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  1. Maybe just cause I've had a good few cans but that was such an enjoyable game.
  2. Get a rb in who's happy to be backup for the season and the defense is sorted.
  3. It does feel like we need Connolly back in to give a bit of balance to the side. Surprised we haven't seen Laverty on yet as I was sure he was a left winger?
  4. Ah sorry I probably should have put values into my post. I've gone for: £300 on Stranraer double chance @ 1.85 = £555 £250 on Queens Park @ 2.37 = £592.50 I suppose it really depends on what you see as considerable profit. I tend to bet big on singles and have a couple ridiculous £5 accumulators a week so these bets *shouldn't* throw up too much suspicion from the bookies. I'm probably also in their good books for throwing away a ludicrous amount of money into their casinos during lockdown but that's a different story. So yeah, I see these arbs as a way of getting a 'free' takeaway and some cans on a Saturday night.
  5. Arb opportunity on Stranraer - Queens Park. Stranraer double chance - 1.85 (SkyBet) Queens Park - 2.37 (McBookie)
  6. Any respect I had for Taylor was lost cause he's Tory scum.
  7. Can't remember who it was who first posted it (BPM maybe?) but what a big difference that made.
  8. If someone was to murder Miller what would happen to his shares?
  9. Can't believe a discussion about Hughes has turned into a platform for Telfer to sell hismelf and his podcast.
  10. Anyone planning to vote against the share issue just know I will dedicate my life to making yours a misery.
  11. Me and Stephen are like [emoji1696] my friend. Seriously though his Mrs and my Mrs went about at uni together.
  12. I can say with complete certainty that Kingsley will be a Falkirk player come the end of the week.
  13. His wife happens to be friendly with my girlfriend and she isn't giving much away, which only makes me feel there is a possibility of something happening.
  14. I'm clinging so badly to this 1% chance that we will see Kingsley sign for us.
  15. Comms Officer job advert is up. Hope that doesn't mean Connor Park is moving on?
  16. We would have been in such a bidding war if it didn't have that personalised message.
  17. The relationship breaking down should 100% be blamed on Bairnstrust and nobody else.
  18. Has anyone done any watch building? I see that Kartel have a watch building 'experience', but I can't tell whether it's just picking out a strap and sticking it together.
  19. Every Falkirk strip should be compared to this beautiful thing.
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