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  1. Have we changed formation or is Morrison just roaming? Looked more 442 with Fotheringham/Alston behind Keena/Morrison.
  2. It will be interesting to see how big a difference Neilson can make at CB. He can step forward with the ball which *should* relieve some pressure on Gomis and we might see the midfield control things a bit more.
  3. Play this team every week until the end of the season and we'll win the league comfortably.
  4. I hope both Neilson and Deveney play midweek and have absolute stormers making them undropable.
  5. This plus Airdrie playing 90 minutes with 10 men won't be a reflection on how they do in the next 6 games.
  6. Good to finally be a le to talk about football but f**k me that was hard. Not as convinced by others that we can slog our way to the title.
  7. At the time I could understand the decision, that's if we take the information we were given by the club about funds at face value (I know that's contested). However, what is completely ridiculous is refusing to take the money that was offered by local businesses to keep it running in some capacity.
  8. Just about a year now since we adopted her [emoji177]
  9. Sign the maximum number of players we can on loan for the first game back. Huge advantage if you can have half a team that have still been training this whole time.
  10. 16 plate Citroën C3 with a gas leak in the front exhaust. Girlfriend has her heart set it on it but I'm telling her to avoid, big job that will almost definitely need done in less than year. Am I overreacting or does that sound right to you all?
  11. Turns out Steller Blue is just the holding company to process Rawlins shares.
  12. Car passed the MOT no bother. 10 year old and I feel like a proud da.
  13. Genuinely can anyone think of a reason why the part time teams in the championship can continue with testing but in the two leagues below part time teams can't? This is all down to TV deal money and nothing else.
  14. Any thoughts on how to improve? Fabragras, Llorente, Kimpembe, Florenzi and Lloris all trabeable. I prefer Ben Yedder to Mbappe.
  15. I know there's still a lot to figure out but the idea seems to be to create a group which other fans groups can become a part of? Is that your understanding of it too?
  16. Moving away from Martindale... What do folk think about this new fan ownership, investment, scheme thing?
  17. I'm lost here. What's cereal got to do with anything?
  18. I can feel a big part of me missing. The fact I can feel that void though makes me certain it's something I will stick by. Always hard to gauge tone over a message but see if you are properly struggling with not being there, send us a message and we can reminisce about the good times.
  19. Packed a tradeable Mbappe from a 2 win drafts reward [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  20. It really doesn't make sense to limit the trading of clubs in league 1 and below but give the majority of government support to the top 2 leagues.
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