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  1. Is BP actually a bot? Like has this ever been checked or disproven in any way?
  2. He's a Unionist Gordon he's not went on to join the Taliban.
  3. We would have pumped Midtylland last season and celtc would have got pumped by them. This season Malmo would have pumped celtc. H2H.
  4. The whole "I dont know any of his songs so he must be shit" argument is hilarious when coming from boomers. You don't need to know them. The youngsters nowadays don't know any of the "hits" from your favourite bands or artists. Trying to say he doesn't have hits to people that know his music is so stupid it's laughable. The man has well over 20 classics. Sales wise or just straight up classic music wise he has them in abundance.
  5. Malmo are better than Midtjylland. Midtylland pumped you. We pumped them. You're below both teams comfortably.
  6. You guys looked electric. Smashed another tough game by losing 2-1. Gg bhoys!
  7. He's been good due to the system they're playing which is allowing him space on the ball whereas the other guy is showing brilliant flashes of good football. I didn't watch the first leg but based of this leg I'll happily admit they would have probably knocked us out if we played how we did in our ties. Is the sub lb making his first game for you guys?
  8. Rangers are meant to be scared of this mob?? This defence is absolutley howling. We'll probably play shite and win from a couple of OGs at this rate.
  9. And if you don't I'm fully expecting you to load up your next burner. Hearts you won 3-2 and I already said i didn't see your first leg but most celtc fans admitted the game could have easily went another way... We've stuttered but I'm not out here saying we're going to pump you based on the fact we've won our easy games. My initial thoughts were that we would solidly defend your attack and shagger would pull of a few crackers and Kent would terrorise your shitey defence and we would comfortably win the game like we have all of the recent Old Firm fixtures. After the Covid news and no shagger and Kent I'm less optimistic, our defence hasn't been as good as last season so I do think we will concede or allow a lot of chances but I think our team has enough to beat you guys and on the day with the fans there we will turn up.
  10. Why did you have to mention that you b*****d.
  11. Ahaha that's brilliant. You guys live in your own wee worlds eh. This might be credible if you hadn't stuttered at every single "hard" game you've had. Your defense is horrific right now and your good players have done the job against diddies... if you pump us I'll hold my hands up but this overconfidence does feel a tad wild given the circumstances.
  12. Imagine being an alias account at your big age. You sincerely must acknowledge that's a little bit tragic no?
  13. Not making excuses but I did think our players looked utterly gubbed after half time. I think this team can beat the overconfident celtc at Ibrox but it will really come down to how we can manage the recovery over the next few days, hopefully celtc go to extra time or something to even it out a little bit in that respect. Aribo is such a brilliant player, weird game tbh, we played poor considering we didn't finish our chances but let's not get carried away, if we took our chances that game was 5-0 and nothing would be said.
  14. Notice to all diddies, delete your drafts and vacate the thread now. Hiya @SDG2 it's the hope that kills you eh? Good luck for the game tonight.
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