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  1. What kind of idiot thinks Stranraer is "up there"... compass etc.
  2. I'll be honest, I fell asleep on the bus and now I can barely remember the game. It didn't feel like a McKinnon performance though, main difference being we we're winning the second balls and attacking often.
  3. Terrible result but I didn't actually think we played terrible. Folk saying it was McKinnon-esque are talking shite, we created fine but the finishing was awful.
  4. Wouldn't worry about it. I'll buy a ticket there too and take them all on.
  5. There will be loads of players released from their clubs tonight and available.
  6. I don't know if you got my pm last week. I didn't win anything anyway though.
  7. Team is already on the way up to Stranraer so I reckon we won't see anything more in today.
  8. That would be my guess. Can't see any other gks called Callum from Dundee.
  9. Actually news just in its not him. Different Callum. Boy from Dundee.
  10. Nah f**k them. No team should ever been given more than the North stand.
  11. Can't really cross, shoot or pass 5 yards. He could probably crack a nut with his thighs.
  12. Definitely. I think before it was an issue because our players weren't ready for it.
  13. The issue with Mutch was losing the ball when playing quickly from the back. He's either a bit more composed or someones told the rest of the players to get on his level when playing out. I have now noticed players making early runs down the channel when he has the ball.
  14. If you hadn't rudely interrupted I reckon we could have got the full 90.
  15. Looked a player for 30 minutes against Airdrie. Edit - Ffs Grangemouth Bairn
  16. That's the moments I go to the football for. The fun has been completely sucked out of Falkirk.
  17. O'Hara would be a 20 goal a season striker in the Premiership if he didn't tweet so much about Celtic.
  18. It's encouraging that Longridge, Todd, Connelly and even Da Vita can play in all those positions behind the striker.
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