alerted and can press it if it's sincere and the correct shout but if not it just gets ignored.
  10. Oh aye, I was beyond amazed they went to Beijing in the first place.
  11. Yeah of course, half way through I was expecting them to realise they were also dealing with chancers. That Alejandro guy was sum boi, the part with the mic bug had me so anxious for the mole. I know the factory wasnt built but it was frightening how they're meeting government officials and telling the locals they're building a hospital (that part would've been so grim)
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