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  1. Why is this game off then...what does mean for game v Irvine Vics this Saturday
  2. Dalry v Irvine Vics tomorrow Can anyone confirm this will go ahead at Dalry?? Heard Dalry switched the fixture v Ardeer on Wednesday to Ardeer's Park Thanks
  3. Saltcoats 0 Irvine Vics 2...Cunningham and Singleton
  4. Tight game today at Vics Park...delighted with the win and the manner of it No doubt Dalry will win a lot of games afore the end of the season Still all to play for
  5. Any info on Dalry's pitch for this Saturdays game v Irvine Vics?? Thanks
  6. Irvine Vics, Saltcoats and Whitletts no game next week, yet all to play each other again this season- makes sense to arrange a fixture surely
  7. Thanks for that...was working today and missed the game....Mon The Toria
  8. 3rd time lucky for Forth next week or game is switched to Vics Park on Saturday 18th
  9. Headed down to Irvine just now, another big game today, looking forward to it immensely...Mon the Vics
  10. thought it was a cracking game today ...Maybole played really well they will win plenty games this season Have to say Stevie Wilson has reinforced the squad really well this season...looking forward to another big game at Whitletts next week Mon the Vics
  11. Highlights confirm penalty was a disgrace
  12. Good luck to the Glens for the rest of the season.. they play football as it should be played and I said earlier best side we have played this season
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