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  1. I can see him leaving in January (fingers crossed) It's a sad state of affairs though as Ally was one of the greatest Rangers legends and sadly all he's doing is damaging his reputation with the fans. If he left at the start of the season all would have been forgotten about.
  2. c***s need to dry their eyes. It's all about the viewing figures, considering how many Rangers fans they are in Scotland, plus all the obsessed who watch our games makes it no suprise why it was picked ahead of games which would attract low viewing figures.
  3. Haggis pakora, i really do pray that he's not a Rangers fan. No8 is another embarrassment. WRK-needs no explanation. Hellboy-like the above. I could go on for ages but i'll add more at another time.
  4. I would much rather we kept him and gave him a game, than anything else. He'll do well at United and make them money once they sell him on in a few years.
  5. All you teuchter c***s smell funky.
  6. If he doesnt get the sack after that shite, then we truly are going to be fucked. Well done Alloa.
  7. Stop it mate, your patters killing me here.
  8. WRK has serious mental health issues, the guys a proper riddy...
  9. Lewis MacLeod, hands down. Special mention to McGregor though, he's been brilliant.
  10. Lol, you're just...I'm lost for words here.
  11. Mohsni doesn't play mate, hence the 1 goal conceded in 8 games. Better than Miller? You are just plain fucking stupid lol
  12. Exactly what I was getting at, like they have a striker anywhere near Boyd or Miller, let alone big Daly or wee Clark.
  13. Who asked you? Most of your illiterate replies are an embarrassment to Rangers fans, pal. You're a bit of a thicko, that in itself looks bad on us other bears, let no8 be the one and only thicko.
  14. Nobody to rival most of our players tbh. It was comfortable when we beat you there in the ramsdens, it will be the same in the league this season, especially with an improved defence.
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