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  1. I love Morelos and rate him very very highly but my word he has zero composure, I actually never expect him to score when through cleanly.
  2. Sky News reporting US troops injured. US withdrawal about to be looking like an Abe Simpson gif.
  3. Feels beautiful seeing Kamara in there. Comfortable with that side, will be a massive game for McCrorie. I'd imagine we'll give Kelly some game time if the game is going well and get Aribo rested for the weekend.
  4. In short his production quality is ahead of it's time. You can argue over whether pressing buttons on a screen is worthy of being a genius or not but as a rap fan I'm content to call him that and I definitely couldn't learn it in 6 weeks. I prefer him over all the acts you've mentioned, I like Bob Dylan but wouldn't call him a musical genius and if it's for lyricism then Kanye can go toe to toe with him easily as could a lot of rappers. I mentioned it before about his album 808s and Heartbreak and how it inspired wave after wave of auto tune style rap but also his early work and the samples he would use helped steer rap away from the Gangster stuff when he started dominating the rap game and even through all his wild stages his production quality or just quite simply his ear for a good beat/sample arrangement is unmatched at such a commercial level imo. Appreciate it's not you preferred genre but for me I could easily distinguish the evolution through the past 20 years or so and Kanye has had a huge part in shaping the way that went, all the Drake style rappers wouldn't even be about if he hadn't of opened the doors to them (I detest Drake btw)
  5. That's amazing. Had never seen it. This is my favourite Kanye moment. Poor Sway .
  6. He really is a fucking embarrassment now. ....Now?
  7. He is a musical genius undoubtedly. Aside from the numerous classic albums he has made he also changed the rap game. 808s and Heartbreak spawned pretty much every singer type donny that came through after him. I saw him live in Glasgow back in 2008 or some shit, the stage show was unreal. Probably the best live performer I've seen. This is an underated classic by the big man. And he delivered this masterpiece...
  8. Lag. Specifically speed up on Fifa. I'm starting to create a conspiracy here, a couple of years ago I had lag aw the time and then upgraded to fibre, it was class, no lag or buffering but now it's back to how it was before fibre. I'm guessing there is a new upgrade available...
  9. Get it posted so I can do that "hilarious" Twitter thing where I save the image and then mock you for making money from it.
  10. 2/10 Needs more emojis. Maybe a sevco or two.
  11. I've never lived on a scheme and quite frankly it's a weird sort of insult to go for, says more about yourself than the person it's being aimed at imo. Fire away though.
  12. I'm sure she'll have a job with the Reform mob in a wee while.
  13. This is a bit of a belter. What happened to the pundits thread?
  14. You're British too but sure whatever makes you happy, insecure identity issues are common place on this forum.
  15. Wright, Kent and keepers out is absolutely brutal tbh. I think Thursday's game is more important now. I feel numb.
  16. You're British and the Old Firm is this coming Sunday, the earth is also round in case you were wondering.
  17. I'm sure the Twitter account has mentioned the Old Firm and recieved a backlash for it.
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