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  1. No thanks to Grainger. Guilt by association maybe, but sacking Sheerin and chucking it at his assistant? Not for me. Never liked the concept of a manager being emptied and the No 2 stepping up. Works occasionally - Wright following Lomas at Perth comes to mind - but more often than not is a cheap option which proves to be a disaster. It was blindingly obvious to anyone at Firhill yesterday that there was a complete breakdown between the team and coaching staff. Fresh ideas and outlook are urgently required.
  2. Or we could just appoint an actual football manager, seems to have been enough for numerous other teams to escape this league in recent seasons.
  3. Houston yes. Hartley was a Monday, though if you're looking for an omen, he was launched after complete and utter humiliation at the hands of a team with Queen in their name.
  4. No idea. What I do know, with absolute certainty, is that handing the reins to Gary Holt - again - is one of the few, perhaps only, things that they could do that would make the fans hate the club even more than we already do. It is never going to happen. You clearly have no idea how much of a disaster his appointment has proven to be.
  5. Erm, no. Here's a much better idea. We'll boot him out the door with immediate effect, and your mob can take him, free of charge, to replace Staunch Tommy, who an increasing amount of your fans appear desperate to see the back of. Everyone wins.
  6. If you're expecting anything approaching an inspiring appointment at this time and in the current circumstances, then prepare to be disappointed. We're at the stage where anything - literally anything - has to be an improvement upon what was standing in that away dugout this afternoon, out of his depth, out of ideas, out of time. We're surely looking for someone to come in, get more from the squad than the current - very soon to be former- incumbent and try to salvage something from the rubble of the most disastrous season in decades. You could have dragged a couple of fans from the JL stand at 2.45 this afternoon and I'd have backed them to achieve something better than the humiliation which ensued. It's not going to be a long-term appointment. It's not going to be part of any "plan", "strategy", "model", "route-and-branch review" or any of the other utter bollocks a succession of clowns who have been a destroying our club for years have been spouting. Come in and try to blend us into something approaching a coherent football team. If that's Rice/Kerr or something like that - nah, it's not what I want in an ideal world but it's probably what we are realistically looking at for where we are at the moment. That's how low we have sunk.
  7. There isn't even a debate or doubt. You don't survive that disgrace today, especially on the back of what has already been a shocking season. That was the final straw. There simply is no coming back from that. Finished.
  8. End of the season? I'll be very disappointed if the current management team are still in place by the end of this year. And there's absolutely no "if" about being promoted whilst Holt and Sheerin remain in place. We won't be.
  9. In terms of the out-of-work Scottish managerial merry-go-round - which, let's face it, is where we will probably be limited to looking - it's extremely slim pickings at the moment. The likes of Grant, Hopkin, Kettlewell, Rice. None of them remotely appetising options who, in an ideal world you would not even be considering. However, our current circumstances are about as far removed from ideal as it's possible to be. Things are now so bad, so flat, so low, that, at this stage in the season, we'd probably not be looking much further than offering, say a Rice or a Kettlewell a contract going only until the end of the season in the belief that even they will be able to get a hell lot more out of the existing squad and give us a chance of making the top-four, which we are absolutely not doing under the present incumbent. The imminent boardroom changes provide at least some hope that we are in the death throes of Sheerin's time at the helm. We have to be. I did not think we would ever appoint someone even more uncomfortable in, and less suited to, the managerial role than Eddie May. But here we are. Like Solskjaer, you suspect it will be a relief when the inevitable happens. The next 2 games have disaster written all over them - Cove, in particular, we could all write the script for - and I'd be amazed if he lasted beyond that.
  10. The same board who, upon the announcement of their investment 14 months ago, they were praising to the skies for their "leadership and vision for the future of the club". They've been on the board for around a year now, and therefore very much part of yet more horrendous decision making. Far, far, far too late unfortunately for them to decide it's time to wash their hands of Deans and his gang. The damage has long since been done. It is to be hoped that those who replace them have significantly more interest in, and regard for, the club. It should not be difficult.
