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  1. Could not care less what Dunfermline are doing. As it stands they do not have a manager. Neither do Raith. Neither do Dundee. Kelty possibly about to lose theirs. Hamilton supposedly looking to empty Taylor. Myriad clubs in various states of disarray and uncertainty whilst we got our appointments done as early as possible which should be standing us in far better stead in terms of convincing potential players to sign this summer. If ever there was a time to exploit us being more organised than many of our rivals, it is now. Far too much time spent on what other teams are or are not doing.
  2. The worst Falkirk side in history...and yet still at exactly the same level as you diddies. Absolutely blew it. See you next season
  3. Goodbye and Good Riddance to QP and their "project" Trust we'll be looking very closely at the contractual situation of quite a few of that Airdrie team.
  4. Erm, no. It's in McGlynn's interests to assemble a squad of players that he is comfortable working with and who he believes can contribute something next season. If that results in the vast majority of these players being told that they are not part of his plans going forward and advised to spend the summer seeking an alternative employer, so be it. He's paid to make such decisions. Your "give their best" line is beyond laughable. Did you watch any games at all last season? You're talking about a squad who, by and large, did not give a single toss, who displayed zero professional pride, integrity, fight, spirit, who were already beaten before they even took to the pitch against such illustrious names as Airdrieonians, Cover Rangers, Montrose. You go back a lot further than me it seems, can you come up with a squad who put in less effort than last seasons mob? McGlynn owes these players the square root of f**k all.
  5. I can see recruitment, at least in form, being similar to the summer immediately following relegation, based primarily on experience and players the manager has previously worked with. McGlynn will already know which of the current squad he believes he can work with, those he would like to catapult, and exactly the players he wants to bring in. There's no great leap of imagination to think a number of Raith Rovers players are currently weighing up the certainty of a contract offer from a manager they were still working with two weeks ago against the uncertainty of waiting around to see what develops at Starks Park. Whilst myriad other clubs are in varying states of disarray, we've appointed our management team as early as possible and it does not sound like they are planning to hang around as far as the reconstruction of the playing squad is concerned. Good.
  6. No mention of Hughes being booted, in fact no mention of him whatsoever. Hopefully it stays that way.
  7. I would not expect much, if anything, for the next few weeks at least. A lot of contracts have not even expired yet. Obviously plenty of work will be going on to try to get agreements in place, but in terms of announcements, it will be the start of June before things become clearer. Holt had five or six lined up last summer, prior to Sheerin coming in at the end of May, the names were out there and well-known, but it was the first week in June before anything became official. Cannot imagine it being much different this year. The main thing is that we have made our management appointment very early and given them as much time as possible to get things ready ahead of a pivotal season.
  8. The appointment of an actual, experienced management team combined with a decent summer of recruitment (plus a departure or five) and I'd really, really like to think we might finally be in a position where we are no longer "fearing" any opposition in the third tier of Scottish football. The craven, shitebag, "very, very, very tough league" mentality fostered by McKinnon, then "M and M", then Sheerin, then Rennie, needs binned - immediately.
  9. I'd imagine at least three of those players won't be short of admirers and offers from clubs at a higher level than League 1 unfortunately.
  10. You used the word "would". Conveying certainty, absolute conviction, leaving no room for any doubt. We would have won the league but for... You're now rowing back on that see. No surprise. Look a bit closer to home with respect to your "think before posting" advice.
  11. Ah, the old "we were 100% certain to have won the league but for the outbreak of a global pandemic, how unlucky we are" theory. Good to see that getting an airing for about the 2567th time. It's been rebutted every time. Could you explain why a team who had been top of the table for a grand total of 2 weeks of that 19/20 season, and who had failed to beat their main rivals in any of the previous four matches, were guaranteed to have won the league? And please, please, don't bother with the "BuT We hAd THem At HOmE ON ThE finAl DaY" stuff. Our shit-the-bed record in matches of such magnitude is second to none. If you don't rate McGlynn, fine. Come up with a better reason that this complete, total and utter f*****g nonsense.
