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  1. Dundee has a couple of good restaurants to go to, I personally don't drink that much, so I don't look for pubs when going to most grounds.
  2. Imo Station park is a brilliant lower league ground, but unless you stop off in dundee for a hour or so on the train, then it's a shite day out.
  3. If we make the play-offs, then hopefully yous win the league or we don't play yous, because Forfar's a shite day out, I'll miss arbroath away if we're in different leagues from them next season.
  4. Out of all the stadiums in the league for me it would go 1)Borough Briggs 2) Galabank 3) Station park 4)Gayfield 5) Links Park 6)Shielfield 7)Forthbank 8)Meadowbank 9)Broadwood 10) Central Park All of them upto 6 are decent grounds imo.
  5. I personally don't know how anyone can like our ground, it's small, you can't create much atmosphere and you're not allowed to stand. Those are the worst type of grounds for me.
  6. Why would you care about coming onto this thread when your club is in the lowland league and has no chance of promotion?
  7. I'm desperate for a clyde win, Chris Smith to play upfront for clyde and score a hattrick. in mcgovern we trust!
  8. Hopefully clyde will win against elgin on Saturday seeing them going even further ahead of yous and hopefully we'll win aswell meaning yous will almost certainly be involved in the relegation play-off match and we'll be even closer to the promotion play-off.
  9. I've not seen any of his posts in months, so it may be, but it's just since we played yous on Saturday my thoughts have kind of changed on yous, if there's a team out of the bottom 4 I want to stay up it's either yous or edinburgh.
  10. It is in the middle of nowhere which doesn't help my case, but the towns quite good and my personal opinion is that I'd rather an away day like stirling than a away day like berwick, forfar, Montrose, cowdenbeath or clyde however at least forfar, Montrose and berwick have decent grounds.
  11. The only pub near the ground is the one next to the stadium is it not? And the chippie is decent but apart from that the town is quite a walk from the stadium if you don't have much time.
  12. Obviously I can't really judge since Stirlings my home team, but If I supported a different team I think stirling would be a good away day, although I do agree with 1320litchie that the stadium structure is shit.
  13. Agree with that mate, other than the stadium I don't see how stirling wouldn't be considered a good away day?
  14. There's absolutely nothing to do at berwick and montrose.
  15. What's wrong with stirling like? And how are montrose and berwick better away days?
  16. I dont know why it is, but something has made me change my opinion on berwick a bit and I really hope that they don't go down and I'd like edinburgh to stay up aswell, so hopefully it'll be clyde or cowden that finish bottom (no offence to either of them) and I'm not bothered about how the play-off games go.
  17. My dream situation would be stirling winning with elgin drawing meaning we go to elgin two points behind them and then we should bring a big support up for the game in a couple of weeks.
  18. Elgin are as big a club as annan and are level on points with them, surely both have had good seasons?
  19. Fingers crossed he can mark his return with a hat-trick
  20. Because his attitude was stinking at the time. He's changed in recent months however and deserves another chance.
  21. Frazer wright at the back for us, this means clyde are guaranteed to win.
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