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  1. Shooting practice for the next few weeks. We want 10, We want 10!
  2. Love the Clyde. First season in a long time i look forward to watching the highlights. Quality away fans, Karim first goal was unreal, GK coach Klinsman is the best i have ever seen. WAC
  3. Just read that John McGlynn taking over Raith Rovers again.
  4. Cant remember the year, (03/04 maybe) Clyde played an early kick off and then we got to watch the Scotland game. We played QOTS that day. Im with you, dont see the reason to have a free weekend. Unless Goody gets that call up he clearly deserves
  5. Chat shit get Nicol'd Good to get back to winning ways and hopefully kick us off into a run of wins.
  6. disappointed to see Kipre released, proven goalscorer.... any idea on him from anyone? Why didn't it work out?
  7. What a finish by David Goodwille. Looked like a dominating performance yesterday, highlights show better football each week. For the first time in years i look forward to checking for updates on the game. Still cannot believe the turn around.
  8. I know it was out of bounds however he knew what he was doing. Should have been a booking maybe even a red. End of the game so maybe the ref didn't fancy reporting it
  9. Easy.... Absolute assault by Scullion at the end there
  10. Hopefully we can get back to winning ways. Sounds like a good support going to back the team
  11. Was thinking about this today...Who remembers Espinola? Spanish right back? Class above so he was.
  12. Surely The herald didn't write that... Hauners
  13. Looking better with each set of highlights. Got my wish of seeing the team play a little bit of football all over the park. Nicol looked liked like best player on Sat. Box to Box, winning balls in the middle of the park. New boy better brush up on his free kicks. ... Expecting a few beauties after watching the youtube clip we watched. Stirling looking like a great trip on Sat.
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