  12. The irony contained in this post is truly remarkable. Superb.
  13. Nailed it. Utterly, utterly, utterly ridiculous for Falkirk fans to be expecting to win more than 5 out of 18 home games in League One. Or to be taking more than a grand total of 6 points from 45 against the collective might of Cove Rangers, Airdrieonians, Montrose and Queens Park. Or to have a better goal difference than -6. Or a top goal scorer on more than 7 league goals. Or to be capable of something just a little bit more than winning the occasional game of football against Dumbarton or East Fife. Or to have a group of players who look like they give a toss. Or a manager who actually has some vague idea about managing a group of football players. Or custodians capable of running the club in a semi-competent manner. You're right. These damn expectations. Definitely need to reign them in going forward. Who the hell do we think we are?
  14. Think you’re jumping the gun there, whilst Murray’s name may well have been discussed, I’d be amazed if there’s any agreement in place whilst Airdrie’s season is still alive and the play-offs haven’t even started. Any possibility whatsoever that he might be willing to make the move is surely conditional on Airdrie failing to go up next month. On the issue of patience, I’d be far, far more willing to give someone like Murray, with experience and knowledge of the league, the time to get things right. In contrast, I’d struggle massively with yet another rookie/apprentice/“club legend”/youth coach/Rangers-obsessed charlatan. Please no.
  15. Miller is out of contract imminently. So there is no financial barrier to getting rid of him. And there is, of course, absolutely no football reason to keep him on either. So no. Nice try though.
  16. Pretty clear, from some of the stuff being said on here and elsewhere, that entrenched positions have already been established. Those who will not hear a word said against the new board and those only too eager to put the boot in. At a time when the club has perhaps never been at a lower ebb, this factionalism and inuendo is just so, so destructive. Literally the last thing we need. Personally, and having my eyes wide opened to the disgraceful managerial stitch-up that Rennie and his mate are in the process of trying to engineer, it's difficult to have confidence in anything or anyone at the club at the moment. The time for blind faith has long gone unfortunately.
  17. Telfer's verbal diarrhoea is the kind of standard comments you get from pretty much any professional when there is an interim/caretaker in charge and someone asks if they would like them to get the job on a permanent basis. If he genuinely thinks that comfort in working with the current squad - one of, if not the, most disgraceful, unprofessional, uncommitted bunch we have ever employed - should form any part of the criteria for the selection of a new manager, he's delusional. Most of us don't wish to see any of this gang ever again. Kenny Miller's comments appear equally delusional - at least, I hope they are. Someone - think it was DF - mentioned this the other day, but is he genuinely trying to make out that this is some sort of orderly, pre-agreed succession plan going on here ??!! The reality is that Rennie was appointed on a short-term contract, given an excellent transfer budget, failed completely to meet his objective, has stepped down, yet he's still hanging around in the background for what reason exactly? In an attempt to help his mate slither unchallenged into the job? I refuse to believe we could possibly be that stupid - again. Miller's management experience amounts to a six-week spell at Livingston before he chucked it. The task facing the next Falkirk manager over the next 12/24 months is a f****g huge one. Miller has not got the experience for it. End of. Take charge of the next two, utterly meaningless friendlies by all means - win them 10-0 for all the difference it makes, then it's thanks and goodbye (to the pair of them) and we try to start some sort of rebuild from the rubble left behind.
  18. How exactly do you know this to be the case exactly? Are you involved in the recruitment process?
  19. Leaving aside the likes of Lemon etc, as I am not sure of their contractual length, then Mutch, Martin, Williamson, McCann, McKay, Watson, Morrison, Hetherington, Nesbitt, McGuffie, Ross, Wilson, Malcolm. 13. Given that we are in no financial position to terminate all, or even the majority of the contracts, then under the correct management a squad containing Williamson, McCann, Watson, Morrison, McGuffie for example need not be the complete disaster it has been this season. Hetherington was a perfectbly serviceable Championship player with part-time Alloa. Is it completely beyond a competent manager to restore Nesbitt to something like the form he showed in the early part of the season? Of those of out of contract or loan expired, no decision to be made and goodbye to ATS, Miller, Dixon, Jacobs, Kabia, Griffiths. I'd perhaps offer terms to Dowds (likely to have offers elsewhere) and Telfer. McKay, Ross, Wilson have surely got no future here and the goalkeeping situation needs attention. But, again, under an actual football manager the squad situation need not be the absolute write-off it has been this season. That's why the managerial appointment is so crucial.
