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  1. I was just showing up how pathetic and flimsy your comparison was. Don't try and drag Rangers into this one, your fans disrupted a minutes silence for the war dead, read that back. It's disgusting, stop with the cringey deflection.
  2. There's a difference between your travelling support and random bigots wearing the top of your team. Celtc fans inexcusable behaviour at a game is not comparable to a few tramps in Rangers tops. I saw this Oxfam advert the other day, crazy how many Senegalese orphaned Arsenal fans there are...
  3. McLeod won't be denied anything here, he will still be with the Scotland squad for the week aside from the Saturday and even then that is just if Scotland don't need him, how quickly some have jumped on McCoists back over this is sadly unsurprising. Heaven forbid the manager wants to play our young good players.
  4. He did us a favour with Sandaza right enough!
  5. No I don't. Steven Hawkings might have a log in, you're doing yourself a disservice here! Seriously though I do expect alternatives to be proposed otherwise it's just hype. I don't think their is an alternative system that would work otherwise we would be using it, history is the reason we are where we are, for our system to be different then there would have had to be serious differences in history and what we've acquired and learned as a society. If the Venetians never invented glass then the west might have never got into bed with consumerism and we might be communists but evidently history has happened. World peace is a faulty concept, it completely disregards animal instinct and survival of the fittest. Humans aren't lovey dovey, "Here's an apple, can I get a carrot? Sure mate!" Doesn't happen, our survival instinct is to obtain power. Would you sacrifice your whole family for 2 other better peoples families to survive? Course not, you're self serving, naturally! I was saying don't be deluded into thinking we're not products of the society WE built. I'll be able to die happy when I own a slush puppy makermaker.
  6. I think we are essentially agreeing now tbh! He's kind hearted but effectively a glorified cheerleader for lefties who can't form their own opinions?
  7. Have you any inclination what this fairer system might entail or is it just the typical "there must be more" argument? What moral standards have I attributed? Must have missed that! Things can be better than they are is as applicable as saying I want to shit slush puppies but unfortunately reality and actuality is pretty similar...
  8. He has little substance though, specifically what do you agree with? It's akin to me saying 'Christmas is decent" of course people agree. Hardly interesting or debateable though!
  9. Well you're right if we're being literal. If you read back through the thread however then i'd suggest a lot of people are using his opinions as a representitive of their own.
  10. I've taken everything you've said on board. Thanks for the reply! Slap me down if I'm being ignorant (had a few) but I would/will argue that the millions of people aspiring for "something better" (according to?) are clearly naturally less dominant. As in, if there really was such an abundance of good guys then surely things would be swell? I may just be cynical but I believe the self serving dim witted outnumber the "good guys" as proven by the world in which we live.
  11. Some form of socialism isn't really an adequate answer for the many, many problems Sir Russell queries in my opinion. I have nothing against Russell Brand I just feel sad that people take the smack riddled comedians opinions as anything other than idealistic leftie claptrap. It's fairly obvious from this thread alone that those that take his word as gospel are all a wee bit lacking in a dose of reality so to speak. After a few shandies and joints he may seem like a messiah but after the haze wears off he's just an oppurtunist. Funnily enough If we lived in a similar system to the one Brand advocates then nobody would know his name.
  12. Well they do say ignorance is bliss! Maybe I am missing out.
  13. Once you acknowledge the reality then its quite a laugh.
  14. He's got 99 problems with society yet not one solution. He's like a wee kid that's just discovered what "why" means and he won't stop asking. The problem with Brand and other hippies/lefties/yessers is that they don't seem to realise our lives right now are a product of society and natural human instinct. You take away all the baddies/tax payers/dictators/fox news readers, wipe the slate clean and we'd end up right back with the system we have now which we created. Humans as a race are naturally self serving, power hungry and manipulative. What is Russell Brands alternative? Revolution and elect new leaders, the leaders being only those who Russell and co deem acceptable? Any utopian society would be doomed by our natural greed. There would be power vacuums filled by the "good guys".
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