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  1. griffiths has apologised,when can we expect an apology from the p***k that threw it?
  2. even being quadruple jagged won’t help you in that cesspit
  3. spot on bud.we had just pumped dundee utd 4-1 in the Scottish cup after giving them a goal of a start.the utd fans also took a hell of a doing that day. we won the league by pumping dundee 4-0 at dens later in the season
  4. i couldn’t be an interpreter as english is the only language i speak. you’d be asking the interpreter next to you what va te faire foutre meant
  5. they’ve been forced to act so they can say “we’re doing our best to stop it”. they know that there will come a time when the authorities get sick of it all.sevco will get the blame and will be punished for their fans behaviour either inside or outside the stadium.
  6. did a rangers player not get racially abused on the pitch recently?f**k sake govan was flooded with tears and snotters as they played the victim card every other week there are 50000 fans uniting in sectarianism inside ibrox and the club stand by and watch shut part of a stand for every incident and it won’t be long til they’re playing in an empty stadium
  7. any relation to ex falkirk player alan mackin?
  8. if it’s offensive you want then you’ll like this oh we’ve got yardley and we’ve got ludo,alan mcgraw is shite at judo
  9. i think hibs now drop down to the challenge cup
  10. that sort of thing goes on in turkey all the time so well done whoever was responsible as for the game?gala at evens is a no brainer
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