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  1. I see the official attendance given as 921. Talbot clearly defrauding us as, at half time, I counted 632 Arbroath fans alone
  2. It is. Talbot won't be able to cope when playing on a pitch that isn't more suited to 7 a sides
  3. Seems like you are suggesting he didn't get any service last season, despite being part of a squad that won the league at a canter. You might be right though, at least our creative players will have more space and time on the ball because we're playing in a higher division.
  4. In defense of the top post, We'll be playing more games in the West of Scotland where it tends to be warmer and more humid. Players can't run full pelt for 90 mins in these conditions, hence the pressing is not as severe, allowing us to focus on technically gifted ball players like McCord, Swankie and Donnelly rather than honest grafters like Kader, Whatley and Doris
  5. They would be re-affirming their bias by upholding the farcical decision. This way they can probably get away with another 'honest mistake'
  6. The successful appeal of Swankie is probably just the SPFL trying to deflect attention from the fact they clearly instructed the ref to try and help Raith prolong this title procession.
  7. No bullying or bribing, but I see you haven't explicitly ruled out genocide.
  8. Lying to fans - acceptable. Conducting yourself in such a way to miss a dozen games with touchline bans - acceptable. At what point does this questionable conduct become unacceptable? Bullying a player? Bribing an official? Invading Poland, Holland and France while killing 6 million jews? WHERE'S THE LINE?
  9. I'm not hoping to achieve anything other than gauging where the line is to be drawn and if that line should be shifted because the table makes good reading.
  10. Some people just ain't happy unless they have something to whinge about. Happy days indeed. Are you saying that you can overlook and simply dismiss these things because the results on the pitch are good?
  11. Wembley, but you might struggle to make Gayfield for 3pm.
  12. I applied for the role but my services were not required. They know where I am if the goalies need any help in dealing with a 1-on-1 outside the box.
  13. The only person who would think that is codswallop is the kind of guy that would invade the pitch and sexually assault an official.
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