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  1. Giving his son a 2 year deal to pick up the cones at the end of training.
  2. Was amazed when I heard we ignored him. Anyone within 10 miles of Stirling knows he is player. It was around the same time Jamie Penker was ignored, he just so happened to finish top scorer in the Lowland league. Wouldn't surprise me if missing out on them, + a few others, had something to do with them trying to rush through a 'development team'.
  3. I'm quite interested to see how Morrison fits in this season. If the fullbacks are expected to provide most of the width I wonder if we will see him starting upfront or as an unorthodox 10.
  4. I would not be surprised if BPM was one of the individuals the board was hinting at wanting to return to some sort of discussion.
  5. I'll stick to 3 main takeaways too. 1. Rawlins, particularly Phil, do seem to know what they're doing. Thought they did answer how many shares they were willing to take when stated they would want no more than a third of the club. 2. Breakdown in discussions with fans groups seems to me to come down to a clash of egos. My opinion is that it is on the board to be the ones to manage a situation like that rather than the fans groups. After all, it is the groups which are offering investment, not the board. Without really much prior knowledge to how discussions would have gone I can imagine it was something like, Fans group - "Here is £550k but we want Deans and Holt out" or "We want this sign here on the stand" Board - "That's ridiculous we are not going to do that. Don't be so stupid" or "That's a health and safety risk, don't be ridiculous" Fans group - "Don't call us stupid/ridiculous , nah we're out" A situation (which I admit I just made up) that is completely resolved if the board are careful with their wording. 3. Why oh why can we not get through any sort of communication with the board without their being some mention of fan 'wrongdoing'. Tonight it was us needing to be more understanding [emoji849]. Do they not realise that this is the exact thing which gets the fans backs up and stops these issues being repaired.
  6. We need to have a question formatted for this Q&A that due to sheer volume can't be easily ignored. There will be people much better at this than me but something like... Recent social media discourse appears to suggest that the current Board of Directors are, at best, difficult to work with. This discourse has been verified by the Crunchie Iniative (fans group created to recognise club legend Kevin McAllister) who stated that "behaviours demonstrated by this board... have been wholly unacceptable". As the saying goes, 'no smoke without fire' , so why are the board treating fans in a 'wholly unacceptable' manner?
  7. That's just about every rumoured signing coming through. Who is it that's leaking at the club then?
  8. A note first to say that I hope whatever issue KK is having with Mental health/stress gets easier for him soon. All been there and it's horrible. He made a lot of money for the club, especially during the middling years of his time at the club, but I'm not disappointed he's leaving now. He was an ever-present in multiple boards who led our downfall and would continuously spite the fans.
  9. I was always of the impression McGuffie would be more suited to a 10 rather than a winger.
  10. I've just spent the last couple days reading this entire thread. What a journey it's been.
  11. I completely get that a team at our level will end up signing a few jobbers who will on occasion looks competent but overall are just poor players. Why though do we hand one of those players a 3 year deal? Just about every window there are a bunch of Brad McKays sitting about available.
  12. Seems in business the only thing bigger than your pockets is your ego.
  13. This got lost a bit in all the madness, but get that shite to f**k.
  14. I do actually get what you are saying in terms of letting the Rawlins do their thing and try get us going in the right direction. However, I don't see how replacing 2 current board members who have invested very little, or indeed nothing, with 2 guys who would have stops the Rawlins from doing anything?
  15. Rawlins would probably be wise to remember that it was the fans that ensured they got any shares at all. Might be an idea not to piss them off.
  16. Considering just about every tag line has come back to bite us we would no doubt end up finishing 6th.
  17. Lot to catch up on but all I can say is I'm not surprised.
  18. Would be good if he could bring his assistant from Arbroath days... Maybe even on a part time contract [emoji102]
  19. I doubt I'd even be that arsed these days about FFC if it wasn't for the 'Yogi Years'. Time for the club to do something for the fans and being him home.
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