  11. Can only echo pretty much everything that is being said. Been going 30+ years and this is easily the lowest it has been, on and off the pitch. Difficult to think of a single redeeming feature in the current situation. The club is thoroughly unlikeable at every level. The saddest thing of all is that, outside of the fanbase, no-one appears to give a single flying feck. Who within the club is looking at results, performances, league position, home form, our pathetic inability to beat anyone above the level of a Clyde/Dumbarton, the apathy amongst the support, the abysmal treatment of the support, falling attendances and saying "Nah, this is a million miles away from being good enough" My bet is absolutely no-one. A slow, lingering, death-by-a-thousand-cuts existence that has been building for years. Can only hope that, at some point, people who actually want to restore the club to some form of respectability on and off the pitch get in, but that still seems some way off unfortunately. This is f*****g tragic.
  12. Erm, no, the ex-player reference is now used by Falkirk fans as nothing more than out-and-out mockery of our (thankfully soon to be ex) buffoon of a chairman.
  13. Which won't be happening anyway. Raith are flying, full of confidence and have an actual manager in charge. Basically they are and have everything we don't. Throw in the ex-player factor in the shape of Connolly, who appears to be bang in form along with Zanatta, and I suspect anything better than perhaps a 3-0 loss will be viewed as some sort of moral victory. Even a doing will be rationalised away on the basis that we were up against a "brilliant side" - his exact words. Sheerin could do himself and everyone else a favour by giving starts to the likes of Williamson, Lemon, Krasniqi and Keena, but as that would involve dropping some of the blue-eyed boys in the process, I wouldn't expect it. Firm underdogs against RR at home sums up our status at the moment.
  14. And if that utterly grim scenario comes to pass, we can safely be writing off this season. By any metric you wish to use, the appointments of both Holt and Sheerin have been complete failures. We are going nowhere under them and every day they remain in situ is just more time wasted. The thought of them being handed another chunk of cash to blow on more Wilsons, McKays, Ruths is truly terrifying. I suspect this limbo land we currently find ourselves in suits them perfectly, as they'll remain in post for far longer than their performance justifies. This is a crucial season, and still a salvageable one, despite the disaster to date. We really could be doing with being a hell of a lot more decisive and proactive than this. Does not surprise me though.
  15. Cove Rangers, 1-0 at home exactly one year ago today, 21st November 2020. Cove were undefeated - in fact, had full points - and were obviously top of the table. That's the only time I think. Previously was Ross County on 4th May 2019, the day we went down. In a similar vein, since relegation our record against the other sides who have either finished in the top four (season 19/20 obviously being curtailed with a quarter of the season remaining) or, in the case of this season, currently occupy these positions, is P24 W5 D10 L9. Equating to a total of 25 points from a possible 72. This calendar year (i.e. since Holt came on the scene) it's P27 W9 D6 L12. A whopping 33 points from 81 available!!! If not outright relegation form. certainly not too far off it. Damning, damning, damning stuff. Atrocious. Abysmal. Appalling. Basically, with the very occasional exception, we simply do not win games against teams of any sort of competence.
  16. You're talking about the team I presume? Because if you're referring to the fans, you could not be more wrong. The majority of us are perfectly aware of how utterly rancid and deficient we are, much more so than the clown in the dugout anyway. Couple that with the opposition being a decent side, with a good away record and an actual football manager, as opposed to a clueless, over-promoted youth coach, and today comes as absolutely no shock to most of us. I'd have been genuinely amazed had we won this afternoon. That is the level we've sunk to. Montrose, certainly on that first-half performance, might not be too far away from the sharp end of things come the end of the season. Miles ahead of our embarrassing rabble. Shows what can be achieved when you have competent individuals in the key positions.
