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  1. This was recently posted on Donstalk, good spot on the club website. neverplayedsevco.jpg-large
  2. I suspect O'Connor hasn't had much of a look in because DM doesn't want to go with an untried defence in europe. There's logic to that I think. I saw it mentioned somewhere that Taylor is suspended for the opening game so it could be he gets his chance against St J.
  3. It's possible he was approached but fancies a move down south I suppose
  4. I'll miss him too when he inevitably moves on to bigger and better
  5. Understandable sentiment but the fact hearts go to Inverness the Tuesday before they play us gives me a wee bit of hope for that game yet
  6. Agreed, it's a utter shambles if it comes to pass (I suspect it will). Re the original post. It's going to be fascinating to watch how the final games unfold. I have dreamt of being involved in a title race for decades and now it's happening it's quite actually quite stressful. It's so close but so far away.....
  7. Still two games to play against hearts though I think Celtic have to as well. I agree about tynecastle but the san giro currently bodes few fears given celtics current form. The upcoming hearts away game is massive it has to be said.
  8. Tough game for AFC this one, I was really impressed by thistle at xmas. I'm hoping that this being thistles 4th game in 10 days will add lethargy to their squad
  9. I've noticed that Irvine has been benched the past few games and wondered if this was why. Time will tell, dm might just have wanted rid of Quinn who hasn't really worked out.
  10. I get where your coming from there though I think McInnes is saying words to the effect that afc don't have anywhere near the same gulf over other teams in the league than Celtic have over afc. I don't think it's an unreasonable point but I don't really see the point in him discussing it. Most football fans know roughly what sort of financial weight their club punches at after all. I have noticed draper as a player of potential interest before and he would certainly add some needed height to cm. How's his ball retention these days? That was always my issue with him. I notice Jackson Irvine was meant to be benched again yesterday before Martin Wood got injured pre match. It does make me wonder if he might be coming the other way as part of the Quinn deal.
  11. I don't really understand why Celtic would want Moyes, he's hardly synonymous with the attractive attacking football they claim to crave. Highly unlikely he would be interested anyway. Rodgers would never come north, Keane would make a c**t of it most likely and if you're gonna go for Coyle you would be as well appointing Collins since he's already on the payroll. I would proper lol if it was one of the previous 3. Their best option would actually be going for someone who is likely to want to keep the job for a while as opposed to just using it as a springboard to a job south whilst actually being capable of doing so without fucking it up. Tommy Wright would be a good fit for those criteria but don't worry saints fans I highly doubt he would even be considered as he's not an instantly recognisable sellick man.
  12. I want Strachan to stay. Yes he made a few mistakes this group but I think he will learn from that. He's a good manager who has actually had us playing some nice stuff this group and is worth giving another go IMO. Georgia away was always the big banana skin of the group and that is what has done us but that aside we only lost to the world champions when consistently playing Grant fucking Hanley. Thats no small achievement. It hurts that we were so near and yet so far but i just dont think binning Strachan is the answer especially since I've yet to hear of a credible replacement that would be better. I really don't want to end up with another Vogts or Levein.
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