  20. Surely it's all about expectation and the size of the budget that a manager has? If Airdrie finish second, and say, lose in the play-off final to Ayr United, should that be considered a failure? Not for me. It also doesn't mean that he is incapable of winning promotion with another team. Conversely, whilst Allan Johnston got Dunfermline promoted from League One with a significant budgetary advantage in 2916, that does not mean he would be guaranteed to do it with us, or that his achievement is any greater than Murray's. Given the likely financial constraints for next season, I'd see Murray as far more suitable. I think Murray is getting a hell of a lot from a squad put together on a fraction of our budget, his recruitment has been good and he knows the league. He'd be right at the top of my list of realistic appointments and I'd be delighted if we managed to get him (I highly doubt we will)
  21. I really hope that Rennie is having no influence whatsoever on the appointment of his successor. I think that would be an utterly ludicrous situation. Nothing against him personally, and his departure appears to be on pretty amicable terms, but he's been a spectacular failure and I've no idea what exactly he is going to be doing until he eventually goes. An immediate departure would have been best for all concerned. In terms of Miller, I'd like to think the board recognise, given the current state of things, that bunging the job to Rennie's assistant, is really, really not going to cut it all. I'd be astonished if he is even under consideration. Take the next three games, fine, then cheerio. We need so much better.
  22. We'd played Raith four times that season and won precisely none of them. Factor in our embarrassing record in big home games and I'm a million miles from convinced that the scenario would have played out as you suggest. In a straight 90-minute shootout for promotion between teams managed by Miller/McCracken and McGlynn I know who my money would have been on. Far from running scared, I think they would have relished it. Following the suspension of the season, he did and said what was in the best interests of his club, the same as everyone else. Ok, we did not like it at the time, but then we had Gary Deans trying to tell us, apparently in all sincerity, that Falkirk would not necessarily have voted the same way Raith did had the roles been reversed. And plenty were lapping it up. Falkirk had by far the biggest budget in the league that season and topped the table for two whole weeks. Raith obviously benefited from what played out, but I have never bought, and never will, this theory that we were somehow only denied our rightful promotion by the outbreak of a global pandemic. There is nothing at all to support that. If McGlynn and Raith part company at the end of the season, and he is interested, he becomes a perfectly viable candidate for us. I would go as far as to say that, given his contractual situation, I'd be surprised if he does not at least come under serious consideration to replace Rennie.
  23. You do realise the background to the charities involved and the connection to certain Falkirk players, who are no longer with us, don't you? Nah, of course you don't. You don't know the meaning of the word of respect.
  24. Just try to think of the type and quality of candidate who would be willing to work as a Head Coach under Rennie as DOF. The mind truly boggles. Frightening. No more structures. No more DOF. A proper, actual, experienced football manager please.
  25. We don't know that though. Ultimately, the only discussion that matters is that taking place in the boardroom and there's been no indication from them whatsoever that they wish to keep him on next season. I think a few fans are getting hung up on MR's "next season", "talking to new players" type chat. As I said in another post, that strikes me as the typical bravado of the failing manager. Rennie is not stupid, far from it, and will therefore be fully aware that performances and results are a million miles away from being good enough. He's just never going to admit it, like pretty much every manager the world over. Truth is always the first casualty of the under pressure football manager. You could contrast Rennie's delusional nonsense with what McCall said about Partick Thistle's performance last Friday night. But McCall is doing that from a position of strength - he knows his job is extremely secure so can afford to admit to a bad performance from his team now and again. Rennie simply does not have that luxury. His employment prospects are far more fragile. He knows that he only damages his reputation and draws attention to his failings whenever he is forced to talk about events on the pitch, so he's only too happy to drone on about plans for next season, changing the whole culture of the club etc etc. He's literally changing his job remit - a short-term, rapid improvement in performance was it not?- as he does so, and most of us, certainly on here, can see right through it for the blatant deflection it is. I'd be astonished - and extremely worried - if those on the board cannot. But, unlike practically everyone else on here it seems, I do not know them so maybe I'm giving them more credit than they deserve. Of course, if he is kept on, everything in this post can be roundly derided!!
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