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  1. No won likes us we don't care
  2. So if doc gives them a line for 3 weeks what then
  3. How many now are leaving anyone got any numbers yet rough estimate looks about 45
  4. All I would confirm that the SJFA Management Committee met last night to discuss the ongoing situation around the SFA’s Pyramid Plan. Our continual aim is to meet the mandate given by our member clubs & deliver the pyramid pathway, we are confident this can be achieved. We plan to open & re-engage with all parties through more positive dialogue in order to reach an amicable solution that meets the demands of everyone. That process has already started. We hope our alternative approach allows each association to meet their objectives, we firmly believe through positive and constructive dialogue this can be achieved. We would like to put on record our thanks to SFA President Rod Petrie for his input as we strive to reach an amical conclusion for the benefit of Scottish Football.
  5. TJ and his committee from day one have no desire to join the pyramid and that seems to be the problem as we have a group that don't want what the clubs voted for
  6. It looks like it will happen as up to about 8 teams are intrested not long before the rest follow
  7. Fans have got the right to attend what games they wish too for what ever reason they decide to stay away from New buffs park that's there choice. Buffs committee have had it tough with mostly untrue rumours circulating about. When you look around New Buffs Park you can be proud of not just your team but the facilities that are being created for the team and the community. As a team as a community we have a clear path that looks a lot brighter than we had Read a quote from a fan of another team these guys would be hero's anywhere else but Kilwinning The futures bright the futures blue/white COYB
  8. yes but video from the other side of play is even better and shows clearly Gary Fleming pulling down largs players elbow and no punch was thrown. same side as linesman who made the decision
  9. Just looked at the decision to send of Gary Fleming for an alleged punch that linesman should hang his head in shame. Hope the video of this becomes public. That's what you get when amateur linesmen get to make big decisions.
  10. Thanks to all the volenteers that are making a difrence to the community as a hole as we work together for the better of our community KILWINNING sports club KILWINNING RANGERS fc One club One community COYB
  11. Sorry I was one of those guys that was having a private conversation and had no idea like the rest of us how ground share works with Maryhill and Clydebank but only conclusion we had was we wouldn't like to ground share And at no time were we talking about maryhill or Clydebank in any bad way Next time mind your own buissnes
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