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  1. i think you are correct.flybhoy talking about one game and posting a picture of another.
  2. wrong game bud.the op was talking about a 1-1 draw away which was later in the season.
  3. great quality bud.tell all your pals.
  4. where are you seeing these “reports”?not been a fee mentioned in anything i have read
  5. we did ben a’an this morning.picture looking over to ben venue
  6. what about tony mcdonald?a prolific scorer for arthurlie but couldn’t kick his own arse when he signed for saints. a bench warmer at best for us.
  7. when you’ve no keeper to play and the hearts save the day thats zlamaly
  8. as long as a club have 13 players they will have to play.the 13 does not have to include a goalie.
  9. http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1980&GameID=198008020
  10. there might not have been much of a crowd but the fighting was wild.the two teams played again the following week at love st and the hostilities continued.the dons took the honours at hampden but got their arses well and truly kicked around the streets of paisley as they made their way back to their buses.
  11. what can I do with pumpkins apart from soup?
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