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  1. He's not even a tenth as effective in a conventional midfield role. Hetherington has already stated his preferred position - fine, that's boxed off, we need that box-to-box type we've been looking for since, well, since Vaulks left the club 5 years ago. We also need at least one first choice centre half and another forward would not go amiss either. Loads of work still to be done right through the spine of the team, but presumably this is a large part of why we are paying a wage to a Sporting Director whilst marooned in the third tier, and you'd be expecting to see the benefits of that very, very soon.
  2. Telfer is never, in a hundred million years, a sitting midfielder. He's a 10, behind the main forwards, able to create chances and pose a goal threat, as we saw last season. If Hetherington is the holding midfielder we need someone beside him with real energy and the ability to break forward. We do not need two midfielders camped out in front of our defence in League 1.
  3. Yes, probably for the best that you say nothing, considering the absolute clown you have made of yourself with your interminable, relentless "aren't Gary Deans and this board so wonderful" campaign that you waged on here for months and months and months. Fair to say you called that hopelessly, spectacularly wrong then.
  4. Really pleased with this signing, and far rather a three year deal for a player with plenty of room for development and age on his side. At last, some genuine attacking threat from the full-back areas, long, long overdue. Credit to the club for getting this over the line (there, I said it😎)
  5. Oh, I don't know, maybe because they are sick and tired of being treated like complete and utter morons by those who own and run this club. Tired of financially supporting a business who actively hate them. Tired of their club being turned into the laughing stock of Scottish football. Tired of the incompetence. Tired of the contempt. Tired of the waste. Tired of the lies. Tired of being libelled a racist. Tired of the spin. Tired of the marketing bullshit. Tired of the latest "strategy", "review", "rigorous process", 2/3/5/10/50/100 year plan These good enough reasons for you to be going on with? Not everyone can be a good, little uberfan lapdog like you. Thankfully.
  6. Which is wrong then. He signed for 2 years.
  7. The problem with that is the potential that, five minutes into the opening game of the season, your first choice does ligaments or breaks his leg, and we're sentenced to another season of Ben Bombscare Hall. I wouldn't have kept him at all, in any capacity A truly abysmal footballer, appalling positional sense and soft as shite. If it was a straight choice between him and Durnan, I'd probably have gone with the latter. He was terrible in an shite Partick side, barely got a look-in, should never have been signed in the first place. Dumb and Dumber then gave him another year based on nothing and incredibly went into last season with him and Durnan as our only two recognised centre halves, the perfect encapsulation of their cluelessness. He's had another terrible season yet here we are again, stealing a wage for another year. I don't mind the look of some of the signings made to date, but that central defence needs some serious upgrade. I hope we sign at least one proper central defender and play him with Dixon, fitness permitting. If Holt cannot source a few centre halves better than dugmeat like Hall, we're wasting our time. I presume Sheerin hasn't watched any videos from last season, because if he had, there's no way surely he'd have been happy to keep this diddy around. Massive mistake. Ok with Telfer though.
  8. Competing with other clubs for the likes of Hall and Kelly??!! 😀😀😀 Step well back and let the “other clubs” get on with it. I’d have hoped we’d have now moved on from these guys and were looking for far, far better, players who might be able to get us out of this league, rather than hanging around waiting to see if they deign to sign on again.
  9. But have presumably - and sensibly - chosen not to, other than Dixon. They completed their contracts, they’re no longer employed by the club so there’s nothing to announce. There’s a ton of players available at the moment and Sheerin, if he has anything about him, will have requested as clean a slate as possible. The fewer remnants from last season’s disaster hanging about the better.
  10. Already gone if his contract expired on 31st May. No longer a Falkirk player and no longer any of our business, thank God. Same applies to Connolly, Telfer and Kelly I assume. Best for all parties.
  11. A “statement of intent” would be someone like Leon McCann, a young player with plenty of potential from a direct rival. Three years for a journeyman like McKay is astonishing stuff.
  12. How could that possibly be the case? They've been in the door five minutes yet apparently she knows these people and their character well enough to subject them to personal attacks? If true, I trust the CI guys are at the tipping point of blowing the lid off this and letting supporters know exactly what has been going on over the past few weeks.
  13. Personally, and from bitter experience, I'm taking the exact opposite stance. They've come into my club, a club I've supported home and away for 30 years. A club that, through the fault of many, but certainly not us mugs, is, by a million miles, the most underachieving, dysfunctional, worst-run club in the country. So I'll be judging Rawlins on their actions and nothing else. It's up to them to prove that they are worthy of involvement at this club and capable of taking it back to some sort of respectability. Far too often we've had this the wrong way round. Gratitude just because they have shown up should not be on the agenda. It will need to be earned, and will be hard-won after the almighty omnishambles we have become. There was a post on here about two months ago, from a long-standing contributor who clearly knows what is going on, warning not to invest any great hopes in these latest "saviours". Personally, I've yet to see anything to remotely contradict that opinion. Everything currently being said, particularly in relation to their stance on local investment in shares - which is so, so, so badly needed - sounds incredibly ominous. Where does this madness end? Totally agree about the communication. They'd be doing themselves a massive favour disregarding all the garbage no doubt being shovelled their way by Deans and his crew, and instead instigating proper, constructive dialogue with the supporters. Something a hell of a lot more substantial than that patronising "Lee and David" birthday caird drivel rushed out a few weeks ago when we were in the midst of our implosion. They're going to have to do a lot better than that.
