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  1. I thought your new player actually played quite well tbh. Kyogo is obviously good, I do think he has his work cut out for him with the physicality but the wee man deffo puts enough effort in so he could be a gem. I think if you get defenders that can play the ball out against a high press then you'll do good but right now especially with Joe Hart that seems an issue. One thing I noticed was second half more often than not we stopped the press with him on the ball and just let him give it away.
  2. I sincerely appreciate your sincere words. Thanks mate. I'll do better.
  3. I gave up 30 minutes in. Some good songs that will undoubtedly grow on me but yeah too much at once. Kendrick feature better than anything I heard today.
  4. Can you stop directing profanity my way friend. Do you love to see celtc fans being celtc fans out of interest?
  5. No, I meant to put asterisks, you're not meant to try and circumvent the asterisks system like you are doing btw. Please stop doing this, some people might be upset by the language you're using.
  6. I never called someone that. I've said the poster I sent asterisks to has also sent me asterisks in the past, they red dot every one of my posts and called me more asterisks when Rangers have lost. I've merely returned the favour as for the first part of your post - lmao there it is.
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