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  1. Old firm 29th

    old firm? you're showing your age.
  2. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    but you said the game is off over on black and white army.is it still on on pie and bovril sean batty?
  3. surely spider is unable to accept any prizes being an amateur?
  4. Fruit machines in pubs

    You can always tell a classy pub...........
  5. st mirren colts beat hamilton colts in this seasons tournament.
  6. A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

    looks like the keeper has just made a cracking save.
  7. A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

    mistaken identity?
  8. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    at least we have a friendly against sunderland to look forward to.
  9. tomorrow night would be even better.
  10. ayrs season has a lot of similarities to st mirren last season.got a feeling you'll do it. bookies still offering 7-1.
  11. St Mirren v Killie

    Good to see st mirren doing everything they can to promote Scottish football eh! yeah,im sure we would be welcome in home end at rugby park.
  12. St Mirren v Killie

    just seen 3 guys with tickets refused entry to main stand.
  13. A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

    it's not shawfield,possibly douglas park?
  14. St Mirren v Killie

    one of my pals works at the stadium on match days.he has just text me to say any killie fans identified in the home end will be removed.