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  1. I know there's still a lot to figure out but the idea seems to be to create a group which other fans groups can become a part of? Is that your understanding of it too?
  2. Moving away from Martindale... What do folk think about this new fan ownership, investment, scheme thing?
  3. I'm lost here. What's cereal got to do with anything?
  4. I can feel a big part of me missing. The fact I can feel that void though makes me certain it's something I will stick by. Always hard to gauge tone over a message but see if you are properly struggling with not being there, send us a message and we can reminisce about the good times.
  5. Packed a tradeable Mbappe from a 2 win drafts reward [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. It really doesn't make sense to limit the trading of clubs in league 1 and below but give the majority of government support to the top 2 leagues.
  7. I do agree with this but think it does need to be remembered that for a lot of people the football club is seen as an extension of themselves. If something negative happens to club they feel it as if its happened to them personally.
  8. Not an advocation for either manager I should have added!! Just the only lowland league managers I know outside of Barry Ferguson.
  9. We're pretty far down to be looking at a manager on the way up. Would put us in the position of taking a risk on someone like Derek Ure or Ricky Waddell.
  10. ahahahaha YES!! A supportive post from you does no favours to BainsfordBairn.
  11. Did not have BainsfordBairn being cancelled on my list of things to happen in 2021!
  12. Once a DOF comes in it is only a matter of time before a manager goes.
  13. About 6 months ago someone knocked the drivers side wingmirror on my car and shattered the casing but the glass is still all fine. I've taped it up and it's held all this time. Would it still fail an MOT?
  14. I know what happened yesterday. Plan is to get as many teams crammed into the pack behind us as possible so they all fight amongst each other and we stroll away from them. Big brains these gaffers.
  15. Why did this have to happen when I already have the fear. No more Sunday games please.
  16. All these posts but Starks Park is still standing [emoji22]
  17. Sponsored walk to the grounds of every team who voted against reconstruction and set fires.
  18. I'm going to do 350k worth of damage to Starks Park to make up the shortfall.
  19. When Irving first came in I thought he looked a really good player. I thought it was more a case of his standards being dragged down by those around him.
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