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  1. So neither two or three weeks ago then, more like a few days ago? Ok
  2. The notion that, three weeks ago, Holt was interviewing a manager still under contract to another club, for a vacancy that did not even exist, is far-fetched in the extreme. I've yet to hear one coherent explanation or rationale as to what precise credentials or experience Gary Holt possesses that has seen him pretty much entrusted with the keys and carte blanche to run the football side of this club. His involvement with any first-team affairs should have ceased the minute the final whistle went at Airdrie on Tuesday. Massively unconvinced that this is the path we should be going down.
  3. Three weeks ago Miller and McCracken were still in position and Grant was still manager of Alloa Athletic.
  4. If that is indeed their plan - to use Falkirk Football Club as some sort of shop window in the hope that their players can be flipped and quickly moved on elsewhere for a profit - it can only be concluded that they have made a catastrophic and spectacular error of judgement. That is literally the last thing on earth this shambles needs. What colour is the sky in their world? Transfer fees😄 For jobbers troughing about in League 1, the nether regions of the Championship if we get lucky, for a few hundred quid a week ? Say they somehow implement this plan. We get a striker who scores fifteen goals in the first half of the season and has us well on course for promotion. On the final day of the January transfer window, an offer is received. Not an earth shattering one, and certainly worth considerably less to us than promotion four months later would be. Losing him would significantly weaken the squad and leave no time to source a replacement. From a football point of view, there should be only one response. But in the background, you've got agents agitating for the bid to be accepted, as they stand to make hard cash from the deal going through. As I said in an earlier post, the conflict of interest is just staggering. I'm actually thankful that I'm not one of those who is setting any great store by the Rawlins as some sort of final hope. I didn't think they were in it for any dubious reasons, I just have no idea why they have become involved with us in the first place, especially when they don't have a controlling interest. Their Birthday Caird pish of a few weeks ago was completely unenlightening and revealed nothing. But if this is indeed the goal, then my God, where does the madness end?
  5. There is not a chance in hell that the likes of McCowan or Shields will be dropping to our level. If they are moving on from their present clubs it will be in an upward direction. Cloud Cuckoo Land stuff
  6. If that's their plan, then we are as well closing the doors just now. Agents influencing the running of a football club is just a complete and utter no-no, on so many levels. The potential conflict of interest is just staggering. If that's genuinely the intention of these Rawlins, I wish they had never got involved.
  7. Alexander and Ritchie buggering off for good, never to darken our door again, and taking their assorted boardroom stooges with them, probably would not do much harm
  8. He's beyond delusional tbh. You'd think this was some sort of long-term development project the way he talks. Whilst we're sitting mid-table in League 1 for God's sake. With three wins in thirteen. There were three young players in today's starting line-up - Neilson, McLelland and Fotheringham. None of them are our players, none will be here next season. So whatever it is they are meant to be learning is certainly not going to be of any benefit to us in the future.. Leitch still appears to be considered a young player but is twenty three and garbage. Deveney has started one league game, is not our player, won't be here next season, beyond pointless. Laverty and Sneddon, who are ours, have not had a second of league football this season. Not a single second. I would not be in the slightest bit surprised if this "young team, still learning" nonsense is now their latest "policy", their newest mantra handed down from his masters in the boardroom to Holt for him to spin every time he finds himself in front of a microphone. They are now so detached from reality that they're now busy convincing themselves that, despite having the biggest playing budget, promotion from League One has to be viewed as a long-term process, some distant objective that we aim to achieve in, well, who knows, two years perhaps, or three if we get the breaks, or five. Maybe longer. That we are being outfought, outthought, outplayed by part-time teams week after week after week will be on no real concern, instead it's a minor blip on the road back to the Championship sometime in the middle of this decade. Got to keep expectations to a realistic level.
  9. Holt just comes across as an arrogant, obnoxious, unpleasant smartarse. Always a giveaway that there is not a huge amount going on between the ears. Probably the exact qualities that made him so attractive in the first place to the c**s who have destroyed our club. No substance whatsoever. Like Miller and McCracken, gifted a job he has no experience of, or qualifications for. Impossible to take him seriously. Position completely untenable.
  10. We were two up inside ten minutes. Started the game on fire - yes, that was a thing for us once. Stainrod's goal trumps everything - rightly - so easy to forget what a brilliant game that was. We had some great battles with St Johnstone in that period, two evenly matched teams with attack minded managers. The contrast in the status of the two clubs at the moment is glaring.
  11. As I've said repeatedly since long before Dumb and Dumber were eventually booted. Advertise the position extensively. Short-List. Interview. Second Interview. Appoint. They certainly do not involve an anachronistic re-tread like John "Yogi" Hughes, still banging on about "heart" and "desire" and "character" whilst well on course to relegate Ross County, on the back of his still scarcely credible previous "feat" of relegating Raith Rovers by losing to a Brechin City side who have, quite literally, barely won a game of football since. Hughes is a car crash these days, an absolute dinosaur and a thoroughly poisonous individual. He f****d off twelve years ago and has never had a good word to say about us since. The hold he continues to exert over some supporters is unfathomable. Move on.
  12. You're advocating the return of Hughes. Clearly no end to your stupidity.
  13. Past your bedtime, school in the morning.
  14. Just when you think things cannot possibly get any worse, the GeT YoGI bACk shouts rear their head again. Frightening.
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