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  1. Best player currently at Junior level.

    Craig Pettigrew class
  2. Out of touch they will put us all out the game

    Old S R has a heart after all
  3. Buffs v Talbot Monday 23rd There having a laugh
  4. How bad are premier parks

    Use this
  5. Friendly 23rd December

    No wonder the junior teams are on there knees fighting for survival with rules to stop you playing HO HO HO MERRY XMAS
  6. Friendly 23rd December

    Only clubs that request a game on 23rd and game was postponed because of intended fixtures being cancelled because of opposing team being involved in scottish cup tie could get a freindly match kilwinning rangers fall in to that category but AWR and st Rochs/don't so not allowed a freindly with the buffs Rules are rules but common sense is better with teams needing revenue to keep going Hang your head in shame Sjfa
  7. Quarter final draw

    Kilwinning v Beith
  8. Trouble at bellsdale?

    te name="steish" post="8976860" timestamp="1416840466"] IMO it's bang out of order to blame the club for this. 1. Sounds like it was kilwinning lads that threw the first bottle into a group of beith fans. 2. There's only so much that committee can do and like hertha said, they were down to the bare bones. 3. At the end of the day, this happened OUTSIDE the ground. Committee have a duty of care for fans from both sides whilst inside the ground and by all accounts there were no incidents that could point toward any trouble at the end and. Beith committee can feel that they done all they could and helped with first aid for the injured lad. These three points are obviously just my shitey opinion and don't count for anything but to blame the club is bad craic. Points 1 Doesn't matter who threw the first bottle both sets were up for it 2 Because your short staffed doesn't mean your not to blame. 3 Beith have a responsibility and a duty of care for fans leaving the ground tell the person who got the bottle in the face no ones to blame 4 As a previous post suggested they create a bottle neck by both sets of fans leaving at the same gate surely the answer is have another gate that supporters can leave separated may not stop it happening but at least Beith committee will be seen to be doing something and if it stops then great
  9. Trouble at bellsdale?

    Was at the game on Saturday beith fans were waiting out side for kilwinning fans after the match could see when I left there was going to be trouble because two sets of fans were obviously well on there way cant believe how much alcohol was being consumed at the game by both sets of fans sorry but the club has to hold its hands up and as the law states you cant consume alcohol in public call the police if you turn a blind eye to it this is what you get.
  10. Scores 22nd November

  11. Scores and Updates 15 Nov

    Buffs score