  14. Aye, freedom to make your decisions. To spend your money as you see fit. To not continue to fund a business whose proprietors actively despise you. It will never catch on. Just keeping ponying up the dough and clapping away regardless. How's that been working out for us recently would you say? You've been peddling this "Aren't Gary Deans and this board absolutely wonderful, such a refreshing change from the utter shit show of the past decade" myth/lie/delusion/utter fantasy for months and months and months. Consequently your credibility on the ownership and running of the club is absolutely zero. Zero.
  15. Let's hope he's out the door imminently, never to be seen again. Time for him to steal a wage elsewhere. Utterly abysmal.
  16. Rice is a media darling, who gets an easy ride from the likes of McLaughlin and his mates on the radio. Comments from Accies fans on him make for horrific reading, and I'll take their word over some pundit with a vested interest all day long. If it is Sheerin, at least it's someone with no history or prior connection to the club, a massive plus after all the fanboy nonsense that surrounded Dumb and Dumber, and clouded the judgement of too many, including a few on here. And unlike that pair, he does have comprehensive coaching experience. Beyond that, it's a wait and see job. Bigger concern is that he is is his own man and entertains no interference or influence whatsoever from Holt. If he is responsible for recruitment, then it should be in tandem with the manager. Holt has zero credit in the bank after the disaster of last season and the calamity of him sitting back and allowing Tiffoney to sign for a direct rival. If this appointment is another disaster, he should be packing his bags as well. And if and when it is announced, let's hear none of the "first choice, outstanding candidate" garbage when they were flailing around trying to secure permission to speak to Rice 48 hours ago. Don't bother insulting our intelligence.
  17. We'll have already ascertained that Rice is interested in and wants the job. In so many deals for players and managers under contract elsewhere, the approach to the current club is almost the last stage of the process, when it should really be the first. Clubs complain about tapping-up, but everyone is at it.
  18. How do you know he is likely to reject us? Hamilton have turned down the offer, not Rice.
  19. Could be the Inverness job, as Robertson has been moved upstairs to DOF. Fox has links with Hearts as well I think. Edit: superandy beat me to it!
  20. Hope to God the "other criteria" referenced in that update includes proven experience of managing a group of football players, man-management skills. tactical knowledge, a defined way of playing, ability to identify players, to improve players, to read a game, to manage a game, to influence a game, to change a game. If they haven't recognised the glaring requirement for strong, proper, autonomous leadership after the "M and M" horror show, they're just wasting their time. We need a million times more than someone who can put on a coaching session, just grateful for the opportunity and happy to be subservient to whatever Holt wants. Not at all convinced that his presence and interference will prove especially helpful in securing the right person. This decision is make-or-break.
  21. A valid concern. That we end up, not with the best candidate, but someone willing and malleable enough to fit in with Holt and whatever his way of working is. I've yet to hear any rationale as to what exactly he has done in his career to be handed this level of influence, basically a carte blanche to decide who stays or goes. He could choose to re-sign, for example, Connolly, Telfer and Hall. Whoever is appointed then decides, after a few days of pre-season training, maybe even sooner, that he doesn't fancy any of them. Don't fit his preferred system. Doesn't like their attitude. Whatever. Resulting in yet more dead money on the books. The majority of the premium dross has been released. None of them will be remotely missed, or can any complaints. But absolutely no further signing or re-signing decisions should be getting made until an appointment is confirmed, and whoever that is has been given the final say. The argument that "until then, it's up to Holt" is nonsense. It should not be his call.
  22. So neither two or three weeks ago then, more like a few days ago? Ok
  23. The notion that, three weeks ago, Holt was interviewing a manager still under contract to another club, for a vacancy that did not even exist, is far-fetched in the extreme. I've yet to hear one coherent explanation or rationale as to what precise credentials or experience Gary Holt possesses that has seen him pretty much entrusted with the keys and carte blanche to run the football side of this club. His involvement with any first-team affairs should have ceased the minute the final whistle went at Airdrie on Tuesday. Massively unconvinced that this is the path we should be going down.
  24. Three weeks ago Miller and McCracken were still in position and Grant was still manager of Alloa Athletic.
  25. If that is indeed their plan - to use Falkirk Football Club as some sort of shop window in the hope that their players can be flipped and quickly moved on elsewhere for a profit - it can only be concluded that they have made a catastrophic and spectacular error of judgement. That is literally the last thing on earth this shambles needs. What colour is the sky in their world? Transfer fees😄 For jobbers troughing about in League 1, the nether regions of the Championship if we get lucky, for a few hundred quid a week ? Say they somehow implement this plan. We get a striker who scores fifteen goals in the first half of the season and has us well on course for promotion. On the final day of the January transfer window, an offer is received. Not an earth shattering one, and certainly worth considerably less to us than promotion four months later would be. Losing him would significantly weaken the squad and leave no time to source a replacement. From a football point of view, there should be only one response. But in the background, you've got agents agitating for the bid to be accepted, as they stand to make hard cash from the deal going through. As I said in an earlier post, the conflict of interest is just staggering. I'm actually thankful that I'm not one of those who is setting any great store by the Rawlins as some sort of final hope. I didn't think they were in it for any dubious reasons, I just have no idea why they have become involved with us in the first place, especially when they don't have a controlling interest. Their Birthday Caird pish of a few weeks ago was completely unenlightening and revealed nothing. But if this is indeed the goal, then my God, where does the madness end?
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