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  1. Thought it was a decent watch. Didn't even know until tonight that the Dundee clubs almost came together. It said it had something to do with the owner and Rab Douglas about the deal falling through can anyone tell me how it happened??
  2. Only matter of when not if imo. Duns shot themselves in the foot demoting back to the border ams. Interesting few years ahead i reckon.
  3. Cheers burnie lad Have not seen any team from the south juniors play so cant comment on how leith or lothian would do but a would imagine they would hold their own. Even Tynecastle in the mix??
  4. How have craigroyston started in the juniors? Is the gap big between the Eos and juniors??
  5. How has Craigroyston faired with the juniors??
  6. A see GFR have signed George Windram from us. A cracking defender you have signed. All the best George.
  7. Think it does IMO. A would imagine Hawick and Gala pay money now they are lowland league and Scottish cup. Not sure about the streamers.
  8. Can't attract the players to play for the club. We cant compete with other border clubs that have lowland league status and Scottish cup entry and we don't pay players so its very hard to bring in guys. The main statement is on the Duns website.
  9. Really disappointed but in a way not surprised. As heid said the duns committee have done a tremendous job over the last 4/5 years to get to the club where they are. Many factors attribute to this. Perhaps the lack of competition in the eos could be one. I reckon though we don't play the players which is no fault of duns but the local lads are getting better offers elsewhere. Also hard to compete with the Edinburgh teams too when they have such a huge pool of players to choose from compared to Duns. A really hope the club find their feet. Sad day but every cloud has a silver lining and confident Duns will be back playing where it be junior/senior.
  10. Duns Fan

    Ghost town

    The EOS page is like a morgue now and has been for a while.
  11. Not too sure whats happening at Duns but will try keep people informed. You will be lucky if people reply on this. More atmosphere in a morgue than on the EOS page.
  12. Well done to Craigroyston on the move. One of the best playing surfaces i have seen especially winter time. They will no doubt hold their own in the juniors. Feel it could be a matter of time before more eos teams start knocking at the juniors door.
  13. A wouldn't mind either junior or Lowland league. Know the club have lowland league ambitions. Your right regarding the league. Its been on the slide for the last 3 years and the EOS have sat back and let it happen instead of trying to invite new teams to join and make the league decent again. Know the juniors have 16 teams in the south east division but to amalgamate the two leagues would be tricky imo. Duns, Eyemouth, Coldstream, Burntisland and Ormiston are getting or have improvements done so whether its junior or lowland league they are aiming for its a step in the right direction off the field wise. Would like more Edinburgh based teams to join the EOS. Nice with Tweedmouth coming though.
  14. Why did Eyemouth get deducted points??
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