  17. The old "we've appointed, and subsequently sacked, a few numpties in the recent past, therefore, in order not to further embellish our "hire and fire reputation", we need to stick with the current incumbent, even though he is an even bigger diddy than those who came previously and is dragging us down ever lower" An utterly ludicrous argument, so no surprise to see who is advancing it. It can safely be filed in the bin. McKinnon was sacked exactly two years ago. His league record was P14 W6 D5 L3 GD +16 Pts 23. Diddy Sheerin stands at P15 W6 D4 L5 GD +3 Pts 22. A not too dissimilar record, although the current GD tells the story of how chronically bad we now are up front. At this level, five league defeats in fifteen is a sackable offence. Four home defeats by mid-November is a sackable offence. Five points from a possible eighteen against the top four sides in the league is a sackable offence. Widen that out to include Alloa, who would have aspirations of at least a play-off place, and we've taken six points from a possible twenty-four. The other sixteen points have come against the bottom four teams. This is beyond dire on every level. Death by a thousand cuts. Woeful, indefensible stuff. Never mind promotion, we are not even making the play-offs under this clown. He is hopeless. The only hope - and probably a forlorn one - is that the imminent deserting of the sinking ship by at least some of the rats precipitates a years-overdue change in ownership which in turn precipitates the immediate sweeping away of the likes of Holt and Sheerin and the appointment of an actual football manager.
  18. Montrose look a well-coached, organised side and are comfortably the better team in all areas. We look clueless. Embarrassing .
  19. Whilst I've never wanted Hughes to return to Falkirk, I'd absolutely prefer him to what we have currently in place. Sheerin - nice guy blah blah - but I find everything about him, his style of play and so-called "system" beyond dull. Absolutely insipid and so, so uninspiring.
  20. The key word being "murmurings". Because to date, there has not been a single shred of concrete, incontrovertible proof produced to demonstrate that Holt is having a direct influence on team selection or tactics or formation or substitution. And until there is, responsibility for what is being produced every Saturday lies at Sheerin's door and his alone. And even if Holt was shown to be interfering. What would that say about Sheerin? How does that reflect on him? A puppet, happy to be the front man and dance to Holt's tune rather than succeed or fail on his own efforts and abilities? Not really the type of character I'd entrust to manage the club tbh. Who knows, maybe Holt will be gone tomorrow and Sheerin will automatically turn into Guardiola Mk II as some seem to believe would happen. But I doubt it. I don't think we'll be going anywhere in a hurry until the pair of them - and plenty others - are long gone.
  21. Five wins out of thirteen in an absolutely rank rotten League One is beyond disgraceful. McKinnon was emptied for far less. His team would have been points clear. But Teflon Paul will sail on without a word of criticism. Guy's a complete diddy.
  22. Literally the last thing on earth that Falkirk Football Club have time for this season is another Head Coach who's "learning". We need to be out of this division in May. So far, there's precious, precious little evidence that the current incumbent is capable of achieving that.
  23. Yes, so if their intention is to sell, surely their interests would be better served by remaining on the board, where they can have a direct influence on the agreement of any transaction? I've long since accepted that I will never be remotely clever enough to grasp the labyrinth and twisted machinations of the Falkirk FC boardroom, and whilst the departure of the poisonous Deans and Colborn is very welcome, this still does not have the feel of anything remotely like the seismic change that I think is needed to finally move forward i.e. completely fresh investment and majority ownership, the likes of Alexander and Ritchie off the scene in their entirety and the key football positions filled with staff who have some sort of track record in their respective roles. Or is the AGM going to be yet another exercise on rearranging deckchairs and pals stepping down only to be replaced by more incompetent pals ? I really hope not.
  24. Maybe I'm missing something, but that statement says nothing about Rawlins selling their shareholding, just that they are leaving the board. We already have large shareholders who are not members of the board, sitting very much in the background, hands off whilst the club falls apart. So perhaps these two will be happy to do the same? What a massive disappointment they have proved to be, complete non-event after some initial optimism.
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