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  1. When I saw he had turned down a contract at Cappielow I assumed he had something else lined up, perhaps back down south. Seems to be reasonably well rated by Morton and Raith fans, has worked with McGlynn before and would provide the presence and threat in the final third that is so glaringly lacking in our team. It is a tough market for a lot of clubs this summer, very little movement anywhere over the last few weeks. In that contex I think Ugwu would be a pretty decent addition and would be pleased if we got him.
  2. Oh dear. What a shame. Imagine the support bring unhappy with a group of players who never tried a single f*****g leg for eight months of a nine month season. These big, bad, nasty, ungrateful Falkirk fans once again. Absolute disgrace. Your continual defence of, and endless supply of excuses for, the biggest bunch of charlatans to ever wear the strip is as ludicrous as all of your other nonsense. I’m only surprised you have not attributed last season’s abomination to boardroom leaks. Still time.
  3. Sheerin did not rush in and sign Wilson. He was on trial for several weeks and had played in a number of friendlies prior to being inexplicably chucked a two-year contract as a full-time professional footballer. It is what makes his signing all the more criminal.
  4. So all of your mad, demented, lunatic ranting and raving about “boardroom leaks” a few weeks ago turned out to be complete and utter nonsense then? Who would have thought it?
  5. For all the talk about signings, I would not mind seeing an outgoing or seven. McGlynn has inherited pretty much the worst squad in the club's 146-year history. Performed for a month, sacked it off for the other eight. A disgraceful bunch. Getting them out the door is going to be a hell of a challenge, in some cases mission impossible. Compare it to McKinnon. Within weeks of his appointment, some of the worst of Hartley and Mitch's mad mental summer had been paid off and sent packing. And by the following close season, all eighteen of the ton of dross signed that summer had gone, giving McKinnon pretty much a clean slate to build his own squad. McGlynn will be afforded no such resource or luxury due to the contractual and financial situation. I did think we might have been further on in terms of squad construction, given how early our season finished and the appointment of the new management team was made. But that was on the (forlorn) hope that some of last season's lot would have buggered off. Hasn't happened. McGlynn has strengthened the defensive spine of the team. McGinn could be a decent signing and might also provide a bit of the leadership which we've lacked for years. But as it stands, there's still no drive or mobility in the middle of the park and nothing in the final third - perhaps an on-form Morrison apart - that would give any opposition defence cause for concern. Loads of room for improvement, but the manager, if one hand tied behind his back would be an overstatement, is severely restricted by what he has inherited. A pity, as give him the resource and freedom of his predecessors, and I'd back him all day long against the likes of McPake or the rookies that Airdrie and QOS are going with in the dug-out.
  6. I had genuinely forgotten that Seb Ross was still a thing. He must be one of, if not the single biggest nothings ever to represent the club. The token signing that Holt allowed Diddy Sheerin to make. Came on a few times, run about to zero effect. The idea that he could become a regular on the back of that is laughable.
  7. Do you never tire of defending the indefensible? Your excuses for last season's bunch are truly laughable. They showed up for a few weeks in August, turned in a gutless performance against a Barry Ferguson-managed Alloa Athletic on the 11th of September...and then immediately downed tools and dialled it in for the remaining eight months of the season. Barely tried a leg. There has never been a Falkirk squad who gave less of a toss. Unlike a poor run of form, or a loss of confidence, that is completely and utterly unacceptable. And unforgivable. You're never slow to make comparisons with the past - have you completely forgotten Jim Jefferies winning a 1st Division championship against a background of boardroom strife and unrest that obliterates by a million miles anything that was going on last season? In fact, most of Jefferies' five years was conducted in an atmosphere of poison and civil war, making his achievements all the more creditable. The support owe them nothing. McGlynn, I'll bet, would be well shot of the vast majority of them tomorrow if he could. Holt's - and to a lesser extent Sheerin's - madness makes that impossible. I'm sure he's already informed a few that their career prospects would be enhanced if they could find an alternative employer. The chances of that happening are unfortunately extremely slim. Every move he has made and will make in terms of new signings will be in relation to players ready to go straight into the first team so that he has to rely on as few of last season's mob as possible. His job, and Falkirk's promotion, prospects, rest on it. I have faith in McGlynn and Smith and am reasonably happy with what he has managed to bring in to date. But the vast majority of those still hanging about from last season? Forget it.
  8. What an absolute state to get yourself into. The vast, vast majority of players who have competing offers will opt for better terms at a bigger club. That's true at any level. If you believe otherwise, you're naive in the extreme. There's myriad clubs in Scotland I'd expect us to lose out to if going head-to-head for a player. Airdrie just don't happen to be one of them.
  9. I can see where Airdrie are coming from with this decision. Your season obviously finished later due to the play-offs, meaning you were already a bit behind the curve in terms of recruitment and renewal of contracts. Murray and Easton have subsequently decamped to Kirkcaldy. Time is not on your side. Your board have probably taken a quick look at the "managerial merryground" list and concluded that this appointment represents probably not much greater a risk than one of the usual out-of-work suspects, with the added advantage that is may encourage one or two out-of-contract players to sign on again. That said, it also has the potential to be a complete disaster, and thank God it's other clubs taking such a gamble for once and not us. We've had enough club legends/youth coaches/left-field appointments to last a lifetime. McGlynn may not be a massively inspiring appointment, but he may well prove to be an extremely logical one. Let other clubs provide the apprenticeships this season. Glad we've got experience in the dugout this time.
  10. Could not care less what Dunfermline are doing. As it stands they do not have a manager. Neither do Raith. Neither do Dundee. Kelty possibly about to lose theirs. Hamilton supposedly looking to empty Taylor. Myriad clubs in various states of disarray and uncertainty whilst we got our appointments done as early as possible which should be standing us in far better stead in terms of convincing potential players to sign this summer. If ever there was a time to exploit us being more organised than many of our rivals, it is now. Far too much time spent on what other teams are or are not doing.
  11. The worst Falkirk side in history...and yet still at exactly the same level as you diddies. Absolutely blew it. See you next season
  12. Goodbye and Good Riddance to QP and their "project" Trust we'll be looking very closely at the contractual situation of quite a few of that Airdrie team.
  13. Erm, no. It's in McGlynn's interests to assemble a squad of players that he is comfortable working with and who he believes can contribute something next season. If that results in the vast majority of these players being told that they are not part of his plans going forward and advised to spend the summer seeking an alternative employer, so be it. He's paid to make such decisions. Your "give their best" line is beyond laughable. Did you watch any games at all last season? You're talking about a squad who, by and large, did not give a single toss, who displayed zero professional pride, integrity, fight, spirit, who were already beaten before they even took to the pitch against such illustrious names as Airdrieonians, Cover Rangers, Montrose. You go back a lot further than me it seems, can you come up with a squad who put in less effort than last seasons mob? McGlynn owes these players the square root of f**k all.
  14. I can see recruitment, at least in form, being similar to the summer immediately following relegation, based primarily on experience and players the manager has previously worked with. McGlynn will already know which of the current squad he believes he can work with, those he would like to catapult, and exactly the players he wants to bring in. There's no great leap of imagination to think a number of Raith Rovers players are currently weighing up the certainty of a contract offer from a manager they were still working with two weeks ago against the uncertainty of waiting around to see what develops at Starks Park. Whilst myriad other clubs are in varying states of disarray, we've appointed our management team as early as possible and it does not sound like they are planning to hang around as far as the reconstruction of the playing squad is concerned. Good.
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