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  1. Wouldn't mind McDonagh up front on Friday, anyone with the slightest bit of pace whatsoever will cause their defence problems all night. Also new keeper in the summer please ta x
  2. Ahh thought he was away for the entire playoffs my mistake. Suppose that makes sense then
  3. Guessing the news about Gaston being away for the playoffs is true then, if so why on earth has he been playing week in week out recently?
  4. If the Saints keep the majority of that squad they'll do very well next year. As rotten as we were you c**ts looked very decent tonight
  5. Hope we shake things up bigtime on Saturday, would go with: Gaston Doyle, OWare, Kilday, Strapp Tiffoney, Lindsay, Tidser, Nesbitt McDonagh Kudus
  6. Ricki Lamie could do with remembering he's not the Xavi-esque figure with the ball at his feet that he thinks he is. Fucking gutless tonight and if we go into the playoffs playing like that there's not a hope in hell we get by the first 2 games.
  7. Sale's off to Boston, Moncada headlining the package going the other way.
  8. Gunning, Oyenuga and Doyle in for Lamie, Nesbitt and McDonagh, very harsh on McDonagh after his performance on Tuesday.
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